We brought you a story about Jonathan McIntosh yesterday that showed what he really thinks of the U.S. armed services. The videos concern the Army, since he’s using the well known “Go Army” ads as the basis for his “remixes.” But, I think it’s safe to say that McIntosh feels this way about the Navy, Marines, and Air Force, as well. He sees all those people as killers and torturers who don’t represent him. He’s a throwback to the people who spit on Vietnam veterans when they came back home from war. No matter what you think of a military action, you shouldn’t treat members of the military like shit, ever.

People who know me, know that I’m often against military incursions abroad. I was against the Iraq War from the very first time I started hearing about it in the summer of 2002. I’ve repeatedly spoken out against engagements in Iran, Syria, and Afghanistan (although I was on board with that at first). Long story short, I’m usually skeptical of the military brass, and I’m always skeptical of the “bomb first” caucus in Congress. I’m not Ron Paul, but I favor a much more non-interventionist foreign policy.

Still, I never make the mistake of blaming the actual members of the rank and file military for the decisions that elected civilian leaders (in consultation with the brass) make. This is foolish. They’re just doing their job and trying not to get killed, at the end of the day. In the Western democracies, the politicians are the ones you should blame for bad foreign policy. You definitely shouldn’t make service in the military a stigma. McIntosh claims that he doesn’t blame the actual service members in the comments for the disgrace of a video I’m about to show you. OK. Then how can he excuse making videos like this? You can’t say you don’t hold them responsible, and then make videos that shit on them, and ridicule them (like the video from yesterday did).

Watch this latest video that’s been discovered, and tell me it doesn’t shit all over the Army. To be clear, I was disgusted by Abu Ghraib as well. But I didn’t go out and make videos depicting all soldiers as torturers, or call them “Bad Guys.” Those are the actions of a propagandist (which happens to be exactly what McIntosh really is).

How can a company like Intel continue to stay silent in the face of these discoveries? You would think eventually they would have to answer for this. Where is the right-wing media? Shouldn’t they be out there asking why Intel feels so comfortable going into business with Feminist Frequency? I think the general public would like to know that Intel thinks it’s perfectly fine to buddy up with someone who has repeatedly defamed the military. Perhaps that would cause them to reconsider some of their purchasing decisions in the future. I know it’s caused me to.

    1. We’re not doomed as a species, but we might be doomed as a COUNTRY if we keep pumping tax money into colleges that churn out anti-patriotic, sniveling shits like him.

      I went through my phase when, after hearing so many lies in grade school glossing over America’s crimes, I was open to exploring the ideals of the far left. Yet while I don’t deny our share of atrocities, the fact that so many of our dollars are going into the Middle East and China, places that have committed far more, and Europe’s freedom gets undone to placate Islamists, I think now it’s high time we take pride in our culture’s good deeds again, and defend it from the usurpers Mcintosh thinks we owe. I’m not the slightest bit ashamed to say I view our culture as highly superior to many others, because our culture is against imposing its will in a way many others are obsessed with doing so.

  1. Ok, now it’s obvious that he is going into damage control in the comments. Not going to bother trying to be balanced here, he pulled the same crap as before. This video is even worse and flat out portrays US soldiers as bad people, and deliberately. Another comment form him on that video, which is bullshit:

    “Oh I agree. I grow up living on military bases, I don’t blame the foot-soldiers. I blame the leadership that makes the decisions. This remix is just meant to show how the US use of torture is glamorized and normalized to the point where some people now think its “cool” or “bad ass”.”

    My ass you don’t blame foot soldiers, your editing tells a different story.

    1. That comment is from 3 years ago. I would focus on what he’s doing today and how it is in complete and total conflict with feminism. He can’t defend radical Islam and promote equality between the sexes. If you could see the things that I have seen, you would know what a total fake this guy is.

  2. Wow did he use clips from a movie and attribute it to the Army? (also was that clip from Taken 1 or Prisoners?)

  3. McIntosh says this crap because he thinks it’s edgy. I don’t think he’s remotely capable of having originated any of these thoughts himself.

  4. ,,,sorry,,,i got no dick jokes or irony in my comment this time,,,in 2001 a 22 year old man started teaching computer and video editing classes in a Boston high school, which put him regularly around 14 to 18 year old students. He’d spent 4 years becoming a teacher of these evolving subjects and suddenly, after just one year of teaching, and working part time in a computer store, Bam! Zip! He uses either money he’d saved as a new teacher fresh outta college and part time techie or Daddy’s money, you be th’ judge, to quit both his jobs and zoom to th’ other side of th’ world to Jakarta, a country in th’ top 10 sexual predator tourist destinations, to be a (ahem) teacher and tech speaker there. It was here he took th infamous Bin Laden “hero” pic,,,and during all this time as well, his main hobby was these crappy little videos, which is mainly what his “cultural hacker” reference to himself on his twit page is about,,,
    So yeah, there will be real footage mixed with movie footage, re-purposed audio tracks from something else entirely, as this is how pure propaganda works,,,you blend fact, fable, recognizable imagery, and false equivalency and honest outrage till all meaning is lost except for whatever distilled message you want to deliver…he’s actually easy to figure out on this vid,,,he saw the Army ads and decided he’d “culturally hack” them by using aforementioned techniques to deliver what i’m sure his overblown ego thought of as th pure anti-venom to the ads,,,and like most reactionary dullards, didnt have one single thought beyond “i don’t care!” When considering truth, serving soldiers, new recruits, th general public or even vets like myself who opposed th Iraq invasion and otherwise would agree on that singular thing.
    ,,but no you see,,,Slackintosh had to do this and be thehero as he called himself in th photodump acct,,,he was saving us and defeating th evil ads,,,and,,,yeah,,,so effective no one had seen them until now except maybe for his circle of self-fellating hugbox fellow travellers,,,but yeah,,that speedy departure from 2jobs in Boston,,,did daddy pay for more than his plane trip? Was there some scandal or hmmm difficult situation with a young student? Payoffs? Bribes? I have no way of knowing.
    I do know from watching history roll by and digging around that its usually th hardcore moralists that have reallly filthy shit in their history. Think priest and preachers who wail against ungodly homosexuals and unmarried fornicators as they are secretly banging children. Or a top feminist SJW with throating nazi cock in her recent history while saying she hates interacial couples between mouthfuls of Herr Weev’s penis. Part of th cover.
    If I were say, a ” Culture Hacker”, i’d just make up all kinds of shit and tape it together and say there! Truth! Your’re welcome! But all I got are th known actions of a dubious little motherfugger that likes shouting about how horribly rapey and evil we are,,,and questions…what did you do Jonathan? What really is FULLMCINTOSH?

