You can read the headline. I’m sure some of you are already thinking that it’s unfair. But, I don’t see how Jonathan McIntosh’s recent public posture could be interpreted as anything other than sympathy for the French terrorists, and disdain for Charlie Hebdo. He seems to be relishing this role, as well, which is even more disturbing. As I’ve said before, it would be understandable (though still wrong) if #FullMcIntosh was born and raised in Riyadh, and held these views. But, that’s not the case. He’s had the best that the West has had to offer since birth. How can a man like that, sympathize with bloodthirsty killers? Why does he hate free speech so much?

Is this really just one big rebellion against his parents? If so, this seems to be taking it a little bit too far, Jon. Perhaps you should reconsider your terrorist sympathies, and your life in general. Because right now, you’re a disgrace to yourself, to your family, and to your country. Of course, I guess this status is nothing new for you. The public at large are the ones finally being clued in on the depths of your depravity.

The picture is grim (archive link to tweet just in case this slippery bastard tries to delete it).

How can a company like Intel go into business with a man like this? It’s simply unconscionable, and would be called out by the press in any other industry. Hell, if not for the universal hatred of GamerGate by the mainstream media, I would expect even one of those outlets might cover something like this. In the current climate, I doubt anyone will pick it up. It’s a sad state of affairs, but all we can do, is call the bastards out ourselves in our own media. Keep the pressure up, and they will have to acknowledge us.

Do you think Zoe Quinn wanted to write 3,000 words explaining her alleged lies to police? I highly doubt it. The pressure was on, and she had to respond. The more they talk, the more they lie. And the more they lie, the more chances we get to bring them down. So please, keep the heat up on these bastards. They will fall if you do.



BTW, I put out a call earlier for Jonathan McIntosh photoshops. Here are some of the others (cover photo was done by @DocBenis):



      1. Already sent them an email. Why the fuck are they partnered with such disgusting people? Did they do NO background research? They couldn’t have picked ANYONE else to promote diversity? Fuck man.

  1. you cant be that stupid mcintosh! ,so he its like “oh well he draw something that offend someone… so he totally deserve to die :< " like are you serious?
    im not surprise why he hates so much violence in videogames… he probably think that this games are going to create a society of serial killers and if some game dev dies… its their fault for creating the violent contest lol.

  2. Josh has gone on to scold people for bringing up the rise in rape perpetrated by Muslim men, calling it racist. He is prime example of preventing the victims of the Rotherdam incident from getting justice.

    1. He’s just repeating the ultra left wing feminazi rhetoric out of Sweden:

      WE NEED MORE IMMIGRANTS FROM THIRD WORLD SHITHOLES THAT DONT KNOW HOW TO BEHAVE! WHEN THEY RAPE WOMEN? IT IS BECAUSE THEY ARE EMOTIONALLY WOUNDED! (bitch, then why the fuck is it that when a white man commits rape you have a fucking nuclear meltdown? Is your pussy so tired from the local stock of docile Swedish betas that you need some “dangerous” men?)

      I’m not making the capslock part up – a fucking swedish feminist blogger was actually apologizing for immigrant rapists and claiming they shouldn’t be deported. I agree. They should be fucking executed. Another country lets you in, presumably with little to no useful fucking skills, and you go and pull THAT shit? Get the rope.

      1. No doubt said feminist blogger doesn’t live anywhere near where the rapes occur, many miles and high fences and armed guards and attack dogs lie between them no doubt.

        1. Oh of course, the people who say these sorts of deluded things always live in ivory towers. And they become the worst extremists/fundamentalist when their perfect bubble of immunity is compromised. Just look at FullMcIntosh – 9/11 certainly “changed everything” for him, sanity wise.

        2. Who needs an attack dig when they have the fellowship of the feminazi
          fF like the SS of nazi germany
          The most vile, vitriolic, verhent oppressors of free speech and independent thought.

          Pls not the ‘fF” s are fatter, uglier, amoral, and more oppressive than the SS

      2. Fuck the rope do that shit in my country you get fucking murdered in the most brutal ways known to man, and i am fucking proud of it. I’d gladly kill any man no matter where he comes from, for crimes like that, fuck jail, fuck his feelings, and above all else fuck his lawyer and his rights. You commit rape you die mother fucker, or at least you die in the right countries with real laws, not vacation time like Canada USA and many other western countries that send you in house arrest or jail with bail after 6 months.

        1. and above all else fuck his lawyer and his rights. You commit rape you die mother fucker

          So then you can murder any man you want and gain societies approval just by screaming “Rapist!”?

          Wow, that must be SJW wonderland.

        2. O_O Easy skeeter, deep breaths. If you’re angry, you might put them down too quickly. To quote the Riddler in that bad, bad Batman movie – “If you kill him, he won’t learn nothin’!” hahaha oh, I’m sure the gamerghazi people will be excited to see these comments. How about a Hail Hydra to go in there to?

