We did some reporting on Kesha earlier this year. In case you missed it, basically she accused super producer Lukasz “Dr. Luke” Gottwald of all kinds of shit, including drugging and raping her. Needless to say, Dr. Luke didn’t take this very well and neither did her legion of fans (reports had Sony dismissing him at one point, but those seem to have not come to fruition). The guy has been browbeaten by both fans and celebrities like Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus, and Kelly Clarkson, even as he has steadfastly claimed his innocence. Well, it looks like he has yet another argument to cite in his favor now that she has dropped her sexual assault lawsuit against him.

More on Kesha from CNN:

Kesha dropped one of her lawsuits against her label and music producer Lukasz “Dr. Luke” Gottwald in an effort to revive her stalled music career.

Kesha’s attorney told Rolling Stone the singer dropped her civil lawsuit in California, but will continue to pursue appeals in New York where a judge dismissed her sexual abuse claims against Gottwald in April. (The sole claim pending is a request to terminate Kesha’s contract with Gottwald’s company.)…

Kesha’s music career has been in a holding pattern since 2014 when she first brought multiple claims against the famed pop producer, including allegations he drugged, emotionally abused and sexually assaulted her.

Gottwald denied these claims and filed a defamation lawsuit against Kesha. On Monday, Gottwald’s attorney told Rolling Stone the singer dropped her sexual abuse case in California because she had “no chance of winning.”

In February, a New York judge declined to release Kesha from her contract, citing lack of evidence. Two months later, Kesha faced another legal set back when the same judge threw out most of her claims.

If you ask me, I think this clears Dr. Luke’s name. I know if someone had raped me I would not stop until I saw some form of justice done. Some might say that she had to do this in order to have any career left and that might be true. But it’s very hard to square this dismissal with any future claims from Kesha that Dr. Luke sexually assaulted her. The claims already looked sort of suspect since they were only levied in the light of her contract dispute with Sony and Luke.

Now, they look downright fraudulent. I guess the next thing she will drop is her album so she can squeeze a few more shekels out of her career while trying to fulfill her contract. The ball is in Sony/Luke’s court on that one, though.