DISCLAIMER 1: What follows is a mixture of facts, speculation & satire therefore the adverb “allegedly” prefaces and applies to the whole article.

DISCLAIMER 2: I am a proud Neo-Troll & I DO NOT represent  #GamerGate. Truth with zero protocol will be used; get offended. Feel free to disregard everything I say based on my Troll status. For those who stayed, behold;

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First of all, my condolences to Lillian Feng’s grieving family members: May she rest in peace. Secondly, compliments to Oliver Campbell for saying this about Lillian Feng’s premature death.



Why the compliment? Because when someone as young and promising as Lillian Feng passes away, you have to focus on her achievements in life, who she was as a person and why she will be missed THEN you finish the tweet.

That is exactly what Oliver did, he informed the public, then highlighted the fact that Lillian (who used the handle @NotTheLastMaybe) was consistently courageous enough to publicly defend a cause she cared for:


Oliver’s tweet was an example of class and masterful tactfulness. He was respectful, he was concise, he was precise.

(unlike him, I have neither class nor tactfulness & I am proud of that freedom)

After Oliver’s tweet, everything should have stopped because the relatives and more specifically Lillian’s grieving boyfriend: physician Ashton Liu (@Ash_effect) had clearly expressed he wanted to grieve alone and in peace by stating this:





Despite all that, this narcissistic SJW idiot opened her self-centered mouth:



To be more specific (as she barfs out too much of her idiocy daily) she said this:

vivians narcissism crop


Like most feminists, Vivian is well known for hijacking a cause for self promotion, hence why she even hijacked the #GamerGate mascot for her own benefit. Then she co-opted Lillian’s passing to promote her selfie, herself and her stolen brand.

Another writer here noticed Vivian’s blatantly manipulative move and wrote a very direct post about her narcissistic need to co-opt even someone else’s death for self promotion.


See, both myself and WildGoose could have easily let this hypocrite slide, but to quote YouTuber Thunderf00t:



Feminism is another religion that relies on playing the victim to extract money from gullible people. And professional parasites like @CultofVivian thrive in their fake victimhood because they think themselves as fashionable parasites free to profit from others THEN play the victim if ever challenged.

This is not new, the vatican has done the same with their pedos and @CultofVivian is not different from those religious hypocrites who support and defend Vatican pedos.

It is for these reasons religious hypocrites and their dishonest ideas should never go unchallenged.

That is exactly why I made the following meme; to highlight @CultofVivian’s hypocrisy and made sure it circulated around on Twitter.


vivians narcissism





See, the problem with feminist parasites is that they often “smell” there is a vulnerable host nearby and try to attach themselves to it. In this case Vivian was not alone in her mendacity and to be honest, I never expected a feminist hypocrite to sink any lower but I was mistaken as White Trash Queen & FAKE JEW Liana K went as low as a pink cockroach can go and said this;

LIANAS narcissism

Forget about the basic human decency of respecting the privacy of a grieving person. No. According to Liana K’s actions:

You have to make sure you disrespect the grieving relatives DIRECTLY  “preferably” less than a week after Lillian passed away.

But Liana’s hypocrisy is much worse than just that. Much much worse. How bad? Well, in the most disrespectful way possible:

Liana K asked the grieving boyfriend (@Ash_Effect) “permission” to disrespect his dead girlfriend by pretending to cosplay like the white trash whore Liana is & blatantly use Lilly’s death as justification for Liana K’s self narcissistic promotion.

At this point, I decided all bets were off. Why? Allow me to paraphrase what Thunderf00t said:

If dishonest people go unchallenged, they won’t go away. They will proliferate just like religion did. 

Since all bets were off and neither Vivian nor Liana K had the basic decency of respecting the period of grieving Lillian’s relatives were entitled and even dared contact them directly, I decided to also expose Liana K through this similar meme I circulated on Twitter;

LIANAS narcissism

And guess who picked it up and retweeted to his gigantic audience? Guess who decided to fabulously bitchslap Liana K? Yeah, it was Milo: The gay Batman of the Twitters himself the one who tweeted this:

dangerous fag


Which roughly translated into this,

fab bitchslapo mini


Logically, Liana K got a tsunami of criticism following Milo’s tweet featuring the meme I made to expose her hypocrisy. And at some point in the morning of January 14 2016, thanks to @Nero, @redlianak experienced a Chernobyl-like rectal meltdown. Liana K then expressed her intense emotions unrelated to love towards trolly yours to her minions and erect fanboys. Shortly after, I was awarded my 37th suspension victory & it was worth every stroke. (more on that later)




But guess what happened? Immediately after you expose a feminist hypocrite through someone with Milo’s clout, you immediately see more and more hypocrites and White Knights come out of the woodwork to help their revered feminist hypocrites.

