Fuck, that was a long lunch I had today, huh? I will say, the shit was delicious. Genghis Grill doesn’t pay me, but I still gotta shill for them. Soooo damn tasty! Also, if they would like to start paying me, they can send gift card coupons to [email protected]. Shoutout to everyone who I was arguing with in the hours after lunch. Twitter sucked me in once again. If the SJWs had ever succeeded in getting my account banned, I’m sure my output here would go up twofold. I’m not sure whether that’s good, or bad. You can be the judge.

Today, I’m going to dig into some chat logs someone sent me around Christmas. It came with some other documents that I’ll be sharing with you later, concerning Zoe Quinn and her gag order on Eron Gjoni. But first, let’s hear from the loons in the GamerGhazi IRC.

Right off top, I can go ahead and let you know that Little Hitler, Ian Miles Cheong, is pretty much the star of the proceedings. In the 70% worth of chat I went over (it’s 5 days worth, give me a break), he was the main person talking trash. I guess that doesn’t come as much of a surprise.Selection_593



Pinsof wasn’t the only one he went after. He also trashed your intrepid editor over some of my work (along with author John Szczepaniak):








The thing is, we did have the research. We published it in the followup piece. That wasn’t fast enough for Hothead Hitler. He had to take to the Twitterverse immediately and side with his SJW cohorts. Selection_561


This is the same guy who said he worshiped Adolf Hitler, so I guess I shouldn’t expect rational thought. But this is low, even for Mein Mini Führer. Still, he wasn’t done yet. You know he had to go one level deeper. Projection, thy name is Ian Miles Cheong (he’s talking about Hatred, by the way): Selection_587

Speaking of Hatred:Selection_588

Back to the Reich. Little Hitler also holds a huge grudge against The Fine Young Capitalists:Selection_566


When Cheong wasn’t talking his shit, the others were busy planning false police reports against their enemies, and talking about the purchasing of dox:




They really want Milo’s book, but are conflicted over paying for it:



But they also hate him:Selection_589



What about Mike Cernovich? Selection_584


What do they think about the video game industry? Selection_577Selection_578

What about members of GamerGate?Selection_570


White people? Selection_579

What do they think about Zoe Quinn? Selection_582


Homeless? LOL, I don’t think so. The second part actually makes a lot of sense, though. Kudos, Malky. What about Zoe Quinn herself? Did she say anything of note?  Selection_552Selection_553


OK, Zoe just dropped another classic “game.” What about nice things? Surely they said something positive?Selection_575

No. Not that. Something else…


But at least they keep the important things in mind:Selection_586

And at the end of the day, even they know what the deal is: Selection_585



  1. Makes me wonder how low their standards have to be to see Lifschitz as sexy. If you want to fuck him just go for a women, their skin is softer and they can probably do more for you.

    1. Im just assuming thats him saying that..BECAUSE REALLY? LIFSCHITZ?

      It made me laugh so hard and then feel sad because damn thats some low standards.

    2. lol. I dunno, if I met him, I’d be too busy mocking him for his name to notice anything else. And then after that, I’d mock him for dating ZQ. And then I’d mock him for having a “book burning” of GTA as if it was a symbol of ‘progress’ – Godwin’s law would help here – because that is Hitler youth bs.

  2. Hahaha, you finally learned of Ghazi, huh? No joke, I was banned there today and the situation went something like this:
    -I post to KiA referencing a stupid tweet Lifschitz made
    -Ghazi brigades the shit out of it and I later learn they posted a link to it on their sub
    -I visit the post on their sub and without breaking any of their rules, ask a question
    -Banned of course
    -I go to an alternative antiGG sub with an emphasis on open discussion because I’m a masochist and want my question answered
    -The post is REMOVED by a ghazi mod
    -So I have to resort to debating with a random aGGro who obviously doesn’t know shit, and talking to him was a giant waste of time. I wanted open, uncensored discussion and the best I could get was a 1 on 1 chat. Fuckin’ stupid

      1. Nah, don’t worry, Ghazi never does anything correctly. I can’t think of a single instance of them trying to take action that hasn’t resulted in failure.

