I’ve been running this site for the better part of a year now. Ever since the beginning, I’ve heard the same usual suspects whining and crying about how hard I hit the SJWs. Lately, some of my enemies have joined that chorus as well…not because they truly believe it. No, they just parrot this nonsense in order to try to score “MUH PR” points. If you’ve read this site long enough, you know that I won’t be changing a thing. Don’t like me talking about Kate Edwards’ past? I don’t give a fuck. Write your congressman like Brianna Wu did, and perhaps they can help you. You won’t find any relief here, however. Selection_999(680) Selection_999(683)

I’m gonna keep on doing what I do, because people enjoy reading my work. Women lie, men lie, but the numbers do not lie. So, please, by all means, continue the assault on me. It only makes me more controversial and popular. I’m not sure you guys understand how this thing works. Obviously, you don’t lol. As a side note, re-tweeting Sarah Butts is never a good look.

I’ll be back later with some real posts. I just wanted to make this PSA for my haters. They are my biggest fans, after all. And one last thing: I’m not talking about constructive criticism. That is always welcome and appreciated.