In case you didn’t know, we’re winning. All this hand-wringing about moderation is stupid, precisely because of our current winning ways. You don’t stop what’s working.  If  you don’t believe we actually are making progress, take a look at the news out today. Another advertiser has deserted our corrupt adversaries.

This time, it’s Intel leaving Gamasutra. I can’t say I’m surprised. This is precisely the type of attention a company like Intel doesn’t want. You can see why they pulled out. GamerGate supporters are probably their main demographic, or at least make up a large portion of it. Intel realizes appealing to hipster douchebags who don’t spend any serious money with them, isn’t what’s “best for business.”


So, don’t get discouraged. Quit worrying about how hard I’m going at shills, or my tone. What we’re all doing is working. Each person has their own route to take, and role to play. We just have to stick together, and keep sending those fucking emails. It really does work. Unilever, Intel, Best Buy…these are big companies pulling their support. A few more advertisers fall, and rags like Gamasutra will be begging us to stop our assault.