The rad fems over at Jezebel are really starting to reach with their accusations of racism. Actually, this is just the first time I noticed it in the case of Blake Lively. But they’ve been actively trying to paint her a racist for the better part of two years. I’m not sure why. Perhaps it’s because she’s everything the hacks over there aren’t: beautiful, talented, and married to a rich, handsome husband. It has to be tough for professional nags like the hacks who work at Gawker’s gutted subsidiary.

From their ridiculous post…


Here’s the Instagram update itself:


Now, this is apparently some kind of racist statement according to the “ladies” at Jezebel. Since Ms. Lively said her ass was Oakland-style while her face was more like L.A., that must mean all women in Oakland look like shit. Personally, I don’t see the problem with quoting a Sir-Mix-a-Lot song as a joke on your social media account. However, the SJWs think this is some kind of major sin.

All those people work for MTV and are “people of color.” I guess this white woman’s opinion isn’t of any value to them, but I will include it anyway…

This is all a distraction from what I mentioned at the top, though. There’s been a long-term effort to paint Blake Lively as a racist.

You’d think that after 12 Years a Slave won all those Oscars, slaves are over. But you’d be thinking wrong, says actress and lifestyle guru Blake Lively,whose dogged pursuit of the joie de vivre associated with slavery is such that she chose to be married on a Southern plantation. According to a Lively-styled fashion spread on her lifestyle website Preserve, the hottest lifestyle for fall is the lifestyle of owning human beings without government interference…

The spread, titled “Allure of Antebellum,” features a blonde Lively lookalike sporting a series of wide-brimmed hats, leopard skirts, and stilettos.

What do you think of when you view these images? You think of those final, beautiful hours in the American South before the Yankee aggressors marched into town, trampling countless elegant rose gardens and tracking mud onto everyone’s porticos.


Yes, because admiring the fashion of the Antebellum South makes you a racist…or something like that.


Yea, a girl from Cali clearly longs to bring back the days of slavery. I’m sure it has nothing to do with wanting to be married in a beautiful setting, like many of these plantations offer. Nah, she’s gotta be a racist. I had no clue that there was so much invested in making it seem like Blake hates black folks, but a lot of people seem to have made this their hobby. And she’s a rich actress who is presumably liberal.

The rest of us have no chance.