  3. There is a broader point to be made about being intentionally provocative with ones language, especially where it has real world consequences. But being woefully ignorant of, and deliberately misrepresenting the realities of the situation isn’t the way to do it. But this is par for the course where they’re concerned isn’t it.

    1. Being provocative to some is humor to others. The fact that Muslims were offended should never be cause to chill one’s speech. Because in the USA at least (for now), we’re not under the umbrella of “non-offensive” speech.

      If something is above ridicule and satire, we’ve lost our liberty. It’s just that simple. I’m a Christian and am happy to see satirized narratives of my God and prophets. Doesn’t bother me in the least. Why should it bother Muslims? To say that somehow I am not as religious as John Q. Muslim would be disingenuous to say the least, but that’s the impression I get from the MSM.

      What McIntosh is doing, besides LAPPING full retard (nuclear retard?), is attempting to frame his washed-up socialist collectivist horse-shit views into this terror attack in France. Notice he is quite silent about the 2000 people massacred by Boko Harum (sp?) in Africa. Is that an example of white privilege too? I bet if you asked him he’d find a way to twist it around to European (white) Colonialism and Oil companies.

      Why McIntosh hasn’t been required to wear a helmet and stay away from sharp objects is beyond my comprehension. He is a danger to himself and doubly so to everyone else’s sanity.

  4. LOL. At first when I found out about the “Hero” picture, I thought he was just trying to be controversial, and that he’d be ashamed for Intel to see that, and then he came out with this BS, and now I think he’s definitely in the “true believer” nutjob camp.

    I mean seriously? He’s going to consider cartoons to be as harmful as killing people over cartoons? Really? Dropping even the context of Islam, etc – If anyone kills another person over a cartoon for any reason, it is despicable, and unnecessary in every way – no matter what the cartoon’s subject material happens to be.

    There’s crazy, and then there’s FullMcIntosh. (Intel Inside)

  5. Got some more of little Jihad Mcintosh’s Tweets archived for you

    EDIT: Found some tweets of Mcintosh’s to archive. man this Jihadist is disgusting. Ima keep editing this comment if i find anymore tweets to archive for you guys ^^

    Edit: even More Tweets from everyone’s favourite Jihad Mcintosh

  6. I’m not sure I agree, but there are only two tweets here.

    There have been plenty of SJW hatespew directed at GG. I don’t see them repeated here “in solidarity with those who defend free speech”.

    Feel free to repost some of the cartoons Glenn Greenwald had in his response:

    One can defend free speech without repeating or endorsing the trash talk that is being defended, not as content but as right.

    Worse, the SJW “I’m a victim – they threatened to rape me then kill me!” and such apply here. Is the proper reaction to such an announcement to take the SJW side and repost all their nonsense as gospel? I have no doubt that at least a handful of the accusations have a basis in fact and might be credible.

    Charlie Hebdo published some very hateful things. That in no way deserved a violent response. But it does not change the nature of what they published. Just as something published by GG or SJW does not deserve anything but a reasoned response in the form of words, not violence. And acts of violence do not alter the nature of the original words.

    But perhaps there were more serious tweets. And most Muslims are “white”, at least by the definitions commonly used, so he isn’t making sense anyway.

    1. The fact that the SJW’s filter EVERYTHING through identity politics is what is in play here. He’s just saying what the 0bama administration is thinking Charlie Hebdo was the bully and the guys with the AK47’s were the skinny kids that bloodied their nose.

      You seem like a concern troll.

      1. One bully can sometimes be bullied by a bigger, worse bully.
        I did not see any mention in the post of anything about Obama or his administration – somehow your filter finds this while I can’t see it. Nor is the post about general filtering.

  7. I can’t believe someone supposedly against racism sympathises with terrorist acts that wil likely lead to more racism in the future…

    Thats something i would have said before august 2014 but now i just recognise it as an SJW thing…

  8. To say that Full mcintosh is heavily biased against anything white, seems less of a stretch than to declare him a jihadist.

    This is highly a “with Charlie Hebdo, or against him” narrative that appears to be played here. There are a some reasonable criticisms towards Charlie Hebdo’s cartoons, but to criticize him does not automatically make one, advocate the shooting of his office, and his death. Just my opinion.

  9. I had another thought on FullMcIntosh:

    Does he realize the inherent contradiction of campaigning with Anita against “sexist” video games and the “patriarchal culture” that they claim it creates and supporting terrorists who are sexist, racist and patriarchal?

    Feminist Frequency’s greatest writer FullMcIntosh: Supporting sexism and patriarchy so long as it is done by 3rd world terrorists. (Intel Inside)

  10. Wow, this guy doesn’t know when to Quit:

    Apparently a cover criticizing Boko Haram for kidnapping children and raping/trafficking girls is “racist”

    And the part I find particularly funny:

    He thinks that considering Muslim women as oppressed because they can be beaten to death for disrespecting their husbands is “shocking”.

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