All day today on Twitter, some IRC trolls have been trying to get a free ride to the SPJ Airplay event down in Miami by positioning themselves as GamerGate opponents. Many of these people have fallen out with GamerGate, but they’re doing this as a stunt, with no real sincerity. Don’t believe me? Take a look at the video evidence. Usually, I wouldn’t waste too much time with these clowns, but I don’t want them to get a free trip to Miami based on a scam:

I guess maybe you young geniuses shouldn’t have taped your plans for the world before trying to enact them. Then again, you’re trolling, so maybe you don’t care. Either way, I think your plans are probably up in smoke at this point. Try harder next time, gentlemen.

In the meantime, won’t some SJW with any type of name step up to debate our team in Miami? What is wrong with you people? It’s so bad that trolls are coming in and trying to take your place because they know you won’t show up. Surely one of you crazy fuckers has some guts?