All day today on Twitter, some IRC trolls have been trying to get a free ride to the SPJ Airplay event down in Miami by positioning themselves as GamerGate opponents. Many of these people have fallen out with GamerGate, but they’re doing this as a stunt, with no real sincerity. Don’t believe me? Take a look at the video evidence. Usually, I wouldn’t waste too much time with these clowns, but I don’t want them to get a free trip to Miami based on a scam:

I guess maybe you young geniuses shouldn’t have taped your plans for the world before trying to enact them. Then again, you’re trolling, so maybe you don’t care. Either way, I think your plans are probably up in smoke at this point. Try harder next time, gentlemen.

In the meantime, won’t some SJW with any type of name step up to debate our team in Miami? What is wrong with you people? It’s so bad that trolls are coming in and trying to take your place because they know you won’t show up. Surely one of you crazy fuckers has some guts?

      1. “It’s hard to imagine anyone being that stupid unless on purpose.”

        Remember the kind of people we’re up against. Randi Harper, Leigh Alexander, Ben Kuchera, Butts, BatWu, Bombchu, etc.

        There probably is someone that stupid in anti-GG.

  1. Progressives are terrified of doing anything on their own. They’re aggressive when they feel safe and timid the rest of the time.

  2. Progressives want everyone else to do things for them. The current brand of progressives, SJW’s, want others to march for them, vote for them, campaign for them, and do everything for them.


    Because they grew up with helicopter parents, who complained until anything that bothered or disturbed their special snowflake was removed, who ensured in equal outcomes (trophies for all) no matter what the participation level, who banned books that might disturb the special snowflakes.

    They had Mommy and “parent groups” remove everything that might make them uncomfortable or feel like they weren’t as good or special. So now they don’t know how to do things for themselves.

    So they all look at each other, hoping that someone else will do what they want done.

    Because, if you tell them no, they will literally fall on the ground crying.

    1. I can visualize an SJW falling on the ground kicking and screaming until they get their way….

    2. Alright, stop. It’s not progressives. It’s a certain group of progressives others have correctly labeled as SJWs. Increasingly, I find some GGer comments to paint with a broader and broader brush and I find it ironic, especially considering my personal loyalties to GG lie in my loyalties to freedom of expression, journalistic ethics, anti censorship, free speech, and western, enlightenment ideals, that other GGers let the “Progressives/Liberals are X Y and Z” slide even as they are obsessed and rightfully upset when the SJWs lead with the “gamers/gamergaters are X Y and Z”.

      You’re doing the exact same thing as your ‘enemy’. You’re free to say whatever the hell you want, and I am free to call you out on it. This is the very spirit of GG, is it not?

      Why don’t you talk about the home schooled conservative fundamentalist students graduating out of Liberty University and similar colleges and being hired by conservative “think tanks” to push an agenda? Why don’t you criticize their helicopter parents? Frankly, the conservative’s level of helicoptering strikes me more like using an illusory sword of Damocles to shave the necks of your children than the relatively benign helicopter parenting of progressives that you highlight. But It’s not progressives. It’s fundamentalists broadly.

      I am a progressive liberal. I would go far enough to generalize most of the gaming youth and GamerGaters as progressive liberals. The fact that some conservative and libertarian sites have covered the gamergate situation fairly does not exclude them from criticism, and reading Milo’s Randi Harper anthology while seeing articles in the side bar excoriating the recent same sex marriage decision complete with hundreds of comments revealing the complicated, if not outright bigoted (overused word, yes, but I’m not sure its completely misplaced here), nature of many of Breitbart’s viewers does nothing to help my opinion.

      I will grant you this: If anything, GamerGate’s scope has been too small. Modern media is shit. The gaming branch of modern journalism was not the most corpulent jewel of shit in the industry by far, those titles have been long awarded to Fox news and other right wing publications (like Breitbart). That the rest of the media is swinging to a similar style of ideology over substance is, absolutely, something that we should be fighting against. And (generalization incoming) it is largely young progressive liberals who have been fighting against ideology in media for the last few decades, SJWs excepted. And I believe thats true because kicking the subjective ideology out of our media would be progress.

      1. “Progressives” are the Tea Party of the left, only they’re utterly unaware of this. Horseshoe Theory.