        1. Ghazi do nothing full stop, All they do is sit around in their sub reddit and circlejerk about how pure they are and how they hate GG they do nothing noteworthy.

    1. Ghazi is a circle jerk for the few dozen people that hope that trolling #GamerGate will get them noticed by Zoe-senpai, who is (allegedly) a mod over there.

  3. Ralph I gotta say, a few of the quotes were mildly interesting but I didn’t find this very newsworthy. It was a pretty boring read actually. Yeah yeah it’s your site and you can do what you want. I’m not trying to shit on you (unlike a lot of people) I’m just voicing my opinion here. I honestly don’t care what shitty “game” Zoe Quinn is making next or what Ghazi thinks of Milo. The IA dox talk and whatnot was interesting in that I’m glad we have record of it but that’s about it. Sorry you had to go through all those logs for basically nothing. That’s what I think anyway.

      1. Yeah some of it. Not denying that. The rest is just bitching and drama. Not that I’d expect anything else from that bunch.

      2. What is newsworthy? You know he was actually right in that you published before you researched. That you researched shortly after doesn’t change that. These chatlog excerpts are a snoozefest. You can find the same kind of stupid bitching in any of the GamerGate discussions. Up your game, Ralph. Spending too much time on Twitter makes you stupid.

          1. The making false police reports part?

            Did anything come of it? How did people react to the suggestion? I can find plenty of stupid suggestions in GamerGate discussions too. And even this is only mildly interesting amid a slew of garbage. This is just making a story out of nothing, but I guess when you spend all day posting stupid shit on Twitter this seems interesting.

          1. And I didn’t publish shit before I researched. More like you spouted off without one iota of knowledge on the subject at hand.

            I’m going by what you said in your original story:


            I can’t tell you if that’s the truth of the matter, or not. I would rather just let the man testify on his own behalf, and let you readers be the judge.

            You then came out with more details two days later. I actually did research the material, as you can see by my comments in the original story defending John’s version of events.

          2. The second piece wasn’t ready to publish (The first piece was allegations from John. There was nothing to research. They’re his allegations, and his responsibility. They were clearly labeled “CLAIM,” as well.), and regardless, wtf does that have to do with anything? Seriously, please stop reading my site if you want to suck off Ian Miles Cheong. You didn’t have a year’s worth of tweets like I did lmfao. What a joke.

          3. The info wasn’t ready to publish

            Then your research wasn’t done. You can’t blame me for your going by your own words and lack of showing any research in your original story.

            and regardless, wtf does that have to do with anything? Seriously, please stop reading my site if you want to suck off Ian Miles Cheong.

            That’s pathetic, Ralph. If you can’t handle criticism from a reader then you’re no better than the SJWs.

          4. I handled it. I said stop reading, cause I’m not apologizing for you being a dumbass. If you want to continue reading regardless, that’s up to you. But you’re still stupid as shit for all this nonsense. I really shouldn’t have responded in the first place, but got sucked in by the Twitter mentality you so constantly deride.

          5. You didn’t handle it. I proved my point, and all you could do was insult me and claim I’m sucking Cheong’s dick. You even want to chase away a loyal reader because of it. You’re no better than the SJWs.

          6. My insults were pointed, based on reality. I proved my case. All you did was call me names in response. Sounds like you want a hugbox.

          7. “Nuh uh, you’re wrong!” But I already proved my case, and your only resort was to insult.

      3. I don’t really think Cheong is anyone important. The important people in antiGG probably see him as a means to an end, and once he has outlived his usefulness, he’ll be cast aside.
        There is no need to spend so much time on him. And these constant Hitler references are getting annoying. Like a comedian telling the same joke over and over.

        Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare.
        Act IV

        Octavius, I have seen more days than you:
        And though we lay these honours on this man,
        To ease ourselves of divers slanderous loads,
        He shall but bear them as the ass bears gold,
        To groan and sweat under the business,
        Either led or driven, as we point the way;
        And having brought our treasure where we will,
        Then take we down his load, and turn him off,
        Like to the empty ass, to shake his ears,
        And graze in commons.

  4. When they’re talking about you…

    I imagine it as a gangster movie set in the 30s, all the capos and made men at a party, laughing about Special Agent Retort and how he can’t find out anything about them, then the camera moves to a bug hidden in the chandelier, and then to the next building over, and there’s Agent Retort listening to it all on a giant radio receiver, writing down notes and smirking.

  5. Well nothing new there, haters got to hate. I will just keep sending my letters, and not going to those sites. Plenty of good sites to read now anyway. Added IGN back to my list. That story almost ruined my good day at the range, almost.

  6. What’s going on with the indentation on those logs? In some places the messages are all in a column, in some they’re immediately after the nick, and there’s plenty of mixing. It looks like someone was editing the logs but wasn’t sure what they should look like…

    1. They weren’t edited. It’s the formatting. If you don’t believe that, I don’t really care. Go to another website. I might put up the full logs later, but it won’t be because of people like you lol.

      1. …I’m asking seriously, because my IRC logs don’t look like that. It does look edited to me, and if it really was edited before being sent to you, then you’re being duped. Hence why I’m asking, I might be missing something – for example, maybe another client does something that looks odd like that, but is consistent if you know the pattern.

        1. The formatting looks like it was made for an old 640×480 CRT monitor. But ironically I would argue this makes them look more genuine.
          If they had been fakes, you woud expect a prettier result.

    1. Eventually that won’t be an option.

      Here you have people who want to police & ultimately control
      – what the media writes about
      – what people consume (culture)

      – education
      – relations between the sexes

      … all the while claiming to be AGAINST patriarchy.

      But in the real world, most people are like GG in that they don’t like being told what to do. Hopefully, all that is required is to keep pointing out how these people are acting. More and more people will wake up, and eventually they’ll be all, “enough is enough”.

      Or maybe that’s too optimistic, because people are fucking stupid. Myself included for not noticing how they operate before GG happened.

      There is a chance they’ll be able to destroy Twitter, Reddit, the chans etc. etc.. Free expression is a threat, because it allows random nobodies to document how full of shit they are, and for this information to be spread.

      Somehow they miss some obvious, simple truths. The oppression games are never over; if they somehow defeated the evil straight white cis men, lesbians can still oppress trans women, gay men can still be misogynist, someone who is black can still resent arab Muslims, and so on and so forth. You’re never going to run out of “oppressors”, because humans are social flock creatures defining themselves through in-groups versus outsiders (opportunists taking advantage of this can do a lot of damage, as history clearly demonstrates). I actually do want to believe we (humanity) will arrive at a genuine progressive utopia, but that is NOT where the gender radicals are headed.

      1. People will ignore it til these morons confront them.
        Thing is, they cant help themselves.
        They think they’re winning, when all they do is make a more insulated echo chamber.
        Feminism is *so* unpopular that even staunch feminists include disclaimers to distance themselves from the crazy, and the crazy is not fringe.
        They’re just taking more and more rope to hang themselves with.
        Only reason they survive is that the media is either complicit or apathetic.

        IRL, I have met zero people that act like SJW.
        Even people that are bleeding hearts (I’m the biggest bleeding heart I know, by a fair margin)
        You can tell identity politics is failing because people EVERYWHERE are apathetic.
        There is no “lesser of two evils” just different flavours. Right wing nut jobs that will sell your country to their rich friends, or “liberals” that will do the same while telling you what a racist you are.

