I’ve been fucking around on social media all day. That’s nothing new. It’s not all fun and games, though. Twitter is a vital source of news, and it keeps me connected with the GamerGate community. Yes, it’s also a madhouse that frequently keeps me distracted, but it’s still valuable nonetheless. Today it alerted me to a story about Cathy Young. You may remember her for her awesome pieces on GamerGate, but she stays based with everything she does. Because of this, she’s earned the ire of a lot of radical feminists. I wasn’t exactly surprised to see the Jezebel hit on her from this past Friday, but the content was still pretty appalling. 

Cathy has been investigating some dubious rape claims against a Columbia University student. She unearthed some evidence that puts the claims against him in a new light, and has been catching heat from the usual SJW corners of the internet because of it. Credit where credit is due, even though I’m friendly with her on Twitter, I missed this column, and the Jezebel response, until I saw a particular tweet today (thx Liz):


That’s an excerpt from the Jezebel article. They can’t seem to comprehend why we would want to fact-check rape claims that get huge publicity in the national media. Maybe it’s because so many of them fall apart under serious scrutiny? We just had the UVA rape hoax this past fall, and we all remember the Duke lacrosse bullshit. These things frequently turn out to be bogus. And why shouldn’t the accused have their account printed in prominent media outlets? Is this a right that only accuser’s should have?

Here’s a couple selections from Cathy Young’s original article in The Daily Beast:


As it so happens, Young seems to have unearthed several important facts, including seemingly catching the accuser, Emma Sulkowicz, in a lie:


I don’t want to screenshot the whole article, cause you need to go read it. But it blows hole after hole in the story of the accuser. It’s really an amazing story. Even after being cleared by the university, this guy’s name was dragged through the mud by this publicity hungry “victim.” She carries a 50-pound mattress around campus to and from classes in an effort to shame him into leaving school. She slimed him in the New York Post, and even enlisted the help of a United States Senator to spread this shit.

So what does Jezebel do in the face of all this? Continue spreading garbage, of course:Selection_999(078)

As you can see, they’ve had a grudge against Ms. Young for quite some time. They even take a shot at Based Mom for good measure (check the Liz tweet above). These people are scum. Look at how they hilariously whitewash one of his accusers skipping a hearing (he was cleared of all charges, and there’s circumstantial evidence that they colluded to make them in the first place). I know one thing, I would show up to put the bastard away, if he had tried to assault me. Perhaps she feared being exposed and figured it was better to call the whole thing off?

These attacks on the integrity of Cathy Young are outrageous. She’s done nothing except her job. I know these journos are used to just “listening and believing,” but that’s not actually how you’re supposed to do journalism. Sit back and let Cathy teach you a couple things. You would think these idiots would be tired of getting burned by dubious rape claims by now, but apparently, they aren’t.

  1. The fact that these people are so easily able to judge a guy based on some words and no investigation is sickening. Eventually if they have their way someone they know will be accused of rape and what will they do then? Make an exception in that case?

    Do we believe everyone who says person x committed a crime? If I go to the police and say my friend Jason killed someone should they take my word as fact, no investigate then lock him up and have people write stories about him?

    Jesus do these people even think for a single second? Lives are at stake here and yes if someone has committed rape they should be locked up forever but let’s make sure its actually true first.

    1. Ah, but see, there’s the fun part. They’ve tried to get men charged with rape, but it becomes a non-starter in the legal sense when you wait six months and the investigation shows you were cheerfully talking up till two weeks ago. As screwy as our justice system in the U.S. can be, even that doesn’t go down well

      So what they’ve tried to do is sidestep it with these ‘college tribunals’ and basically run the accused out of town without due process or any chance to defend themselves. Supposedly there’s over FIFTY lawsuits now pending against various universities for letting the Dept. of Injustice write these atrocious guidelines.

    2. They don’t believe in order and law, no. They believe in the Che Guevara style of ‘justice’ — where anybody who they suspect to be guilty or an enemy receives punishment on the spot.

  2. hehehe… Jezebel has hated Cathy Young for awhile – but then they generally have hated any reasonable voice anywhere for quite awhile.

  3. the more I hear “I was scared so I could not report crime for X day or Weeks” the more im pron to think is a hoax.

    under rape assault, the word says it, is a fucking assault, it 1 party overpowering the other and forcing its ways, so that means struggle, and any struggle leave marks.

    if rape will be reported the next day, police could look out for marks, hairs, bruises, ETC. but when times is left by, this heals and are no longer of any use.

    so the rape accusation boils down on My words vs His Word. in a society that have been forced to the mentality that victims never lie, they have no fucking reason to do, so, they MUST be always saying the truth.

    1. and we as society hold blame on this “Yes sweety, you were traumatized, there is nothing wrong that you let weeks pass and evidence be destroyed. we will still side with you”
      ^this is bullshit

  4. “Rape isn’t real”? When the fuck has Christina claimed that? Jezebel is just pulling shit out of their asses.

    1. Jezebel along with the bulk of anything resembling news media these days is all about misrepresentation and hyperbole.

  5. HEY! If a woman claims a man raped him then that man should be sentenced to prison immediately and his family should forfeit all of their property! Anybody who wants to question this is a member of the evil patriarchy and must be destroyed!

  6. Ironic that they use the name of a biblical woman known for her deceit, lies, scheming and worship of an idol that called for child sacrifice?

