Let’s continue the overnight patrol with some explosive news from Twitter. As many of you know, we pretty much pioneered the Sarah Butts beat here at TheRalphRetort.com. Our reports from earlier this year are still routinely cited, and it’s where most of this avalanche originated from. In case you missed those, you can read them here, here, and here. We also chastised Leigh Alexander for having the nerve to hire this deviant. In short, we’ve covered Pedo Butts very thoroughly, ever since the creepo had my site shut down for six hours back in December.

Still, we need the someone to come land that final blow. Who could that be? Well, Master Milo Yiannopoulos dropped some info about his upcoming piece on Nyberg last night. Here’s the letter he addressed to the aforementioned Liquored-Up Leigh Alexander:


(Full KiA thread)


Talk about getting ready to nuke someone from orbit. Take a look at that last bit. Milo says he’s been in contact with the parents of the little girl Nicholas  Sarah Nyberg allegedly had designs on. Not only that, according to The Master, the parents will be approaching local and federal law enforcement once our story is published. This is very, very, very bad news for Nyberg. Why? 

I wonder what all the anti-gamers are going to think when Nyberg is led away in cuffs to go join Jared Fogle in a federal penitentiary? I imagine they’re going to be pretty salty, given the vociferous defense they’ve offered for this disgusting person.


(Interview I conduced with BeninCitizen back in the fall of 2014)


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and finally…


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I don’t have anything else at the moment. I think we’ve covered the story pretty extensively with this post. As soon as Milo drops the bomb, we will be here to monitor the cleanup on that as well. Before we go, though, here’s a little reminder from the (alleged) perpetrator: