Movie Bob trashes us in the most vile ways imaginable all the fucking time. A couple days ago, he tried to compare GamerGate to “out and proud skinheads.” This is the type of rhetoric he constantly engages in, as I’ve talked with you about in the past. I’ve been waiting for TotalBiscuit to open fire on the fat fuck for awhile now, but he really hadn’t hit him too much…until last night. 

If you’re just getting up, enjoy this exchange from last night. You don’t see total destructions like this everyday. First, let me show you what Movie Bob said to earn his smackdown:

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As you can see, that assault was about as lame as it gets. Why are these SJWs so terrible at insults? I don’t think I’ve seen one yet who could dish out a decent one. Fucking man up, Bob, and at least be funny. I guess it’s hard for a no-talent hack like you to do anything entertaining. But, I digress.

TotalBiscuit is thankfully not the kind of man to take this lying down. He did not hold back in the slightest. This is a long tweet chain, because TB just fucking goes off haha:

The Based Biscuit is about 300 classes above Movie Slob in every category imaginable…except creepiness, perhaps. I mean, let’s be honest. Bob looks like he would be the sort of person to set-up a camera in the workplace restroom, or some shit…or maybe have a few bodies in the basement. The guy looks like a potential serial killer, is what I’m getting at. I’m not saying he is, but he’s weird as fuck. I think that’s undeniable.

Also, his career is in the shitter. He’s been totally eclipsed by people like TotalBiscuit…even though the Slob had a huge head start on his ass. Take a look at these screens provided by RogueStar. The first ones show where their YouTube subscribers were in 2006. The next two show where they are now:


Bob, give up the fucking ghost, brother. I know you’re showing out for your corrupt buddies, but you’re fucking irrelevant to gamers, or just to thinking people in general. I’m glad I got to see TB punk you out so bad. He’s right that your desperate ass probably loves the attention, but still. It’s always good to see a smug, lying, bastard like you get cracked. Keep up the awesome work, Mr. Bain.