          1. …its in paragraphs already,,,long ones…and i use th and th’ a lot …and mispell without correcting as spellcheck is off ,,,i,,,misuse elipses….boo hoo,,,.it’s nothing difficult if your capacity to read isn’t severely restricted by an internal set of overly anal rules that everyone else must adhere to,,,,and all i was suggesting was that you go eat a bowl of fuck,,,nothing difficult,… ,, …..

          2. You woke me up at 2:22 A.M. in the morning for this? Also, it’s really not that hard to tell to understand Internet jargon/slang form proper grammar. What I really meant is for you to make it in paragraphs because it makes a far more interesting reading experience. For me anyway.

            So fix your paragraph machine. Otherwise your wall of text makes and breaks between ideas indistinguishable. Put the coffee and Ho-Hums down and hit “edit”.

            ^See what I did up above? Easy Amirite. Now go to bed habibi. I’ll see you in the morning. 😉

          3. …youhaveyercomputerset to haveNOTIFICATIONS
            wake you? Wow,,,,what a sexy life you got mister,,,and grasp this
            “…..some Amurrykins live in other countries, like mahself
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            If you doan likee, then fukee
            U self

            Turn off dat notifier. Nobodee currs bout yer grammmaring yammerring

            But top keks for getting up at a comment alarm! Professor Proofreader! Quick! To the Type-O-Matic-of-Grammar-Justice!
            Someone didnt pkease me with their personal expression!
            You sure you ain’t Brianna Wu?

            Cause I ain’t…

            Have a fun day

            Professor P.

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            enotyerschedule,professor P…

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          7. Ever of a smart phone, yar? No? Well, now you do. Also, I never once heard of a computer used as an alarm to wake you up early in the morning. Also, I appreciate you taking the time and effort, or at least tried to, to make paragraphs in your last comment, bhenchode. Now that’s what I call a good listener. I give you an A+ for effort, habibi. Now give me a hug. c(´・ω・c`)

          8. Yerverywelcomeandifyoufeelsomethingsharpinyourbackasihugyoufrom
            …here, have a dishtowel….

  5. Yay! FullMcIntosh really thinks this makes him look good, I guess. I swear he might as well just go join Westboro Baptist – but I have a feeling even they have more loyalty to their country than he does.

  6. This was from 2008. However, has anyone noticed that, as someone who runs a feminist company he has a lot to say about the Middle East…but NOTHING to say about how women are tortured, raped, mutilated and murdered over there?

    He’s a fucking coward and a fake.

  7. You know if it was up to people like “Jihad John” here to defend this country from foreign invasion, or even domestic terrorism, we’d of fallen as a country centuries ago. In fact, it might never have existed in the first place.

    I’ve been to war. I’ve lost good friends, been wounded, held a dead child in my arms, spent months dreaming these events over and over. I have the scars, they run deep. Soul deep. Because there’s no real way to come back from it. It marks you. It haunts you.

    But I did my part. I served my country, proudly. Honorably. And I’d do so again. Because for every Jihad John out there, there’s a Ralph to tell them to shut the fuck up. Someone has to defend those gifts. They’re not rights. They’re gifts. Let some outside force take them, and see just how much of a right they are then.

    I just have to ask though. Men and women ten times John’s greater have done all they can, spilled blood and given all to defend this country and all it gives us.

    What the fuck has he done for it lately?

  8. Not surprised. This mentality is common among Mclntosh and those of his political leanings. Don’t blame the troops just doing their job, blame the pathetic politicians. Honestly, these people are utterly insane. They seem to one up themselves daily with the nutty crap they spew.

  9. Fuck this son of a bitch. This just pisses me off by default. Those soldiers are fighting for his god damned right to say that, and he’s just being a whiny ingrate. But what makes me even more mad is that he’s shitting on the EXACT branch of the army that one of my relatives is in! That, and the fact that he used a clip from a movie to illustrate his point!

    Seriously though, if he’s trying to say we shouldn’t have a military at all, then he’s a jackass. Without the Army, we’d be an easy target to be attacked. In Thor, Odin said, “a good king does not ask for war, but he should be prepared for it”.

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