        1. Progressive Fundamentalists are the tea party of the left. It’s interesting that ‘progressive’ seems to be the new ‘liberal’ these days.

          Godwin’s Law Invoked.

          I am not necessarily denying your statement, I would merely point out that a similarly broad statement like, “”Christians” are the nazis of authoritarians” would be unlikely to go over well. It is true, if you compartmentalize that most nazis were christians, just like most SJWs are progressives. But it it is certainly not true that all christians are nazis or all progressives are SJWS.

          Despite invoking Godwin’s law, I am trying to be very, very generous to your broad generalization.

      2. “Why don’t you talk about the home schooled conservative fundamentalist
        students graduating out of Liberty University and similar colleges and
        being hired by conservative “think tanks” to push an agenda? Why don’t
        you criticize their helicopter parents? Frankly, the conservative’s
        level of helicoptering strikes me more like using an illusory sword of
        Damocles to shave the necks of your children than the relatively benign
        helicopter parenting of progressives that you highlight. But It’s not
        progressives. It’s fundamentalists broadly.”

        I mock them relentlessly too, and include them in the “Everyone must cater to me!” because you see it on the Fundementalist and NeoCon side also. Children who were raised by helicopter parents insulating their children from anything that might make them question the political party and religious beliefs the parents are holding onto like a nun holding a cross against a vampire.

        I also make the distinction between the so called “progressives” that are more about censorship and puritanism (no matter which side they claim to be) and people who actually work on real progressive projects and activities.

        I mock and deride ALL of the helicopter parented ‘progressives’ or ‘conservatives’ that believe that they have the right to force anyone else to behave as their sheltered and close minded morals demand. Be it an SJW or a NeoCon yelling that women should not wear short skirts or an SJW or a NeoCon screaming for the banning of books, music, or other media.

        Because these people never grew up with any kind of autonomy, any kind of agency, have never had to face consequences for their yapping mouths, and have always been able to control their environment, they are now demanding the entire world be made into a hug box catering to them.

        And it’s our job, ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE AMERICAN, to fight these people to the very last ditch, the very last berm, to the last man, the last meme, and the last shit-post, because all of them, progressive or conservative alike, seek nothing more than to MAKE YOU BEHAVE according to their personal moral code that was poured into them by sheltering, helicoptering, over-protective parents who excused any behavior from the special snowflakes they still believe they are.

        1. Yes, I overwhelmingly share your opinion regarding the comparison of the far right and far left both thinking they can be the arbiters of social norms while hacking at each others ankles. (This can be extended to someone else who replied to me with ‘horseshoe theory’, I agree that horseshoe theory best explains what we are seeing).

          However, in your first post, I didn’t see any sort of comparison. I didn’t see any sort of introspection or olive branches. Your first sentence was, “Progressives want everyone else to do things for them.” This is absurd.

          You may be somewhat correct in that many progressives want to reform current systems to be “better”, but you would be wrong to say that conservatives don’t also want to keep current rules or even regress to more traditional rules because they are “better” which would also be well described by your description, “they want everyone else to do their work for them.”

          This particular discussion is the entire crux of politics, modern secular philosophy, theological philosophy, scientific philosophy, and general enlightenment ideals. That’s the discussion which you, (seemingly, and also the SJWs) entirely negate by describing a huge, diverse swathe of people as prescribing to a very particular brand of ideological bullshit.

          With all that said, I’m willing to admit that I am stickler for semantics and consistency. I have followed this site and KiA for almost half a year but have never commented until now. I appreciate everyone’s enthusiasm on this issue, I just felt compelled to comment on what I felt was a particularly noticeable double standard that is not called out enough. In your case, my objection may have been misplaced, and I apologize for that. But I believe my broader objection still stands.

          1. I think Warlord Ralts’s terminology is:

            Progressives = Authoritarian Left who generally make up SJWs.
            Liberals = Libertarian Left who are more on GamerGate’s side of politics.

            I wonder if the reason we see people declaring themselves “Progressives” generally being shit and people calling themselves “Liberals” generally being based is because back when Liberal was being smeared as a description the weak-willed, herd mentality, “I need to be popular” section of the Left decided to abandon the name while the strong-willed, independent thinking, “I do what’s right, not what is easy” section of the Left decided to stay and fight.

