We brought you a story about Jonathan McIntosh yesterday that showed what he really thinks of the U.S. armed services. The videos concern the Army, since he’s using the well known “Go Army” ads as the basis for his “remixes.” But, I think it’s safe to say that McIntosh feels this way about the Navy, Marines, and Air Force, as well. He sees all those people as killers and torturers who don’t represent him. He’s a throwback to the people who spit on Vietnam veterans when they came back home from war. No matter what you think of a military action, you shouldn’t treat members of the military like shit, ever.

People who know me, know that I’m often against military incursions abroad. I was against the Iraq War from the very first time I started hearing about it in the summer of 2002. I’ve repeatedly spoken out against engagements in Iran, Syria, and Afghanistan (although I was on board with that at first). Long story short, I’m usually skeptical of the military brass, and I’m always skeptical of the “bomb first” caucus in Congress. I’m not Ron Paul, but I favor a much more non-interventionist foreign policy.

Still, I never make the mistake of blaming the actual members of the rank and file military for the decisions that elected civilian leaders (in consultation with the brass) make. This is foolish. They’re just doing their job and trying not to get killed, at the end of the day. In the Western democracies, the politicians are the ones you should blame for bad foreign policy. You definitely shouldn’t make service in the military a stigma. McIntosh claims that he doesn’t blame the actual service members in the comments for the disgrace of a video I’m about to show you. OK. Then how can he excuse making videos like this? You can’t say you don’t hold them responsible, and then make videos that shit on them, and ridicule them (like the video from yesterday did).

Watch this latest video that’s been discovered, and tell me it doesn’t shit all over the Army. To be clear, I was disgusted by Abu Ghraib as well. But I didn’t go out and make videos depicting all soldiers as torturers, or call them “Bad Guys.” Those are the actions of a propagandist (which happens to be exactly what McIntosh really is).

How can a company like Intel continue to stay silent in the face of these discoveries? You would think eventually they would have to answer for this. Where is the right-wing media? Shouldn’t they be out there asking why Intel feels so comfortable going into business with Feminist Frequency? I think the general public would like to know that Intel thinks it’s perfectly fine to buddy up with someone who has repeatedly defamed the military. Perhaps that would cause them to reconsider some of their purchasing decisions in the future. I know it’s caused me to.