Here’s an interview with the source from my story yesterday about the 4chan/SJW doxxing. A lot of people were pushing me to give out further information, but I’m not at liberty to do something like that. Personally, the doubts don’t bother me that much. But, my source picked up on a few of your questions, and wanted to share a little bit more about himself. The articles speak for themselves. If he wants to come forward sometime, that’s his decision.

Here’s the interview:

How did you get started gaming?
I got started gaming on a deployment in 2005.  I can’t say where I was, but suffice it to say if the US has a base, then I’ve likely been there.  Whatever the case, I was stuck on a base, bored out of my mind, when one of the guys there asked me if I wanted to join him and some of the guys for a game night.  Every Friday night, when most of us were off, they’d hold this thing. Kinda like a huge LAN party, though without the LAN, and more or less guys just camped around a PS3 getting shit faced drunk and trying to kill each other in some game.   That or screaming that so and so is a screen watcher, or that shot was impossible.  During that deployment, I started getting into hardcore gaming. I’d played before, but nothing on the level of what your typical “gamer” really fits into.
What do you do?
I can’t give you specifics, naturally, but I can say that I work with computers.  Which is vague enough that you shouldn’t get into any issues by noting that.
How did you find #GamerGate?
Honestly, I pretty much ignored it.  At first it just seemed to be a couple of whiny gamers targeting a girl (Quinn) who through no fault of her own had pissed them off. That was until one of the girls I work with told me about your site, and suggested I give MundaneMatt a listen. I didn’t have anything else better to do, so I took her advice and looked into things.  The more I looked at the story, from all angles, the more I came to realize that yeah, while Quinn may have been the straw that broke the camel’s back, the movement really wasn’t about her.  There was far more to the story than I previously realized, and the more I dug into it, the less it looked like some crackpot conspiracy theory, and the more it seemed that GG had a point.  Which isn’t to say that there aren’t those crackpots.  I suppose every group has their crackpots.
You noted you’re something of a writer.  Anything I might have read?
Through the FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) possibly.  Most of what I’ve written were tech assessments of various systems, and one complaint about the toilets in Japan.
A complaint about toilets?
Yeah, that one was weird. The toilets at the base in Japan (NAF Atsugi) are for the most part western.  I say most part.  Problem is there’s also those weird Japanese toilets there.  The complaint was the fact that there were no “grab bars” to steady yourself with as you…well you know.  Meant you could fall into the toilet.  For some reason that complaint got shunted up to my bosses, and ended up on the desk of some officer.  Meaning that it’s covered under the FOIA.  Not that you’d want to read a complaint by someone about toilets, but if that’s your thing have at it.
Was this your first Doxx attempt?
Against me? Yes.  It’s happened before to other guys though.  I remember an incident back in 06 where one of the guys I work with pissed off a group of conspiracy nuts.  Now, I’ll say this, some of what they say? It’s pretty damn close to the truth. There’s so much bull there, that they’ll never figure out what they got right.  In any case, he pissed off this group on a YouTube video, and someone got the bright idea to Dox him.
What happened?
I don’t know all the details, since it wasn’t me, but I remember hearing that the video got yanked, several accounts were banned, and one sixteen year old “hacker” (I use that term loosely) ended up having to explain to the Feds and Homeland Security why he thought his stunt was a good idea.  Not sure what time the kid got from that, if any.
How often do doxxing attempts like this occur?
Seems stuff like this goes in waves really. Someone will piss people off, those people try to dox, feds step in and people go “oh fuck, this was a BAD idea,” and it stops for a while.  Then those people forget, try again, and well…it repeats.
If you had a bit of advice for the Social Justice Warriors, in the wake of this, what would you say?
Other than careful what you mess with?  Yeah. I think the advice would be to step back and put your prejudices aside. Look at things from all angles before you make a decision.  Not everything is so cut and dry “Us v Them” as you think. Just because the media, whether that be Cracked, Kotaku, or others tell you “This is what the truth is” doesn’t mean that you need to take it hook line and sinker.  Do your own research, and keep an open mind.
Any advice for #GamerGate?
Some. I’d say that what you’re doing is right.  Sure, there are those crackpots tossing threats, you have them on both sides of the story, but don’t let those people dictate where you go from here.  Stand up for what you believe in, and don’t stoop to the backhanded tactics that your opponents have.  I’d also suggest against lumping everyone that opposes what you stand for as a SJW or Anti-GamerGate.  That’s the thing about GG that really attracted me from the start.  There’s so many people there, with so many different views; but all working to the same basic goal.  There’s even room for the SJW’s.  I think that’s the main point I’d make.  Just because someone doesn’t agree with everything, doesn’t mean they really oppose it either.  I was, and to some degree, still am in that crowd.  There are parts of #GamerGate that I really do not agree with, but that doesn’t stop me from supporting the good that the group is aiming for.  I was welcomed with open arms, and I’d hate for others to be turned away from what is in reality a just cause.
Last question: What’s it like working where you do?
Headache city.  Between dealing with people that have no clue what they’re doing, and guys that have an idea, I spend most of my time wanting to pull out my hair.  Had a guy a few weeks back who was convinced that putting a CD in a drive upside down would mean he could record twice as much Data.  Considering he was an officer though…why doesn’t that surprise me?  Military Intelligence.  Two words that should NEVER be used in the same sentence.