            It would explain things, but at this point it’s just a theory.

          2. Post Modernist is the more accurate stroke with which one can paint the behavior of SJWs, radfems, authoritarian leftists, most political communists, and a select few other groups. They all share a number of similar social traits, rules, and rhetoric.

            Personally, I find progressive to be a dirty term for a number of reasons unrelated to what is discussed here, and I’ve never met a man I could honestly call a liberal.

          3. I don’t really think that description is helpful. If SJWs are post modernist, GGers are realists. And if GGers are realists, who are the actual modernists the SJWs are post of? I could try to answer those questions but, as I said, I don’t think those terms are helpful.

            Prescribing art history terms to philosophical differences is a convention I could do without.

            I think GGers are skeptics, empiricists, and existentialists. I think anti GGers have no idea what any of those words mean.

          4. Hear me out, and I know this will sound insane.

            I’m SJW, Progressive, Liberal, Unschooled, and the works. I even have the tests to prove it.

            They are Cultural Marxists. They want to make that sound so insane, they edited wikipedia and every site they could think of. They’re trying to co-opt EVERYTHING you know of as “liberal/SJW/Progressive/ETC.” so they can masquerade behind the OTHERS who get riled up and defensive going “Hey we’re not like that?!” JUST like they did to the word “gamer.”


            The problem is, we are all calling OURSELVES things and identifying OURSELVES by our choices. They cannot because they are purposely deceptive. Yet, should we let them try to pick their own labels, they will ultimately always co-opt the meaning. They tried to use the word gamer and nerd, and got upset that it didn’t mean -THEM AND THEM ALONE- and tried to kick everyone else out. They don’t like Cultural Marxist as a label because of its obvious historical red flags and what it means. Yet you’ll find a bunch of them openly admit it.

            It’s simple, Social Justice is AGAINST nepotism. SJWs are “supposed” to believe (in an almost “canon doctrine” psuedo-religion way) that nepotism and tribalism actually CAUSE most of the disparities in hiring. -> Egalitarians unequivocally recognize this. Cultural Marxism leaves nepotism everywhere in its wake. Don’t believe me? Ask how to get a job in Russia and China. 🙂

            Liberal = Freedom. Even Libertarians are Right-Leaning Liberals!! These authoritarian cucks have NO right to pretend to be liberal while suggesting laws against other’s expressions of self. Call them on it 🙂 use their own tactics on them.

            Progressives in America ESPECIALLY should be harkening to the potentials and FUTURE PROGRESS as outlined by JFK. But instead you get a bunch of GENUINELY RIGHT-WING VOTING TAX-DODGING PSYCHOS like Randi Harper pretending they’re “progressive” because they…. want to go back to the Puritanism that was already unsuccessful in MA. Wtf?

            Dig up some of the books on Cultural Marxism. Alexander Macrois (Escapist) had a terrific BTFO of Leigh Alexander on twitter when she tried to insist Cultural Marxism “is not a thing, just a conspiracy theory.” Yeah, no. There have been books about it since 1970s, and if you start burning books, I think we in the rest of the liberal camp get to brand you with Nazi stickers and take photos going “Gee flashback warning for vets.”

            Edit: “Hear not here.” Starting TL;DR with typoes = great start :T

          5. The problem with this is that “libertarians” are coopting frickin everything.

            How can a political label that is freshly minted claim authority over so much history on BOTH SIDES of the political divide?
            Hint: they really cant.
            When libertarians want to introduce new concepts to describe the living political spectrum, I cant do much to argue, but the idea that libertarians KEEP pushing ownership of concepts and ideals that have “traditionally” belonged on the left or to liberalism galls me to the bone.
            The very idea of “left libertarian” is much like feminists claiming every women’s advocate (and many individual women) as their own, despite the term “feminist” not being widely adopted til the 70’s and so much under the umbrella being contradictory (because it’s simply stolen in the name of a movement that has no real claim to it all)

            Some libertarians are fine people, but a LARGE portion of self described libertarians are neocon, corporatist, traditionalist authoritarians…. and they only ever get called out when convenient.
            To me, the libertarian movement on the right mirrors SJW/progressive elements of the left. Self contradictory, hypocritical, self righteous and sure that any alternative point of view is not simply wrong, but evil.

