Movie Bob trashes us in the most vile ways imaginable all the fucking time. A couple days ago, he tried to compare GamerGate to “out and proud skinheads.” This is the type of rhetoric he constantly engages in, as I’ve talked with you about in the past. I’ve been waiting for TotalBiscuit to open fire on the fat fuck for awhile now, but he really hadn’t hit him too much…until last night. 

If you’re just getting up, enjoy this exchange from last night. You don’t see total destructions like this everyday. First, let me show you what Movie Bob said to earn his smackdown:

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As you can see, that assault was about as lame as it gets. Why are these SJWs so terrible at insults? I don’t think I’ve seen one yet who could dish out a decent one. Fucking man up, Bob, and at least be funny. I guess it’s hard for a no-talent hack like you to do anything entertaining. But, I digress.

TotalBiscuit is thankfully not the kind of man to take this lying down. He did not hold back in the slightest. This is a long tweet chain, because TB just fucking goes off haha:

The Based Biscuit is about 300 classes above Movie Slob in every category imaginable…except creepiness, perhaps. I mean, let’s be honest. Bob looks like he would be the sort of person to set-up a camera in the workplace restroom, or some shit…or maybe have a few bodies in the basement. The guy looks like a potential serial killer, is what I’m getting at. I’m not saying he is, but he’s weird as fuck. I think that’s undeniable.

Also, his career is in the shitter. He’s been totally eclipsed by people like TotalBiscuit…even though the Slob had a huge head start on his ass. Take a look at these screens provided by RogueStar. The first ones show where their YouTube subscribers were in 2006. The next two show where they are now:


Bob, give up the fucking ghost, brother. I know you’re showing out for your corrupt buddies, but you’re fucking irrelevant to gamers, or just to thinking people in general. I’m glad I got to see TB punk you out so bad. He’s right that your desperate ass probably loves the attention, but still. It’s always good to see a smug, lying, bastard like you get cracked. Keep up the awesome work, Mr. Bain.

  1. I love it when TB lets these fucks like Manboobie Blob have it
    They can dish but can’t take it
    Blob is a failure

  2. The Boob drops cherry bombs, the Top Hat drops atom bombs.

    “I sure showed him!” -MovieBoob

  3. It astounds me that game journalists question where there audience is?

    Gamers know You-Tubers, they follow them. FIFA fans follow KSI, because they like his gameplay; a good chunk of Halo fans like watching Rooster-Teeth and HaloFollower, you don’t see Gamers going ”hey, I’m gonna follow Ben Kuchera!”

    They don’t give a shit about game journos, these ”journos” are becoming more irrelevant by the day. If they continue to insult and harass their demographic, they know which road they’re heading down.

    You-Tube Gamers on the other hand, respect their audience, don’t push political agenda’s and just do what Gamers want to see, which is *actually game*.

    It’s why you see people like Leigh Alexander saying ”I AM GAMES JOURNALISM” — nobody gives a shit.

    Game ”journos” won’t be able to adapt to the future of Gaming culture, which is largely based on You-Tube Gamers who cut out all the shit. Game ”journos” will now have an SJW audience who will probably lose interest.

    You-Tube Gamers > Game ”journos”

      1. What was the Dragon’s Dogma situation? Or are you referring to the Dragon’s Crown incident with the sorceress?

        1. haha, your right it was Dragons Crown, fuck I’m a noob. i’ll edit my post. Thanks for the point out.

          1. That’s fine. Too many games with Dragon in the title lol. But yeah that whole situation was just stupid. It’s actually a fun 2d dungeon crawler and art style makes it look like a moving painting. They threw such a shit fit over the sorceress and yet ignored the fact that the knight looked like Rob Liefeld’s worst nightmare on crack.

