Some days, you read something that just makes a huge smile burst across your face. Today is one of those days. I scrolled through Twitter while I was editing the previous post, and I saw some fabulous whining from Zoe Quinn, Queen of Raw Dog (someone on Twitter told me that was Sarah Butts LOL). Here’s a sampling:

Alex is not me. He’s not my appendage. Yet he has had all of the same damage I have been hit with visited unto him – he was homeless for months alongside me. He has had his family terrorized, just like mine. He was left without work because of a bunch of teenagers with nothing better to do but bombard thousands of people hoping to find the one coward who will give in…

Alexander Lifschitz is not my boyfriend any more than Amal Alamuddin is George Clooney’s wife. He is a gifted producer with an actual sense for game design – my original impetus for working with him was that he was the first producer I had ever met that made me want to work with a producer…

He didn’t fight back for me, he fought back for this industry and our right to exist within it free from harm. How has the industry responded to his loyalty? Dubbing him a hiring risk. Too hot to touch. Heaven forbid some teenagers spam them with meme-laden emails. SmegmaDan’s blog said Alex hated gamers, better not hire him it could be risky. Elephants afraid of mice.

I apologize for re-printing (click it for the rest) so much trash from that vile individual, but I felt it was important you see just how much she’s trying to shame some company into giving this toad a job. I don’t have the info off-hand, but this guy was a glorified coffee boy. Those types don’t get hired when they have more baggage than the Prince of Wales. It’s much more prudent for a company to stay far away from those types. Apparently, this means there’s some conspiracy against Awesome Alex, if you listen to Zoe Quinn’s delusional rantings.

Mike Cernovich talked about this earlier, since he usually gets up earlier than I do (and doesn’t fuck around as much haha):

While I won’t give out Lifschitz’s prior address, I will tell you two things about it:

  • It’s in Beverly Hills.
  • It’s in daddy’s and step mommy’s name.

You read that correctly. Mr. Lifschitz did not ask daddy or mommy to co-sign for a rental property that he paid rent on. He lived in style, in the most exclusive zip code in Southern California, for free.

Before living in that Beverly Hills home, Lifschitz lived in the following property:

  • It’s in Beverly Hills.
  • It’s in mommy’s name.

As with the above property, Lifschitz lived rent free…

GamerGate didn’t ruin his life. He had no life. He’s a former Internet troll turned scammer, just like his lover Zoe Quinn.

I didn’t know all that, Mike, but it’s not exactly shocking, now is it? Zoe actually says he was homeless along with her (neither were, it’s a complete lie) in the insanely disingenuous post she put up, of course, on Tumblr. How many exaggerations and flat-out lies can these people tell and still be taken serious by anyone, even shithead SJWs?

Exploiting the sympathy that exists for actual homeless people is fucking disgusting. Trying to use it to shame someone into giving a trust fund fuckhead a job that could go to someone who actually deserves is even worse. I hope Cucky never gets a job in the industry. He can help scum like you, Zoe. But I don’t want him involved with anything that matters.