            You’re right about how it came about on the left (weak willed people abandoned the term as it was smeared) I just wish the “right” (of which libertarianism is CERTAINLY a part, despite recent efforts to manufacture a “libertaran left”) would be better about calling out their own bullshit.
            Every time I see a right leaning person complain about the authoritarian left I can look into their history and see zero similar commentary made about identical zealotry on the right. Many try to suggest that only the left is censorious at all >< (and anyone saying otherwise is delusional. Occassionally acknowledging that religious fundamentalists are retarded does not a rational criticism of excesses on the right make. I still see libertarians excuse or justify Obama birthers…)

            Meanwhile, in reality, part of the success of SJW has been using altruism and tolerance to take control, then using the divisive nature of the "left" to promote a call out culture which destroys the genuine debate that came before (the left has ALWAYS been argumentative amongst itself. That fact itself used to be used by right wingers to mock the left)

          6. I just wish the “right” (of which libertarianism is CERTAINLY a part, despite recent efforts to manufacture a “libertaran left”) would be better about calling out their own bullshit.

            You ever hear of Joseph Déjacque?

            He was the first person to use “libertarian” as a political term.

            He was also a communist.

          7. Yup, but it was coined for US politics precisely for that.
            The birth of the libertarian movement (whatever value it has, which I certainly concede) was little more that propaganda.

          8. Aye, but if you don’t see certain political zealots that run with the idea that this is a success for the libertarian movement in the US you aren’t paying attention 😛

            As much credit as I give libertarianism for offering a better alternative to tradcon politics, too often it is simply a sheep’s clothing for the same old authoritarian right to sell their snake oil.
            Any time I see somebody suggest, for instance, that their own brand of libertarianism is the only valid form of politics I cringe at the level of self delusion present for somebody to believe they are for personal liberty at the same time they condemn others for the thought crime of disagreeing with them 😛

            Ignoring this is simply a deflection, identical to the deflection of “liberal” “progressives” and feminists when they suggest theirs is the only valid expression of ideals shared amongst any disparate people.

          9. It’s a success for the libertarian movement in the US solely in the sense that left-libertarians have woken up and are now flexing their muscles.

            Anyone thinking it’s more then that and that the vast majority of GamerGate is going to be registering with the US Libertarian Party is headed a very rude awakening.

          10. The good result is that it SHOULD bring the libertarian movement more in line with it’s own values, rather than a crutch for conservatism.
            Anything that can offer some actual alternatives to the US system of “right wing, big government but hates the poor” vs “right wing big government but pretends it doesn’t hate the poor” 😛

            The very idea that “left libertarians” exist in an American context is rewriting history.
            You know what a left libertarian really is? Because there’s already a word for it.
            A socialist.
            The only way socialism has ever come to mean “big government” is because opponents of it repeat the lie so often that it becomes widely accepted.
            The idea of collective ownership (nationalised utilities, public options etc) get mixed up with “state ownership” because authoritarians will always see it that way.
            To a socialist, the government is a tool, a custodian of that which is properly owned by the people.
            The very core ideal of socialism, from which all the disparate policies and movements spawn, is the idea that each person should be free to make their own choices and enjoy the fruits of their own labours.
            I keep seeing libertarians describe socialist theory in their own terms and declare it brand new or invented by “the right” (which has suddenly become “anti authoritarian” despite the entire history of the right, it’s inception as the defacto supporters of authority and it’s actual freaking policies)
            As I said, I think libertarianism has massive value and might come to do a great deal of good.
            I just very much dislike the refusal to address how many self described libertarians and only so when it is convenient (but are actually neocons) and how often history is rewritten at convenience.

          11. You do know most of GamerGate is simultaneously left-libertarian and is rooting for Bernie 2016, right?

            And regardless of whether they called themselves left-libertarians.there’s always been people on the non-authoritarian left in America (in the past decade they’ve had Dennis Kucinich, Ralph Nader, and now Bernie).

            Yeah, that whole “government subsidies are always evil except when they go to what I like” shit is so annoying. And then there’s the “get the government off my back and get it on those guys back!” style “Libertarian” that voted for Dubya and thinks the Moral Majority should be able to give orders to the Supreme Court.