But the feminist narcissists? Oh, those just love to play their well rehearsed “poor innocent victim” role to blatantly manipulate others which is exactly what Vivan and Liana K did. They immediately said they “never” intended to disrespect and instead were “attacked” for their “good intentions”

Guess what? After they started feeling the heat, both hypocrites intensified their victimhood narrative and neither Vivan nor Liana admitted they had done anything wrong. No. Quite the opposite, they instead claimed they were the ones who had been WRONGED by all the “hateful” people who pointed out their hypocrisy.

Well, that tactic already has a name and it is called DARVO which means the following


“The perpetrator or offender may Deny the behavior, Attack the individual doing the confronting, and Reverse the roles of Victim and Offender such that the perpetrator assumes the victim role and turns the true victim into an alleged offender. This occurs, for instance, when an actually guilty perpetrator assumes the role of “falsely accused” and attacks the accuser’s credibility or even blames the accuser of being the perpetrator of a false accusation.”



Contrary to what feminists believe, the term DARVO was first coined not by “white privileged cis pig males” but by two trained female psychologists. First by Dr Jennifer J. Freyd (PhD of the University of Oregon) then by Dr Tara J. Palmatier a very intelligent woman who happens to be especially reviled by feminists similar to Vivian or Liana K because Dr. Palmatier has consistently stated that it is abusive females (often feminists) the ones who use DARVO in both their private and public lives to hurt people.

Add to that injury the insult that Dr. Palmatier happens to commit the cardinal feminist sin of specializing on offering psychological help almost exclusively to male patients NOT women. I am serious, look:


I strongly recommend you visit her site whenever you have time and you follow her posts on facebook, and if you have a male friend who has been the victim of a toxic vindictive and dysfunctional feminist, consider referring them to Dr Palmatier. She is that good.






This post will be updated as the drama unfolds because not only Liana K suffered intense rectal discomfort, also plenty of people (her feminist fanboys and fangirls) were vicariously butthurt by Milo’s tweet.

By the way, thank you for getting me suspended Milo, and I am not joking or being ironic, I really want to thank Milo for my most recent suspended account because to this Neo-Troll, every suspension is a victory (37 suspension victories so far) and I happen to have plenty of backups (usually ~18 which I constantly renew once one of my drones is shut down)

Why do I do this? Simple. To show feminists and SJWs their censorship is useless, ineffective & to frustrate them.

I even have the cynical habit of defecating this insult into the narcissistic eyes of my SJW groupies by tweeting this at them every time I activate one of my backups/drones:


Also, allow me to remind you: I am very proud of this “obsessive” habit of mine. Let’s not forget that the difference between “obsession” and “dedication” hinges upon which hypocrite gets offended first.


Make sure I am not proud of what you want to shame me for.



Again, why fight these hypocrites?

Because If dishonest people go unchallenged, they won’t go away. They will instead spread & proliferate just like religion did.

Feminism is a just another religion with far more political power than all of the others, it dictates when and how laws will be passed or created. It is the religion of making the personal political and the political personal, it obeys emotion and stifles science all in the name of the god they worship:


Even worse, what can be expected from women who are also part of the religion that worships women?

Exactly. Boundless Feminist Narcissism.

Hence why Vivian and Liana K are unalloyed narcissists; they worship a religion that worships their gender and by that definitions they have no flaws and no need to improve: NOTHING IS EVER THEIR FAULT.

Because of all these reasons I only have one standard: Hypocrites have to be exposed. No double standards.

Men? Women?  Trans? I do not give a fuck. I will criticize & expose your hypocrisy.

If I am a hypocrite? Expose me. If you are a hypocrite? You will be exposed. Nobody above the rules.

Quote me on that & get very, very offended.


Thank you for reading.



Thank you Nero.

PS 2

Thank you Thunderf00t.