I have so much going on today. I’m still finishing preparations for my trip and I’m also up here with a family member for a minor medical procedure. But, I couldn’t let that stop me from weighing in on Justin Trudeau’s recent thuggery in the Canadian House of Commons. Funny side-note: the first thing I thought about when this crossed my feed late last night was what will Janet Bloomfield have to say Saturday night on the #Killstream.

It’s unlikely that any of you missed this story, but just in case you did, here’s a short recap


[T]he Prime Minister was caught in a storm of controversy Wednesday afternoon when frustrations in the House of Commons saw Trudeau grabbing one lawmaker and then, accidentally elbowing another.

The altercation occurred when members had gathered for a vote on a controversial assisted-dying bill.
Trudeau, impatient to get the vote started, is seen on video striding over to Opposition whip Gordon Brown. He grabs Brown’s arm to direct him to his seat. New Democrat Party (NDP) Parliament member Ruth Ellen Brosseau gets elbowed by Trudeau in the process.

The rest of the CNN article I just quoted is complete garbage, by the way. It reads like it was written by a member of his press staff rather than by an objective reporter. Even if you don’t think this was that big of a deal (I do), you could at least keep your fawning over Trudeau confined to off-hours.

The main takeaway from all this isn’t how much this CNN hack sucks, though. It’s that Justin Trudeau is a complete phony and seems to be prone to violence. Not only that, this violence took place on the commons floor, which is mind-boggling. I doubt people will remember this that much by the time he comes up for re-election, but I do think it might take him down a peg and setup his eventual downfall. I know I would be reconsidering my support if I had voted for him.

Also, him elbowing a poor female MP in the chest is some sweet, sweet justice for the same clown who crows about what a feminist he is every time he opens his pathetic mouth. I know, you’re just as shocked as I am that he’s a fraud. He’s not the only one, either. Just about everyone of these male feminists that you see are abhorrent and/or creepy. This is just Trudeau representing it at the highest level.