          12. I don’t see much pushback against “bad” libertarians.
            I only ever seem to see self congratulation and attempting to rebrand anything that isn’t authoritarian as “libertarian” despite such concepts predating the modern movement by literally centuries.
            It’s little different that feminists having branded all women’s advocacy (or historical success) as feminist, despite the term not being popularised until the 70’s
            Same justifications too.

            If labels aren’t that big a deal, and only concepts, why to libertarians care so deeply, and why do they keep attempting to suggest “socialism” is “authoritarian” when the core tenets of the ideology are most certainly not.

            These are NOT people saying “it didn’t work” or “it cant work” these are people saying that the actual practical definition given by socialists is wrong.
            ie: they’re retards. And they’re a VAST MAJORITY of the right, apparently.
            There are plenty of CORRECT criticisms to make, but those are ignored in favour of the fantasy that the left are all evil, big state, unpatriotic traitors.
            This isn’t limited to lunatics on the fringe. This shit gets said by main stream right “leaning” people and outlets. AND IT NEVER CONDEMNED.

            The entire libertarian movement would rather complain about “the left” attacking traditionalism “because liberty” than confront ANY corporate authority. Most seem perfectly okay with authority as long as it’s the right kind, and I’ll repeat again, they are NEVER CONFRONTED or even disagreed with.
            The only arguments I ever seem to see are about the purity of libertarianism, with an accusation of being “statist” the blackest mark against a person.

            Note, my anger is genuinely limited to the hypocrisy of it.
            I do still concede the validity of a modern political compass AND the existence of genuine right leaning libertarians that are not authoritarian.
            I just think they exist DESPITE the movement, not because of it.

      3. Oh come on. This whole “progressive” thing is just an American buzzword.
        Who decided that say traditional family is “conservative” and quadrisexual blur-haired trust fund hipsters who cheer at blacks burning towns are “progress”?
        This pisses me off to no end.
        Also, what liberals have called out these lunatics? Liberal media is either supporting them or tacitly endorsing them, same with the liberal folks.
        You don’t get to dissociate from them when they fuck up, denounce them.
        Much like moderate conservatives denounce nazis, liberals should denounce SJWs.
        Until then people will correctly conflate liberals with them, as they are tacitly endorsing what the radical bozos on their side do.

        1. Uh, of course its an American or political buzzword. It’s also a word that has been associated with leftist politics for decades and only more recently co opted by fox news style imitators and commentators to refer to… what, exactly?

          This word and clarifying it is exactly what I was trying to have a discussion about. I am a progressive, and my entire family is progressive, and they are all upset with almost everything SJW related as it pertains to GamerGate.

          And your first question is somewhat absurd, as as the people who say traditional family is important are precisely the people who say they speak for conservatives (and what conservatives speak out against them? to use your own metric). If you can link me an example of one of the SJWs proclaiming to speak for all progressives without any contest I would like to see it, if only to then go and contest it.

          In short, I am saying I am progressive and I speak out against SJWs who say they are progressive.

          As to what other liberals are calling out these lunatics? How about Jonathan Chait? How about David Auerbach? How about Ralph of the Ralph Retort? You don’t seriously think that Milo posting a few articles on Breitbart means that conservatives are totally cool with vidya games, do you?

          Is this the “Muslims don’t speak out against fundamentalism enough” thing applied to progressives? If it is, I agree that many middle eastern countries don’t speak out, but Muslims in the united states and other countries speak out regularly. The fact that you don’t know this says more about your personal awareness than the groups you would chastise.

  3. I larfed hard when they even entertained the notion of taking down the GG side, especially Oliver. Best lube up, son, you’re gonna get rickety-wrecked.

  4. Anybody who wants a ticket to Florida in mid-August has never been in Florida in mid-August.

  5. Man I wouldn’t mind a trip to Miami ^_^

    But it is funny that SO MANY are “fighting” Gamergate but none of them got the guts to show up at all xD

  6. Man, they’re really full of themselves aren’t they?

    It’s funny how much they protested when people called them out on their shit, and yet they’ll laugh about it and own those very things at convenience.

    Still, it’s funny how desperate they are to justify their nonsense as “fun” and also that antiGG literally has nothing going for them. Literal trolls are their own representatives, because both trolls and antiGG have one thing in common, they enjoy disrupting gg because they don’t like its popularity (or want to abuse that popularity)

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