          2. Why must you post that godawful image? Jesus. I’d forgotten how BAD Liefeld was…

          3. It’s all the more aggravatingly hypocritical considering nobody raised a shitstorm over VanillaWare’s prior games…. I mean, Play Magazine had a cover of Momohime fighting a tentacle monster, and I recall there being minimal news coverage of it at best. Hell, when Odin Sphere first came out, there was nothing but praise over its usage of 2D graphics. Speaking of which, if you’re bitching about female representation in games, Odin Sphere and Grim Grimmoire have gotta be among the best I’ve ever seen…. and yet, that ill-researched fucktwat Jason Schreier has the audacity to compare George Kamitani to a hormonal teenage boy. It’s shit like that which leaves me to wonder why GamerGate didn’t erupt a lot sooner than it did (the Sorceress controversy happening well over a year before the Quinnspiracy).

          4. It was really just the perfect storm of elements. Me and several people have gone on about the corruption of game journalism for awhile. Razorfist going all the way back to 2009 talked about this issue. The one incident that really got the ball rolling was the gamespot incident in 2007 with Kane and Lynch. The problem is a good majority of the community either didn’t care or were completely oblivious. In the early days it was more focused on the inflated review scores and the glut of video game advertisements on certain websites (IGN and Mass Effect 3 being a huge example). The problem is we would bring up these issues but they were dismissed and could never really get going. However as time went on more alternatives were opening up like Youtube and Twitch. People like me had other options while those oblivious or didn’t care could stick to their websites. Last year though I started noticing a change. Now I started noticing this last year but I’m sure people will tell me it was happening long before. Sarkeesian stayed off my radar until last year and I know there were a few “sexist” articles but they were few and far between. Last year though it was ridiculous. Every article coming out of E3 was about sexism. You couldn’t get away from it. Now the oblivious and the not caring start seeing something is wrong. Finally the Zoe Post happened. This was pretty much the proof we needed. Actual solid evidence of the incestuous nature of the industry and journalism. At least 7 long years if not more of tension being built and she was the spark that blew the whole thing up. Basically Zoe Quinn was Archduke Franz Ferdinand of this whole situation.

          5. Yeah, I’ve heard the Ferdinand analogy several times before…. and god, those E3 articles. That was just sad; nothing but people bitching about Sony not having a female presenter or construing a rape reference from a guy trash-talking his opponent on Killer Instinct. Who… the… fuck…. cares?

          6. Also them bitching about Ubisoft being sexist even though they had a black woman presenter on their stage during the entire press conference.

          7. I also think the Retake Mass Effect movement (which I was part of that movement) helped prove that a group of individual voices could make a difference.

          8. Ya the shitstorm with the retake movement and the journo’s dismissing of the players grievances really made people open their eyes and take notice of the change in the air that was happening.

          9. Also just curious with you saying you use to work for Destructoid at what point did they start going crazy? I watch a lot of Razorfist’s videos and he said he use to love Destructoid but at some point they got hit pretty hard with the political correctness bat. When exactly did that start happening?

          10. Understandable. At least you kept yours compared to most of these people. I know one of the big controversies over at Destructoid was the incident with Allistair Pinsof. Let’s not forget they were also one of the sites that decided to give Sarkeesian unnecessary attention (as well as Kotaku of course). I was just curious about when exactly things started going to shit over there.

      2. As I’ve said before, realizing your own fallibility and capacity for error is a milestone in maturity.

    1. Hypocrytical. Incompetent. Self-hating/destructive. Entitled. Soon to be irrelevent. Leigh Alexander really is games journalism!

    2. I agree; but I just can’t comprehend what these game ”journos” think will happen if they target and harass their own demographic? They’ll sell out to SJW’s and it won’t end up well for them.

      Bring on You-Tube Gamers any day:

      – Respectful

      – Fun

      – And they’re just like us, they want to Game, not insert shitty identity politics wherever they can

      1. I am curious; since you worked at Destructoid, are there people there who oppose this SJW nonsense?

        I agree that they’re not Gamers. They don’t understand the hobby nor do they want to: this blatant attack on Gamers, from the press itself caught a lot of us Gamers off-guard, but that gap between the gaming press and gamers has been growing distant for quite some time now.

        Leigh Alexander, and some of these other ”journos” strike me as people who believe that they can do no wrong; it’s always someone *else* to blame and SJW’s will fuel this behavior.