      2. Exactly! I believe that all SJW’s are on some spectrum of histrionic personality disorder, therefore they all have an inherent need to be the victim. My question is: if you get rid of the cishetwhite males, whom do you blame as the oppressors? Obviously, if you do not have success handed to you it is because someone else is holding you down. So are white females the oppressors? I mean obviously they are descended from white male rapist slave owners and are therefore privileged. Or are the oppressors black males who have penises and are therefore rapists, but having been raised seeing their mothers, sisters and daughters raped by white males, therefore can not be held accountable. Or are the oppressors transgendered females who now have penises and are therefore rapists, or are the oppressors transgendered females who were at one time males and are now hiding their priveledge by masquerading as females. If anyone has the answer please respond.

  7. I love these fucking morons. You know how you can tell they’re all secretly fascists? They’re so blatantly anti-capitalism. “For Profit” was little hitler’s big bitch about TFYC? Umm. that’s how they raised their funds to make their project work. They explained very clearly about that. They also explained how a bunch of loser, delusional hippies in canada wouldn’t help them because “capitalism”… despite the fact they owned a hedge fun. Hypocrisy and retardation abound. And of course there’ll always be the matter of how ZQ led a harassment campaign against TFYC to get their shit to fail so she could promote her own and pocket the cash. These people. AIDS, AIDS for them all.

      1. Of course, label someone who actually does good as bad to further indoctrinate them. I don’t know about you all, but I’ve sent Intel an email about #FullMcIntosh and his gross twitter comments. Because nothing says diversity like racism and pro-terrorism.

  8. ,,,muh sides…Little Shitler just casually dropping “they’re nazis.”…Sloe Quinn wanting to make a “game” that is basically “fuck you, you make it!”…Cernovich testicle obsession,,,Milo fear : level 9…just wishing Rockstar would just go out of business though, is as ive said before, what they all want most because it’s extreme success, its very successful existence is th bane of their souls,,,they can whine and Anita can get her sjw welfare pittance of a hundred and a half grand to not make shitty victim vids, but th’ BILLIONS OF DOLLARS (yes, repeat that, let it sink in), that Rockstar has made in its existence is testimony they can never refute,,,fucking billions,,,and one billion just off gtav and counting…Rockstar with its worldwide studios in Scotland, New York, Leeds, London, San Diego, Lincoln, New England and Toronto ain’t going anywhere but up…GTA 6 is in production and will any sjwimp philosophy be involved? Well yes, as shit to make fun of on th radio and tv stations in it…but thats all,,,ever,,,and if you think that those little digs at them dont piss them off (what? You think that little hitler and th top sjw haters havent played it?), then you arent thinking of how these whiny victimists are also masochists who will at least hear clips of th snark and get pissed no one has given them a billion for their assumed wit. And ultimately that term i prattle on about, “Industry Logic”, is what they hate and fear and know deep down that they are powerless to stop. Its all about high score, my gamers. And Rockstar consistently just canes and powns and pones and am capture all your base now motherfuckers. Winning. http://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2014-12-22-next-gen-gta-v-sold-1-84-million-in-november-analyst

  9. I think the thing that made me the angriest was the image about white people.

    Not the racism, the fact that someone would ever name themselves as a tiefling. I wasn’t quite sure if the anti-gamers were truly monsters until I realized that they play tieflings.

    *EDIT* Christ Im stupid, I thought that said Kender

  10. So … the guy was a self-described nazi and fan of Hitler on multiple occasions. And now he calls other guys nazis.


    1. There are probably more (completely unsubstantiated) rumors surrounding Hitler and the NSDAP as a whole than any other single figure in human history. Somehow both sides of any debate can manage to invoke Hitler/Nazi Germany as a dishonest means of smearing the opposing side. Both sides do it… it just goes to show you how ambiguous the “known facts” about Hitler can really be.

      How can both sides always think they can use Hitler in a way that strengthens their argument?? That alone tells you the extent of the misinformation and half-truths crammed into our minds in public school…

  11. When they were talking about you and the story you covered about that guy, saying you questioned nothing… Are they willingly dismissing the very first thing right below the title or are they really that delusional? This is a serious question.

  12. I love how they criticize the cover art as “something that was done in MSPaint” and then all pretend that Depression Quest is a game in the same conversation. Makes me wonder how they fit those contradictions into their heads.

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