Some days, the news is just a little bit sweeter. news recently came across the wire that disgraced journo, and SJW birdbrain, Patrick Klepek has been shitcanned left his position at mainstream outlet Giant Bomb. This comes on the heels of recent revelations from the GameJournoPros list, linking Klepek to blacklisting. Expect to see the man on Patreon soon. That’s where most of these hucksters go to make a quick buck after getting chased from the industry. We’ve talked about Klepek here on the site before. He’s a longtime asshole, and offensive anti-GamerGate personality.

I didn’t write this column, actually. It was submitted to me by an anonymous insider. This is the same person who helped me on some of the Leigh Alexander stuff (hi Leigh!). Needless to say, I owe this source a lot. And they’re pretty fucking wise. They had Klepek spotted way back.

Two of the most common arguments leveled at #GamerGate are “What exactly are your goals?” and “Why don’t you police the bad behaviour in your movement?” As is becoming the common theme of projection among anti-GG groups, these are very much problems within games journalism itself that need to be addressed.

I watched for weeks as Adam Baldwin asked for a good example of an ethics policy within games journalism and never received one. In fact, upon directly asking Patrick Klepek about it in a conversation, Klepek quickly withdrew and dropped discussion immediately.

In fact Patrick deleted his own comments so appeared as though he was never talking to him at all.

Well, there’s honesty, openness and disclosure for you. Adam has since asked, many times, for Patrick Klepek to have an open and honest discussion with him. All requests have been ignored.”

Like we saw with noted pussy Ben Kuchera today, almost all of these bastards are afraid to meet us openly on the field of rhetorical battle. They retreat to their hugboxes, and try to silence us permanently (as I’ve witnessed firsthand, now). Spreading misinformation in the mass media is the way they try to poison our future. But showing their deceitfulness and lies is the way we will break their stranglehold on the gaming media. No one actually likes these pieces of shit. They have no natural gamer base. We do, and we’re gonna win.