I woke up this morning to the craziest fucking news I’ve heard this fall. Hell, it might be the craziest shit I’ve seen during my entire time in GamerGate, at least on our side. First, let me give you a little background. Over the last couple of days, a GamerGate supporter who goes by the name of Alison Prime put out a story saying their house burned down. That seemed to be verified by media reports, and as far as I know, it actually did happen. Although we have some fishy shit surrounding that as well, and I’ll tell you about it here in a minute.

Anyway, long story short, “Allison” was conning the GG community and is actually a man named Steven Polk. And guess what? KotakuInAction co-signed this fundraising shit right from the start, then sat on the damning information as it was coming out. Apparently they wanted to “notify Alison” first. Un-fucking-believable. While Polk was out collecting more dollars (over $9000, at the moment), KiA was sitting on the information that could have exposed him to the biggest GG community on the internet. Great job, mods.

Here’s some relevant screenshots…





Oh, and here’s Mr. Polk, in case you were wondering what the scamming motherfucker looks like…rVslqRi rx23BSK

The whole thing is just nuts. As my friend and LIVE show compatriot Matt Conway said this morning, “The ride never ends.” No, it truly does not fucking end. NOt only that, this person was allegedly into some kind of hermaphrodite fetish. Now that they scammed everyone, let’s just do a good old fashioned info dump. 144670871618114467088980271446710296181

OK, so a house was burned down, but who setup the fundraiser? It was apparently a friend of the family and not Steven Polk himself, but there’s more questions coming up on that in a moment. First, here’s an email from the reporter who wrote the above news story that confirms this bit of info (h/t @redstarwarrior)…


By the way, big shoutout to all the people over at /ggrevolt/ who kept digging on this Alison Crime bullshit. So many people came to me saying that they were out of line, talking about “Alison’s” ex-boyfriend being violent, all kinds of excuses not to dig. They kinda had me sympathizing with this fat con man, but I’m glad some people had the killer instinct on this one. It’s funny, because I saw Polk post a pic of “Alison” supposedly doing cosplay, and I knew it wasn’t the same person, but I didn’t put two and two together. I just thought the bitch was stealing someone else’s cosplay photos. Needless to say, I’m kicking myself. Not only that, you know most of these thirsty ass motherfuckers would have refused to believe anything, regardless of what was found. There’s people who refuse to believe that “Alison” was a scam even now. 1446724248178

Lol, if you’ll notice, the cosplayer she stole from has come forward this morning. People who have donated aren’t pleased either…

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The person isn’t black, to my knowledge. Leave it to Jennifer Medina, a noted idiot, to be wrong again. Go suck on Randi Harper’s ass and leave the real work to people with half a brain. Anyway, I’ll be updating this story throughout the day, and will be doing a LIVE show on it in just a few minutes. To me, this person is coming dangerously close to criminal activity, and I hope the authorities are now looking into things. They lied about the FBI not that long ago, by the way. Add that to the pile of lies.


Oh yes, before I forget, there’s one curious thing about the fire and fundraiser I left out. The “family friend” who supposedly started it also did their own fundraiser for a house fire earlier this year. I don’t know about you guys, but that’s a lot of fucking fires to be happening in the neighborhood. The shit isn’t usually that common. I’ll leave you with that food for thought, as well as the stream link to the LIVE show. Also, KiA has a sticky thread now, and the mods are desperately trying to cover their asses. Better late than never, I suppose.

IRCLrKX https://archive.is/KlHq7