        I think that because we won’t get the truth out of them, things will crash down. I think that Gamers will win; but the press aren’t going down without a fight, the press won’t really be the same again.

  4. I used to like this guy’s videos, but at some point he won some stupid contest on screwattack (in which I voted for him, I must sadly admit), and after that he progressively became high-and-mighty smug douchebag due to the sudden increase in popularity, his show dropped massively in quality with it being more about a fat dude fighting ninjas and robots and stupid badly-written storylines rather than being somewhat decent commentary about the gaming industry, and he became a shittier person overall. And add to that the addition of more and more “social” “justice” BS, I couldn’t honestly watch the guy anymore… I don’t know how far back anymore. Truly sickening, and now he’s against gamers as a whole. He’ll keep dropping in relevance now and I’m fine with that.

    1. Honestly, I didn’t mind the show getting a storyline too much, even found it a bit humorous at first. I still stuck around with the guy for a while, probably because he’s a fellow Japanophile…. I think what really made me start to lose respect for him was his Overbytes video where he defends Anita Sarkeesian…. by constantly cutting to a scene with ominous 8-bit music playing where he laughs at everyone for thinking a meek woman in a flannel shirt is dangerous (yeah, way to downplay the threat, douche). His whole “Call of Duty is 9/11 revenge fantasy” coming right the fuck out of nowhere, and constantly mentioning it afterwards, didn’t help either (I mean, Christ, I can sympathize with the guy not being fond of FPS games flooding the market, but what the fuck?). I still think he came out with a occasional halfway decent episode afterwards (I especially loved his GO episode “Never Grow Old”, in which he calls out David Cage’s attempts to turn video games into Hollywood), but my overall view of him just took a complete downturn as he constantly refused to explain the reasoning behind his position, and frequently insulted those asking valid questions.

      I only stopped visiting his blog after GamerGate finally happened, and he still acted the way he did even when he and “the cool kids” that he wanted to imitate were being put on the spot. He had two whole years to clean up his attitude, so I say he got what’s coming to him when The Escapist finally let him go. Though, I don’t think we’ll be forgetting this asshole anytime soon; he’ll always stand as a testament to how a once-respected individual could fall so freakishly low.

      1. I was pretty fond of his Big Picture series. Remember his review of ‘Future Cops’? Holy shit I laughed my ass off at that one.

  5. It’s always great when arrogant, irrelevant, aging hipster douche bags get fucking destroyed by people who live in actual reality.

  6. “don’t want games to be anything more than distractions”. Ok, I officially volunteer to beat this fat fuck up. Games are ESCAPISM. They aren’t supposed to be anything OTHER than distractions. Games exist for PLEASURE, not to cause you to “think” or to be “challenged”. Sure, some can be that way, and it will say so on the box and the sales will be fucking atrocious.

    Pro Tip: It is INFINITELY easier to create some pedantic, shallow bullshit “game” that lauds some “important message” than to make something engaging and enjoyable. The chief problem these so-called “critics” seem to have (aside from being detached from reality) is that they are PEDAGOGUES who think everyone else reads into and dissects every bit of minutia they come across. This is wrong. People play games to have fun. Period.

        1. It’s going to be like a Gallagher performance. You need to make sure that the front row of people have Visqueen to duck behind. Cause that’s a lot of shit…

          1. That’s easy to do. Let’s just ask the GDI to let us borrow the ion satellite cannon.

    1. It’s also amazing to see the “work” the SJWs do when trying to incorporate an “important message” into a game. It’s never woven in a way that compliments interesting, engaging gameplay. Instead the audience is beaten over the head with a spiked club while engagement factor is virtually nonexistant.

    2. Let’s not forget the hypocrisy. He’ll criticize games for being escapism but then will turn around and praise films like Pacific Rim and Guardians of the Galaxy.

    3. I dunno about the whole “Causing you to think” thing immediately means bad sales. Didn’t Deus Ex do fairly well? I mean, its not thinking about social issues currently, but it did bring up real problems that we’d be facing should our society start to head down the route that the game did.

