IRAN: US Announces Fresh Sanctions Over Ballistic Missile Program

IRAN: US Announces Fresh Sanctions Over Ballistic Missile Program

To no one’s surprise, the US has announced fresh sanctions against Iran over its ballistic missile programs. Iran developing and testing ballistic missiles violates the UN Security Resolution 2231 which

‘calls upon Iran not to undertake any activity related to ballistic missiles designed to be capable of delivering nuclear weapons, including launches using such ballistic missile technology’

Those largely affected are part of the Republican Guard Corp, an organisation set up to defend the country’s Islamic system and ‘provide a counterweight to the regular armed forces’. They have close ties to the ‘Supreme leader’, so obviously they’re not shown favoritism of at all.

In the US press statement, there was criticism of Iran’s support for the Syrian government and other terrorist groups.

The United States remains deeply concerned about Iran’s malign activities across the Middle East which undermine regional stability, security, and prosperity. Iran continues to support terrorist groups such as Hizballah, Hamas, and Palestinian Islamic Jihad that threaten Israel and stability in the Middle East. Iran has maintained its steadfast support for the Assad regime, despite Assad’s atrocities against his own people.

No statement has been issued from Iran.

This isn’t the first time Iran has breached the resolution agreement and the nuclear agreement. Iran tested new ballistics missiles in October, March and then in May of 2015. All three times no actions had been taken.  I found a decent piece about it on….Huffington Post.

The US has stopped short of calling Iran’s actions as violations of UN Security Council resolutions. President Obama will continue to overlook Iran’s belligerent actions, including ballistic missile launches and the detention of US sailors by the Iranian forces, until he leaves office. He desires what he sees as his crowning foreign policy “achievement”, the nuclear agreement, to remain intact.

President Obama is concerned that holding Iran accountable for these violations might force the Iranian leaders to abandon the nuclear deal, thus causing its failure.

It’ll be interesting to see how Iran responds to this.


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