  7. Jezebel’s hit pieces are really not very persuasive if you just read Cathy Young’s article. It is well written, and comes across as nothing more than impartial journalism, and an attempt to look at the facts. The ending of the article essentially states that we may never know what happened, which honestly tries to give some benefit of the doubt to both sides. But in the end, she has to go with the evidence, and with the multiple official investigations that already occurred.

    I’m not someone who likes to inject themselves into random crime scenes like this. I don’t take an opinion on it or enjoy watching trials on TV because I wasn’t there. But I can’t see anything wrong at all with this article.

    At the end of the day, whatever side is demanding that we don’t question things or look at evidence carefully, is the side that needs to be questioned even more.

  8. Wow just cause they want the truth out there apparently they accuse them of saying “rape isn’t real”?

    Not every accusation is real and to just listen and believe is doing a disservice to actual victims and the falsely accused.

  9. You all play this wrong. Accuse the author of drugging gay men to try to make them straight via forced sex. Let them deny and go apeshit over the claims. Maybe they will get the point then.

  10. Has Jezebel ever considered why the DOJ blocked them on their computers back in January 2015? Apparently not.

    Also, just out of curiosity, how many government bureaucrats get their news sources form Jezebel?

      1. There hasn’t been any word to my knowledge that they’ve been unblocked by the DOJ. So I’m guessing they still are. Unfortunately they’re still active in the legislative branch.

  11. A couple of sidenotes: I see the above picture was taken as a Foundation for Individual Rights in Education get-together. FIRE’s pretty based and has had some solid victories slapping down SJW bullshit on campus.

    And now, allow me to show you the far, FAR radical side of the batshit crazy meter:


    Share And Enjoy (TM).

  12. What sickens me is not that Jezebel is filled with crazy and hateful bigots, it’s that they’re afforded ANY measure of credibility by mainstream feminists.
    The fact they get to say shit like this and are rarely taken to task beyond some mildly reproving comments from some readers proves what critics of modern feminism are saying is right.
    The toxicity is too deep to dismiss as radicals.
    The “extremists” within feminism would more appropriately be the moderate egalitarians that simply prefer to focus on women’s issues. A comparative rarity, usually maligned by the majority.

    1. a friend of my wife actively reads their site, then spews that ultra retardo feminist drivel at me. Her favorites are on media portrayal of women.

      Sorry, m’dear, men get the shaft on that too.

      1. Aye, thankfully it’s friends of friends for me too, but they must have SOME redeeming features and yet they fall for this crap ><

  13. Jezebel, being a member of the gawker family, isn’t interested in objectivity… and being feminist outright ensures they won’t make the mistake of being so.

  14. I guess the most important thing we should have learned and remembered during the whole web 2.0 takeoff is that bloggers != journalism. I’m starting to rethink my position on the media shield laws.

    Cathy Young is known for being against the sociopolitical dogma that’s been distorting feminism for decades now. She & C.H.Sommers both share commonalities in that regard to another very well known and highly respected woman known as Wendy McElroy.
    Here’s a link to a vid of McElroy’s speech on the subject of rape on campus: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zdlVcjYYCbs&index=6

    While Cathy Young doesn’t identify as a feminist, both Sommers & McElroy are “individualist/libertarian feminists”, like how Young is a libertarian. McElroy in particular has received mixed reception due to her healthy views which butt against the 3rd wave feminist fallacies. She spearheads an organization known as the Stop Abusive & Violent Environments (SAVE). It’s goals are to actively refute the sociopolitical dogma of contemporary feminism while effecting legal change away from one-sided bills that have been passed. McElroy has even taken against noted feminut Jessica Valenti in a recent public debate (search&check it out for yourselves).

    The reason you haven’t heard of SAVE but may have heard of MRAs is the same reason people shit on Gamergate but never mention NotYourShield: it breaks the narrative.

    Anyway, that’s all. Thought it’d be interesting to know.
    If you’d like to volunteer, promote or donate here’s the official site

  16. Anyway, great stuff, Ralph. I’ll be checking out that article right next. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

    Also note that Jezebel once celebrated the fact that most of its staff are proud spousal abusers and made an article about it. Just saying

  17. As if the sociopathic idiots at Jezebel have any firm ground to stand on and shout “a reality bent to suit a narrative.” That is their default position 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  18. Silly thing is there are different levels of sexual assault and the law is based around this. All sexual assault isn’t rape. These cunts need to get over it and stop pushing this insane narrative that women get to decide who is guilty and who isn’t by mere allegation.

    And they think they’re not entitled, privileged snowflakes.

  19. After reading the messages that the accuser sent to the accused for 2 months AFTER the alleged incident, I find it to be highly probably that she wanted their relationship to be more serious/exclusive than he did and, when he did not reciprocate her sentiment, she became angry.

    I just do not buy the proposition that a victim of a violent rape is going to be flirting with their rapist for months afterwards.

  20. “I know these journos are used to just “listening and believing,” but that’s not actually how you’re supposed to do journalism.”

    In theory, you’re correct. In reality, this is how journalism is done – listen and believe people whom your audience is likely to support, and attack anyone your audience is supposed to attack. The only REAL boundary is legal; you cannot outright and obviously slander or libel an opponent. And even then, only if the target is able to afford to donate tens of thousands to millions of dollars to lawyers to sue you. If the target can’t sue you, slander and libel away.

    This is part of what GamerGate is angry with, in the narrow confines of Video Games. And this is why GamerGate is so slammed by the mainstream media when it is mentioned at all; they don’t want a GamerGate-type movement to be started against the media in general.

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