First off, I must apologize to you all for the complete lack of posts over the last week. Things kinda took off on YouTube, so I put a lot of time into that area of The Ralph Retort operation. In no way have I decided to stop writing. I love this shit. I’m just working on getting the balance down between the two, streaming and blogging. Plus, not every week is going to be as crazy as the last one was.

Anyway, I figured the perfect way to mark my return would be to come here and write a post about Kilroy, the “free speech event” that was marred by lies, false advertisements, and other assorted fuckery. I’ve been monitoring this situation all day long, and, I must say, it looks to be a major success.

Nah, just kidding. It looks completely pathetic. To the Twitter machine…

Here’s Roaming Millennial’s appearance, if you want to torture yourself some by actually taking in some of this premium content. At around 54 minutes in, someone asks her about Internet Bloodsports, and she pretends to not know anything about it. Highly unlikely.

Jeff Holiday, that cringey guy from YouTube who vastly overestimates his intelligence in between swigs from the bottle, also put up a “360 stream,” if you’re interested. I have to give him a slight amount of credit for even broadcasting from this shit-tier event. Had it been me, there’s no way I would have put that up.

I’ll let you know if I see anything else of note come out of this debacle. I kind of want to do a #Killstream to laugh at this mega failure, but we’ll see. If I do, I’ll let you know here once it’s up.