As I mentioned the other day, I’m basically on vacation this week. That’s didn’t stop me from writing up this post, however. Why? Well, for one, I Jessica Valenti sucks and I’ve went into detail about that verdict before.

The other reason? Valenti has been named in the WikiLeaks dump of John Podesta’s emails. She was coordinating with the Clinton campaign early on in an attempt to smear Bernie Sanders. That in and of itself isn’t very surprising. But when you combine it with the upcoming tidbit, some important questions arise.

You see, Valenti had a couple of massive tax liens issued against her in 2015. One of them happened to get released by the IRS in November of that same year. Was that due to her getting right with the Clintons? Perhaps George Soros cut her a fat check for services due to be rendered? There’s no telling, but one thing we do know is that she no longer owes the $18,000+ tax lien.

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This is just one bit of information from another massive dox dump over on 8chan. Even though I’m on vacation, I will keep my eye on the developments with that release. Valenti’s mysterious situation is what immediately grabbed my attention, but I’m pretty sure more digging needs to be done all the way around.

  1. I’ve speculated in the past about whether the SJWs would eventually stop doubling down or not once they started entering true torches, pitchforks and guillotines territory and it’s looking like the answer is no. If these people think a Hildabeast regime can actually function or even survive they’re deluded because there’s just too much info out there now.

    1. Seriously- every other wikileaks revelation provides hard evidence for straight-up felonies.

      People are not going to forget this, no matter who gets elected- this shit will stain and sink in and fester, the pressure will not evaporate over time. It’s not going to stabilize. It will not get better. It’s a pressure cooker.

      1. Yeah there’s two stark options and a bit of a wiggle spectrum in between but it basically breaks down like this. If Trump ascends to power he’ll have the opportunity, motivation and political capital to “drain the swamp” and trying to block things like imposing congressional term limits and banning international lobbying by former pols wont play well among the populace for the establishment legislators. Likewise all of Obummers executive orders get overturned an the “progressive” block dies by the same sword it’s lived by for the past eight years. At the same time we get constitutionalist supreme justices and the Supreme Court becomes nearly 100% free of activist ideological cancer.

        The other extreme end result is that the Hildabeast seizes power and in order to protect itself the establishment “progressive” and rhino types alike circles their wagons and subvert law, justice and the nation itself to protect the interests of their billionaire globalist patrons. In that scenario social order continues to break down, various state agencies like law enforcment become subversive in not outright seditious regarding the federal regime and the corrupt media likely becomes a frequent target of violence. Things like tax evasion and crimes against government officials rise and the establishment tries and fails to scapegoat the Russians before the country implodes into complete disorder.

        1. I’m not sold Trump will have enough capital to drain the swamp outright, but just cancelling all of President 4Putt’s executive orders, reinstating immigration enforcement, and pushing for special investigation into Clinton’s shady dealings could make him enough friends that he’d be able to make a serious dent in it.

    2. funny thing is they would lead the regimes revolution and once the regime is in place they would be the 1st group of disposable pawns into some shallow unmarked graves

  2. there is a reason why hillary is trying to win by hook or by crook, the reason is because if she doesn’t win she’s going off to prison for a long time, but if she wins she gets to make everything she’s done legal (and bury everything she cant)

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