      Or hell, even in Anime, Ghost in the Shell is a damn good Anime, but it also brings up a lot of “What does it really mean to be alive? What is consciousness?” and other sorts of questions along those lines.

      Just because something makes you think or challenge your notions about life doesn’t make it bad, but it has to be done RIGHT, and it has to make you think. If it does the thinking for you, then its just preachy, and nobody likes that shit unless you’re in an echo-chamber.

      1. Agreed. This is more or less what I was saying in my comment but better-worded. Nothing wrong with a “message” to be included in a game, but if all you do is beat your audience over the head with it, it compromises the other aspects of the game because you’d rather “tell” than “show.”

      2. If you honestly think Dues Ex “makes you think”, I don’t even. Maybe if you were home schooled? Or grew up Amish? Or perhaps I keep forgetting that not everyone has the benefit of a dual master’s degree? Dues Ex is NOT the first STORY, forget game, to cover those issues. There is a reason that 1984 is CONTINUALLY referenced by GamerGate supporters, and just in general. It is the “seminal work” on the dark future run by corrupt people.

        Again, video games aren’t the medium to ask those kinds of questions, and anime and stories aren’t the place to do it either, why? Because they are driven by objectives. They are shaped by a SPECIFIC perspective; in other words: Art with an intentional message = propaganda. Plus, no one has ever criticized Dues Ex for it’s content, it’s a contained universe with set pieces and characters, there’s nothing particularly complex beyond that.

        If you want to introduce new ideas to people, you need to do so honestly and objectively in the form of overt, factual education that allows the observer to make their own determinations about what they are seeing.

        It is 100% a straw man to claim that people “think it’s bad to have their notions about life challenged”. No one is making that argument. The SJWs and RadFems are trying to force a specific narrative as THE ONLY TRUTH into our beloved medium. That’s the issue at hand – they are campaigning for censorship and packaging it with non-issue crap like “gender representation” in games”. It’s a tried and true method that politicians use to get legislation passed that results in a good Bill with a fucking AWFUL provision snuck in. They think they’re clever, but they’re not. And the rest of the rest of their drooling masses? They don’t see the subtext, they just see the “omg righteous cause!” because they are FUCKING STUPID.

        1. I find that games (or other things) that make you question certain things aren’t all that bad. it’s just when they try and push a answer onto you that it becomes propaganda.

        2. Id say it makes you think on gameplay.

          MGS2 called this political correctness nonsense. The sad thing is that the problems we have now have been predicted in alot of older games, eg delta force 3 landwarrior was about a terrorist group that believed that the world banks are causing most of the problems in the world and destroying smaller countries.

          My point is that nothing is the first, years and years and years fiction has warned us about the things we are going through today but we didnt pay attention.

          1. The political correctness mental disease has been around since the last time it reared it’s ugly head in the 90s. Then it was more heavily backed by the far right, who have sense been so thoroughly beaten by the law and by the sheer statistical evidence, that only the most puritanical, shrieking moralists persist in this idiocy. The far left on the other hand is cloaked in self-righteous indignation and believes that their intolerance of anything that makes them uncomfortable (or that which they project onto others) justifies them signing the same fucking tune that was sung in the 90s, despite the fact that games are 100% protected under the 1st Amendment as free speech, so why the FUCK ANYONE remotely humors these jackasses like DiGRA is beyond me when they literally no legal leg to stand on to challenge the status quo (which has itself been demonstrated to be quite equitable).

    4. In regards to Bob himself the whole “more than distractions” thing is weird because unless he changed his tune from the early (ep1-15) gameoverthinker days this guy worships the ground Nintendo walks on. He used to pretty much refuse to acknowledge any early western influences for games and pretty much blamed halo and “semi-realistic” shooters for in his view problematic gamer community and was all nostalgic about the silly, colorful classic console days.

