My name is Janet Bloomfield and my Twitter account is @JudgyBitch1.

I have approximately 15K followers and my weekly tweet reach is just under 50M, according to SumAll. I have twice been suspended from Twitter after harassment campaigns from other Twitter users who are angry with me for starting and dispersing the #WomenAgainstFeminism hashtag. My account has never tweeted abuse nor have I ever threatened anyone, although I frequently get death threats myself.

My most recent suspension is the result of me tweeting the actual words of Guardian journalist Jessica Valenti back to her. Prompted by @davidfutrelle, a harassment campaign to report me for spam/abuse was undertaken by users who appear to be under the impression that I made up the Valenti quotes and falsely attributed them to her. This is not true. Valenti did indeed write that wrapping Christmas presents oppresses women, and that “jingle bell time aside, it’s [Christmas] a goddam clusterfuck.”. I did not make these words up. They are her own.

The other quotes are also taken from articles Valenti wrote at the Guardian and for Atlantic magazine.

This is the third time that I have been wrongly targeted, and I have requested that Twitter restore and verify my account to avoid further issues. To date, Twitter has not responded. Is Twitter allowing their harassment tools to be used to silence dissenting voices? Since when is tweeting a journalist’s words back at her harassment?

Janet Bloomfield

  1. Here is the issue rn
    Twitter is run by feminist bully’s
    This is true reality.
    Here is another alarming tidbit of information. new reddit CEO is also in the Radfem camp, check her out ralph @ekp

  2. Ralph, read up on the chick from Big Bang Theory. She said she didn’t consider herself a feminist and never experienced inequality. Feminists reacted saying she owed them for paving the way for her to succeed. This shows that modern day feminists want to ride on the coattails of their predecessors without ever having contributed themselves.

    The topic is trending on facebook at the moment.

    1. And it shows that all they care about is getting attention and recognition. If they were truly “feminists” who believe women should be able to say, do , or think whatever they want, they would not care if a woman said, “I am not a feminist.”

        1. This is why we need antifeminism.
          If they’d stop bullying people, stop excusing bigotry and focus, I dunno, on WOMEN’S ISSUES, we wouldn’t need to waste our time complaining about their bullshit.

    2. This is further proof that modern Western feminism is the textbook definition of an abusive relationship. They’ll bully, insult, harass and threaten anyone who refuses to fall in line, all under the rationalization of “you can’t leave me after all I’ve done for you!”

    3. I noticed when that Rolling Stone rape story fell apart, feminists actually seemed disappointed that someone wasn’t raped. So they moved the goalposts. Now they won’t let go of the “1 in 5” fake stat. They actually want and need it to be true. They’re about as honest as a coal company funding a climate study.

    1. Underdeveloped amygdala would definitely explain the typical SJW behavior. I really wish somebody would scan their brains to check if they are literally underdeveloped.

  3. Every disagreement with people like Valenti, Futrelle, 3rd wave feminists, and all their SJW friends is automatically assumed to be trolling and/or harassment.

    They go one step further by making sure everything you say can be construed as harrasment so they can actually harass you by trying to silence you.

    Essentially, they have reinvented the concept of bullying.

    1. It gets worse. Futrelle linked to a guide on “how to deal with trolls” written by a former Manboobz commenter. The advice included harassing the “trolls” until they lost their temper and said something they could be banned for.

      In other words, trolling.

      1. I see SJW slimes pull this shit on forums way too often. The mods’ inability to deal with these people are one of the main reason I stick to anon boards.

    2. IOW entrapment. In my country the police call it “trifecta”.

      Works like this. A police officer provokes a member of the public. The member of the public reacts by swearing or hitting. The officer responds with “You’re nicked”.

  4. Valenti: You can’t report on my inane ramblings that I sell on journalism – That’s unfair.

    LOL. Yep, and her “I bathe in male tears” bit is also just a joke. Seriously, read her article – She straight up says Christmas is sexist because most of the holiday cheer is “the responsibility of women” and then notes how her husband (poor fellow) offered to help with gifts etc, but she won’t let him because his work is not satisfactory to her.

    It’s really vile and disgusting, and Valenti should stop seeing the hand of the patriarchy when it’s all her own fault: Don’t complain about being responsible for christmas when you won’t let your husband help, idiot – At this point, it’s not anything to do with your gender, and everything to do with your own perfectionism.

    Twitter, Facebook, and youtube probably won’t be too much help with this matter, as they have the “report” function merely to satisfy their legal obligations.

    1. At this point, it’s not anything to do with your gender, and everything to do with your own perfectionism.

      I’m betting his gift wrapping is better then hers, she just says that because otherwise she won’t be able to whine about how “oppressed” she is.

      1. But that man never puts them up satisfactorily the first time, duh. Valenti has to tell him how to do it RIGHT.

    1. ” Jessica Valenti is part of the fucking problem. “.

      No. She’s not a part of any problem, she’s a problem in her own right !

      1. She is THE problem. 3rd wave feminism comes from her pen.

        “it’s rape when I say it is” is a distillation of Erica Jong and Andrea Dworkin.

  5. Your lives will get a lot easier when you stop Giving these Con-artists the Shield Of Feminism for Free. They aren’t Feminists. Their #Fraudists at best. and Criminals at worst.

    This is 1 more shield that many of you are too afraid or too stupid to strip. Do it If you want to win before 2020.

    1. I don’t think it’s us giving them the title or the shield, we recognize they use it as a shield and state it as such. The issue is the rest of the world (or at least the main stream media) is backing up their use of feminism as a shield and sees no issue with it because “it’s for the greater” good. The rest of the world needs to see what most of us in gamergate already know.

  6. Feminism is intellectually bankrupt. They have to use censorship to keep their religion of hatred alive.

  7. Record levels of fascism are right around the corner. I took a look through my state’s new laws for 2015… its not good. A lot of social justice logic at play. People need to gather and fight back, fight hard. This wont go away on its own.

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