I guess this is throwback day here at TheRalphRetort.com. I already put up a post mocking Anita Sarkeesian. Now, I’m turning my attention to Brianna Wu. Although, Wu is nuttier and more despicable than Anita could ever dream of being. When I think about detestable human beings who bring nothing but trash to the table, I think of Brianna Wu (still a better developer than Slade “RougeStar” Villena, though).

I also think of insanity when Wu’s name crosses my radar. Other than possibly Loony Louise Mensch, no one says more crazy shit than Brianna. This was proven again today when the “feminist Godzilla” accuses the FBI of having a pro-GamerGate bias.

Yes, this actually happened.



This is the same person who tried to insert themselves into my own personal run-in with the law, so I’m not surprised to see the nutter again saying some shit straight out of Crazyville. The FBI doesn’t concern themselves with trolls on Twitter. Supposed threats have to have a level of believability behind them or else the Feds don’t care. Some goof on Twitter saying they want to assassinate Wu with pizza crusts isn’t going to motivate them to do anything.

People on Twitter have been having a field day with this lunacy and rightfully so.



Just another day in Wacky Wu’s world. Someone tell a doctor to up the dosage.