      1. Which is hilarious for his white knighting. He agrees with the people that hate the damsel in distress trope and yet worships Nintendo who’s main series is entirely built around this trope. If he wants things to be “progressive” then goodbye Mario. And yet he thinks Nintendo doing anything is a massive game changer. I pretty much got into an argument with some of his viewers on that damn Link be a lady video. He was going on about how Nintendo making Link a woman would be Nintendo making a huge step forward for the entire industry. I immediately called bullshit on this. Great you gave a silent protagonist boobs. Some big change that would be. It’s the same issue I have with the woman Thor (whor I jokingly call her). Switching a character’s gender doesn’t do anything. It’s just lazy. Adventure Time sidestepped this because it was a joke. How about writing a damn character instead?

    5. If games are distractions what the fuck are movies. You can’t even interact with movies. I wish Bob would fuck off back to his linear entertainment

    6. You sound like Larry Correia. It’s one thing to have a little author tract here and there in a good story, but if your whole story revolves around the ‘message’ you might have a problem.

      1. lol is that the guy who wrote the monster hunter series? (google’d it). Um… is that a good comparison? >_> I do want to be a novelist.

        1. Among other things. He’s also been waging war on the SJWs infesting sci-fi/fantasy fiction for a while now. He jokingly refers to himself as the International Lord of Hate, and his campaign to blow some fresh air into the various awards (like the Hugos) is called Sad Puppies.

          Good times, and it drives the SJWs bonkers.

    7. I both agree and disagree… Yes, games are primarily just for entertainment, but, some games do get messages across, but some are just more subtle about than others, and usually the subtle ones win out in the end xD

      1. There is a difference between communicating a message and attempting to brainwash people with propaganda. Sane, rational people don’t need to be lectured to, especially in their entertainment. People should be able to tell the difference between basic right and wrong with their basic empathy skills. I’m a few straws short of a full bale some of the time and even I get that.

        1. Well that is true, but I also don’t mind if a game deals with heavy subjects like racism or slavery and the like, ofc. as along as it’s not too heavy handed with trying to beat it into your head xD

          1. I don’t mind sensitive subject matter so long as it is handled with a modicum of tact (slave tetris would be an excellent example of what NOT to do), but what I cannot stand is the constant beating of the “white guilt” drum that I simply will not listen to. I have Irish ancestors, eastern european ancestors who fled the Soviets, and some ordinary “white” ancestors who came over after the Industrial Era of American history. I don’t “owe” anyone jack shit and I refuse to feel bad that some people I have a melanin count in common with who died an extremely long time ago were engaging in a practice that has been around for about as long as human civilization AND was openly practiced by africans and middle easterners. White guilt my ass.

          2. Yup, 100% agreed, and even without that, you should not judge someone by something their ancestors did, that is so unfathomably moronic… And the fact that a lot of people actually believe racism against white people doesn’t exist… they even call it “Reverse racism” even though there is nothing reverse about it, it’s straight up racism, just against whites.

  7. You know Bob did it for the attention. Even TB pointed that one out. MovieBlob needed this to stay relevant. Now that he’s out of his bully pulpit, and is back to doing Vogon Poetry reviews over on You-Tube. He has to ratchet up something, or dry up and blow away like the dog turd he is.

    1. Like the Hitchhikers reference, but I find it funny that he insults youtube reviewers and viewers and well where did you start from and where did you crash back to? Oh that’s right youtube.

  8. “Why are these SJWs so terrible at insults?”

    I imagine it has something to do with working from a foundation of baseless rhetoric and blind hate. Has to be hard to come up with honestly funny jokes with that kind of mentality. Just take Tim Schafer for example.

    1. Not to mention they get butt hurt so easily so they have to make sure no one’s feelings get hurt by accident. We don’t give 2 shits.

  9. movie BoB , the fat fuck, manBooBies twin brother, whiteknight’s with no horses cause they too fat to sit on one, shove your stinking feminazi ideology up your fat ass’s, the sun is not only going own on your future, bob but the consumers will speak even louder in the near future, then it will be truly end of the ideological demagogues (SJW’s) influence on main stream gaming, they might have their own little niche market but that’s about it, you fat fucks.

