Randi Harper has been busy today talking about her ties with the Electronic Frontier Foundation, an advocacy group dedicated to a free and open Internet. They’ve trashed GamerGate before, so I wouldn’t be too surprised. However we must urge caution here, because we don’t know exactly how deep Harper’s ties go, and what the EFF is up to. All I know is it’s making me like them even less, and I actually used to donate to these bastards.





No, I’m sure your ass wouldn’t have any fucking problems drumming up funds, you con-artist. And even if the person is directly tied in with Randi’s GamerGate specific blockbot, what the hell is the EFF doing involved with blocking speech in the first place? It’s just not something they should be promoting, in my view.

Anyway, I’ll update this article as we learn more, or if Big Randi opens her trap about it again. As always, feel free to expand on things down in the comments.