The usually bombastic Joe Rogan was oddly silent on social media today when he was confronted with scandalous accusations from McAfee Antivirus founder John McAfee.

In a live broadcast earlier today on the Killstream, a seemingly bath-salt fueled McAfee was asked about why Joe Rogan wouldn’t have him on his show. His response was not disappointing.

In the following transcript of an interview between McAfee and Killstream owner Ethan Ralph, McAfee alleges that he and Rogan are on poor terms due to a twin dwarf stealing incident in Bangkok:

ER: I think we’ve got about 12 minutes scheduled with you here …if you wanna go a little bit longer.

JM: You’re cheating, my friend. You have 9, but maybe I’ll give you 10.

ER: (laughs) Now, a couple people did want me to submit this question, about why Joe Rogan won’t have you on his show. Apparently that’s a thing. I don’t know if you wanna go into that or if there’s a—

JM: Ok. I’d be happy to. This is more about him than me. I mean I’m a reasonable motherfucker. 

So in Bangkok… um 2016. So we were there. Now I had, on my own fucking accord, bought …through this massive goddamn (laughs diabolically) top of the hotel chain hotel to the uh presidential suite, brought two goddamn twin dwarfs. Twin fucking dwarfs! 

ER: That’s hard to find. 

JM: Dang, right? You find two fucking twin goddamn dwarfs anywhere on this planet, heh, you call me. 

Alright, so, now. Women, very fucking attractive, under 30, and Thai for fucks sake. Trained in the arts of sex that you could not fucking imagine. Now, so, I brought in these goddamn dwarfs. (Laughs maniacally) What did he bring? 

Jack. Fucking. Shit.

Now, now, after 2 hours of intense (laughs) partying, the motherfucker leaves. Leaves with what? My two goddamn dwarfs! 

Now, you think I am going to go on his fucking show? Fuck you, Joe. I mean fuck you, and I want the goddamn dwarfs back. Whatever you did with them, I promise (laughs), it could not have been as much fun as what I could have done. 

Does that help?

ER: That does help elucidate the issue. Greatly so. I have to say you shed some new light on that.

Listen to today’s broadcast with John McAfee here: 

Did Joe Rogan really steal twin dwarfs paid for by John McAfee after a night of partying with the presidential campaigner? Rogan has not denied stealing the goddamn dwarfs, so it is all left up to speculation at this point. Sadly, it doesn’t look like we’ll be seeing John McAfee smoking a joint with Joe Rogan on his show anytime soon.