Jack Posobiec Confirms to TRR That He & The Rebel Have Parted Ways

Jack Posobiec Confirms to TRR That He & The Rebel Have Parted Ways

I woke up to a report that Jack Posobiec and The Rebel had parted ways. It came from the AnimeRight site, which kinda took a shot at me the other day over the Louise Mensch/Milo post. It made me laugh, though, so it’s all good. Anyway, their report claimed that Mr. Posobiec had been fired over his Seth Rich coverage.

Rumors have been circulating, that Jack Posobiec was recently fired from The Rebel by Ezra Levant, for reporting on the ongoing investigation into the murder of Seth Rich & the recent leads that have developed.

Anime Right News can confirm through official channels that this is in fact true.

His name was Seth Rich.

After reading this, I decided to reach out to the man himself to see if this rumor was true. While we didn’t get into the reasoning for the parting of ways, he did confirm to me that he is no longer with The Rebel.

It’s true that I have left The Rebel, yes. I really appreciated my time there and right now am just looking forward to my next adventure. 

That’s different that what the AnimeRight folks reported, but the underlying point is that he’s no longer working for Ezra Levant’s operation. I’ll post more on this if it becomes available.

Jack has always been pretty cool with me, so I wish him the very best with his next move.

Ethan Ralph

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  • Celerity

    I wonder if this is a classic case of SJWs putting pressure on employers.

    • Second that this is worth investigating. Maybe if had a WeSearchr-like site that wasn’t a scam.

  • Maintenance Renegade

    Rebel Media is really killing itself, if they lose or run off Gavin McInnes they’ve really got nothing going for them anymore at that point.

    • Mykeru

      I thought Gavin owned Rebel?

      • Maintenance Renegade

        He also founded Vice but clearly that collapsed right out from underneath him…