My name is Janet Bloomfield and my Twitter account is @JudgyBitch1.

I have approximately 15K followers and my weekly tweet reach is just under 50M, according to SumAll. I have twice been suspended from Twitter after harassment campaigns from other Twitter users who are angry with me for starting and dispersing the #WomenAgainstFeminism hashtag. My account has never tweeted abuse nor have I ever threatened anyone, although I frequently get death threats myself.

My most recent suspension is the result of me tweeting the actual words of Guardian journalist Jessica Valenti back to her. Prompted by @davidfutrelle, a harassment campaign to report me for spam/abuse was undertaken by users who appear to be under the impression that I made up the Valenti quotes and falsely attributed them to her. This is not true. Valenti did indeed write that wrapping Christmas presents oppresses women, and that “jingle bell time aside, it’s [Christmas] a goddam clusterfuck.”. I did not make these words up. They are her own.

The other quotes are also taken from articles Valenti wrote at the Guardian and for Atlantic magazine.

This is the third time that I have been wrongly targeted, and I have requested that Twitter restore and verify my account to avoid further issues. To date, Twitter has not responded. Is Twitter allowing their harassment tools to be used to silence dissenting voices? Since when is tweeting a journalist’s words back at her harassment?

Janet Bloomfield