Remember when I said that these SJW nutcases reveal their true nature on Twitter? I would link you to the article,  but I’m too lazy to search through and find it. I did say it though, and it happens to be true. Just look through the last  few days of posts here on the site. We had the former write from The Verge saying he was going to go to Comic Con and punch the first person who said GamerGate. Yesterday, we reported on Matt Lees calling CH Sommers scum. That was on Reddit, but the point still stands. They show a fake face to the mainstream media. The real deal is on their social accounts.

Today, we have yet another anti-GamerGate thug acting in a despicable manner. This time, it’s former Jeopardy champion Arthur Chu. I never thought I would be writing a post that highlighted his advocacy of doxxing, back when I saw him on the venerable game show. But, here we are. It’s not in dispute, either. He explicitly takes a position in favor of doxxing. Take a look at his tweet from earlier, courtesy of Twitter user @Max_x_Milia:


At least we can say that Arthur didn’t actually do the doxxing. Let’s be clear, since some people get their panties in a wad about some of the things I write here. But, Mr. Chu’s encouragement of these sleazeball tactics is still noteworthy. If one of our members had said doxxing was OK, you better believe it would be blown up.

Yes, Chu is basically a nobody, outside of his Jeopardy fame. He’s trying to worm his way into a talking head position, but I don’t see that panning out. Maybe he can go back on the show when they have another tournament of champions. Although, now that he’s mixed up with doxxing, I’m not sure even they would want to have him back.  

  1. Dude was so obnoxious on Jeopardy, even a major douche like Trebek looked like he wanted to bitchslap Chu.

    Somehow, his tweets are even MORE obnoxious than that. Lots of kissing SJW ass to get in their good graces, like that loser in high school nobody liked that kept sucking up to the popular kids in hopes of getting invited to parties. Reading through his Twitter made me laugh until my sides started to bleed.

      1. We Brits have a few unique insults. “Burk” is another. “Mong”. Then there’s “twat”. “Knob/knobhead” or “bellend”, which equate to “dick”. “Tosser/tosspot” or “wanker”, both of which mean the same thing – one who masturbates.

        Or we could just go with “cunt”.

          1. Yeah, but I’ve never seen twat pronounced right. I’ve only ever heard it pronounced like “trot”. It’s pronounced like “at”. I know it’s stupid, but that’s a personal niggle.


  2. Typo check:
    “I did say it though, and it happens to be true.”
    Did you meant to write see instead of say in this?

    “We had the former write from The Verge saying he was going to go to Comic Con and punch the first person who said GamerGate.”
    write = writer

  3. So he has a mind full of trivia answers and is pretty much useless outside of game shows. Did anyone look at his twitter? His background is a huge closeup of his face which says quite a bit about his character and his bio claims he is an actor and comedian. After reading some of his tweets I can agree with the comedian part.

  4. Look up his back and forth with Jason Alexander of Slatestarcodex, especially the final smackdown in the #stopclymer debacle. In summary: A guy called Clymer is a general asshole and uses dishonest tactics (bad stats). JA calls him on the bad stats. Chu jumps in and defends Clymer, he may be an asshole but he’s OUR asshole, he may be wrong but you are WRONGER for mentioning it because he’s on the Right Side(tm).

    A little later, Clymer makes some enemies in his SJW circles thanks to his equal-opportunity assholishness, and gets the full treatment. An old statement where he worried out loud about becoming an abuser since he is an abuse victim himself, is used to paint him as a sexual abuser. A couple of incidents of extremely awkward attempts at politeness/ideological subservience to SJWs are used as evidence of his badness. A hashtag is started, #stopclymer, to warn the world about this BAD MAN.

    And what does Chu say, about the guy whose dishonesty and assholishness he previously defended? Now he claims he was always wary about him, but he took his side because “the other guy was just SO wrong”. Yeah, about that…

    Chu has the same attitude about life that he has about jeopardy: as long as you win nothing else matters. One day he’s going to be hoisted by his own petard and get the Clymer treatment from his dear SJW allies.

  5. Just thought I’d mention that our friend Mr. Wu has been happily smearing a transwoman tonight AFTER she reported a threatening phone call. See @JakALope044’s tweets.

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