Fuck, that was a long lunch I had today, huh? I will say, the shit was delicious. Genghis Grill doesn’t pay me, but I still gotta shill for them. Soooo damn tasty! Also, if they would like to start paying me, they can send gift card coupons to [email protected]. Shoutout to everyone who I was arguing with in the hours after lunch. Twitter sucked me in once again. If the SJWs had ever succeeded in getting my account banned, I’m sure my output here would go up twofold. I’m not sure whether that’s good, or bad. You can be the judge.

Today, I’m going to dig into some chat logs someone sent me around Christmas. It came with some other documents that I’ll be sharing with you later, concerning Zoe Quinn and her gag order on Eron Gjoni. But first, let’s hear from the loons in the GamerGhazi IRC.

Right off top, I can go ahead and let you know that Little Hitler, Ian Miles Cheong, is pretty much the star of the proceedings. In the 70% worth of chat I went over (it’s 5 days worth, give me a break), he was the main person talking trash. I guess that doesn’t come as much of a surprise.Selection_593



Pinsof wasn’t the only one he went after. He also trashed your intrepid editor over some of my work (along with author John Szczepaniak):








The thing is, we did have the research. We published it in the followup piece. That wasn’t fast enough for Hothead Hitler. He had to take to the Twitterverse immediately and side with his SJW cohorts. Selection_561


This is the same guy who said he worshiped Adolf Hitler, so I guess I shouldn’t expect rational thought. But this is low, even for Mein Mini Führer. Still, he wasn’t done yet. You know he had to go one level deeper. Projection, thy name is Ian Miles Cheong (he’s talking about Hatred, by the way): Selection_587

Speaking of Hatred:Selection_588

Back to the Reich. Little Hitler also holds a huge grudge against The Fine Young Capitalists:Selection_566


When Cheong wasn’t talking his shit, the others were busy planning false police reports against their enemies, and talking about the purchasing of dox:




They really want Milo’s book, but are conflicted over paying for it:



But they also hate him:Selection_589



What about Mike Cernovich? Selection_584


What do they think about the video game industry? Selection_577Selection_578

What about members of GamerGate?Selection_570


White people? Selection_579

What do they think about Zoe Quinn? Selection_582


Homeless? LOL, I don’t think so. The second part actually makes a lot of sense, though. Kudos, Malky. What about Zoe Quinn herself? Did she say anything of note?  Selection_552Selection_553


OK, Zoe just dropped another classic “game.” What about nice things? Surely they said something positive?Selection_575

No. Not that. Something else…


But at least they keep the important things in mind:Selection_586

And at the end of the day, even they know what the deal is: Selection_585