  10. ULTRA COMBO!!!!!! Glad to see a game critic actually stand up for his audience. That is such a rare sight. Yeah Bob you may have 30,000 subscribers but your relevance is slipping away. I used to support you on the escapist but your attitude has just gotten worse. Continue to insult your audience and surprise surprise they decided to leave. I left back in January and from what I’ve been hearing your numbers are going down fast. Also you don’t want games to be mere distractions? Well what the fuck do you want them to be? We play games for escapism. We just get sick of the real world for a while so we decide to escape it for a few hours. Did I go into Dragon Age wanting to be lectured? No, I just wanted to save Thedas from a giant hole in the sky. Did I want to play Shadow of Mordor for gender politics? No, I wanted to decapitate orcs. And when I get Mortal Kombat X I just want to rip people’s spines out. Games are meant for escapism so stop trying to force this bullshit. There is a reason shit like Depression Quest and Gone Home don’t fucking sell.

    1. There are a few games which handle both ‘game’ and ‘message’ with the necessary finesse, but much like fiction, inserting author tracts into your story often leads to disaster.

      The only two I can think of off the top of my head are Deus Ex: Human Revolution (transhumanism), and This War of Mine (the casualties of war and its effect beyond just soldiers).

      1. I heard Spec Ops: The Line did it really well and I did enjoy a lot of the themes in Mass Effect. I don’t mind messages in games as long as they are handled well of course. Like with Mass Effect (forget the last ten minutes) they had a lot of themes they were going for but they made sure the story and gameplay came first. Focus on telling a good story and give good gameplay. Don’t make it where the message is repeatedly shoved down your throat. It’s the same thing with films. I’ll take Pacific Rim over the pretentious dog shit you will see at most film festivals.

  11. “Scrotal Bisquick”? That was almost as lame as Drunk Megaphone’s stupid “Total Chode” comeback.

    Here’s a hint, Movie Blob – if someone has thousands more subscribers and is on the top echelons of Steam’s curator list, then they are YOUR superiors, and they have nothing to be “jealous” about. I can smell the projection (and the failure) all the way from over here.

    1. Yeah, his “superiors” are on their way to living in a cardboard box next to the guy with the sign “the end is nigh”. Why does he continue to support these people? This is exactly what got you fired in the first place and they didn’t bother to give him a damn safety net. He should realize they are not coming to help him by now. Supporting them is not good job security as we’ve been seeing for the past 6 months.

    1. He get’s shit thrown at him all the time and it doesn’t bother. Why give these idiots any more attention. This time he made an exception. Moviebob insulted his audience and he just couldn’t let that stand. To me this is a breath of fresh air because it’s rare to see in this industry. It amazes me how in no other industry except this one do the people show such contempt for those paying their bills. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you, dumb ass.

      1. It’s baffling that anyone would have thought that was a good idea. The concept of attacking your own audience is so mind-numbingly stupid that I can’t imagine any rational person with even the slightest intelligence thinking it’s a good idea…Which I guess is what explains why these people have done it. Not a scrap of common sense or rationality.

        1. Hell Nostalgia Critic (yeah I know probably not the best example) made fun of that in his Mamma Mia review. That entire movie is a feminists’ wet dream. The women are given everything with no consequences and it is so inoffensive. The way he was criticizing it kind of draw parallels to criticism of third wave feminism. But at the end of the episode they were making fun of how no one was going to watch that episode so they were just going to insult their audience. Critic wasn’t open to the idea and explained why, “they are the reason why we do this show.” He agrees then it does a 30 second jump cut and the place is in ruins. “Mamma Mia had a bigger audience than we thought.” Not sure if that was just a simple joke or him also making fun of the stupidity of games journalists. I could be grasping at straws but the timing is a little too coincidental.

          1. I recall Nostalgia Critic saying he respected Anita Sarkeesian at one point (though, from what I recall, it was a simple comment in response to a question; he seemed more like a misinformed person who liked that she was bringing the conversation to the forefront, but never looked into what was really going on with it). This was all pre-GamerGate though, so I don’t know what his views are now.

          2. I was that same way. I heard whispers of her but she was never really on my radar. I thought it was fine she was looking into the issue because I do think it is an issue worth discussing and analyzing. But then it got to the point where I couldn’t get away from her and finally I started looking into her. Then I found out about her faulty research, the kickstarter fraud, the stealing of let’s play footage and artwork, the manipulation of certain footage, the fact that she is just a mouth piece for a psychopath. So I won’t fault him for not knowing what was going on. It was only last year where I saw what the hell was going on.

          3. I watched her first episode… there were a few things I objected to, but overall, I didn’t think it was too bad of a starting point at the time. It wasn’t until her second episode, when she outright said that there’s a connection between games and domestic violence, that I started seeing through her bullshit. As much as I think there’s more than enough decent female representation out there (hell, one of my most fondly remembered RPGs is Rhapsody for Christ’s sake), I honestly thought the discussion might’ve been worth having (and probably still is, just so long as it doesn’t devolve into a bunch of simpletons going “all men are rapists and if you disagree, you’re oppressing me!”). I mean, there’re actually quite a few cliches that kinda piss me off due to their over-usage. Like, if there’s a depiction of a single-parent household, more often than not you can expect it to be a father, and in the majority of those cases, you can expect it not to be due to divorce, but because the mother was deemed too irrelevant to the plot to be allowed to live (seriously, Mommy dies in fiction, like, a LOT, and usually brushed off with an explanation as simple as “illness”; conversely, there are quite a few cases where if the father’s said to have died, he eventually turns out having been hiding out in the world, alive and well the whole time… which, incidentally, propagates the idea of them being deadbeats). And don’t get me started on token females, especially when they only serve to act as the fall-person (though to be fair, I guess some of that’s simply too far grounded in Super Sentai tradition, which a lot of things reference). I’m not saying to get rid of these, of course, but seeing more of the reverse scenarios certainly wouldn’t kill anybody. Though, since I’m mainly going off of my own anecdotal observations (albeit I consume a LOT of media), I might just be talking as much crap as Anita is and these cliches really aren’t as common as I assume, or the reverse cases really aren’t as rare as I think.

  12. Movie bob would win a fight against a fruitfly going toe to toe with Total Biscuit would be suicide by verbal massacre…

  13. MovieSlob’s relevance has long since passed. His videos use to be okish, but now a days it’s nutty ranting about the video game industry and how everything is a “right wing conspiracy” i.e Call of Duty.

  14. “What a horrible world we live in where saying dumb shit in public gets you criticised. Oh the humanity of it all.”

    Pure Poetry…. Thank you TB!

  15. All you have to do is compare the difference between likes and retweets of slob’s and TB’s tweets. It’s not even close. TB is correct as usual, it’s just the death rattle of a washed up never was.

  16. Very nice of Total Biscuit giving his spare time to that blob. Blob isn’t worthy of shovelling my dogs shit up.

    One of the best replies was #SayittomyfaceBob for the reason of blob being a coward and not tagging TB at the start of the posts. Also one of the comments made me laugh.

    User: Bob who?

    TB: Exactly.

  17. “Bob looks like he would be the sort of person to set-up a camera in the workplace restroom”

  18. TB could read the phone book and it’d sound epic. It’s that accent of his 🙂

    Years back, I worked in a jewelry store, and we were selling watches for Citizen (which IIRC is Britain based). Every month or so we’d get a checkup call from one of their sales reps, asking how things were going, any problems, etc. The rep in question was this nice lady, and I’ll be honest, I don’t know if it was just me being socially inept or the accent, but I’d have listened to her read tax code to me all damn day. 🙂

  19. please tell me again why the Escapist fired a guy that feels comfortable refereeing to anyone as Scrotal Bisquick.

  20. I bet bob feels like a right cunt now it’s been made abundantly clear he backed a fraud and con man whose popularity lived and died with her attack on the easy mark of gaming.

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