King Canute and Ending #GamerGate

Part Two: The Part Where I Talk About the Thing I Was Originally Going to Talk About (Part 1 HERE)


Culture the Final Frontier; This really is the last battleground between Marxism and Free Market economics. In every other area Marxism stands categorically defeated. The twentieth century saw one refutation after another of Marxism in theoretical terms and in practical terms Marxism proved to be a disaster when communism was tried out in various countries around the world.

                                                            -Paul A. Cantor 2006

I was about to apologize for the rambling nature of Part One but there’s a devil on my shoulder telling me to be less BETA. So let’s just press on. To recap in part one I gave my personal definition of GamerGate, stressed the leaderless nature of GamerGate, linked the “it’s not movement” to a broader struggle taking place all across Geek Culture which I dub The War for the Heart of Geekdom and most importantly I stated as clearly and as forcefully as I could that GamerGate is not native to twitter and that #GamerGate is a result of mass censorship across multiple platforms. (2)

I did forget to mention one thing, though. Consider this; what sort of people are actively involved in GamerGate? Why roughly ten thousand highly individualistic people who don’t take kindly to being told what to say, what to do, or god forbid what games they should be playing.

With that in mind it time to consider the idea of retiring the tired old #GamerGate hashtag and moving on to a glorious new era of gaming discussion and human progress. I intend to explain to the best of my abilities that abandoning the hashtag is

1:) Stupid

2:) Impossible

3:) Not a rational fear for the average GG supporter.

            “But Wolfman It’s just a fucking hashtag. What the big deal?”

Okay then so let’s go straight to the basics and discuss what a hashtag is. A twitter hashtag is a tool to enable and assist a conversation about a topic or a series of topics. Nothing more, nothing less.

So #GamerGate is a tool and GamerGate is a series of topics for discussion. Some topics like the corruption, collusion and censorship prevalent among modern gaming journalists are DIRECTLY related to #GamerGate and go in the tag without question. However due to the nature of GamerGate and the wider War for the Heart of Geekdom there are many, many topics that are INDIRECTLY related to #GamerGate or not related to gaming but of interest to a portion of the people who use #GamerGate. Some people find these off topic discussions extremely annoying and this is where the hashtag police come in.Kermitpolice

So if GamerGate is a series of conversations about certain topics (or more accurately something that causes conversations about these topics) what is the primary goal of Anti-Gamergate? To stop those discussions. Why? Because they incredibly inconvenient to the Social Justice Warrior Narrative and most importantly GamerGate makes an awful lot of SJW insiders and corrupt journos look like the complete fucking idiots they actually are.

So? How about ending that hashtag and moving the conversation forward? After all we’re to talk about ethics in useless obsolescent websites that no one with any self-respect reads. This is literally the least retarded argument for abandoning the hashtag, all others being too ridiculous to mention. The idea here being that in moving the conversation off the toxic hashtag the people will be able to escape all the baggage that the mainstream have dumped on #GamerGate and instead be able to strictly focus on the topics that they as enlightened #GamerGatePlus are ready to spread their wisdom about. Also this clever scheme will allow them to get rid of that annoying Ethan Ralph motherfucker. A worthy goal itself in the mind of an Ethicscuck (3) or an ex-GGer (4)

There are two problems with this approach.

  1. There’s no sane reason to abandon the hashtag
  2. Even if was a sane reason to abandon the tag. It wouldn’t work.

GamerGate achieves it’s minimal goals simply by continuing to exist.

It’s funny. It’s true. It’s still no reason to be lazy but you should never do anything “for GamerGate” that isn’t worth doing on it’s own merit. So why abandon the tag? It’s only a tool and the vast majority of GamerGate related conversation is taking place off tag anyway. Especially when you consider just how much butthurt just having the tag EXIST is causing for SJWs as they rush forward to tilt at a most vicious and misogynist windmill. Endless entertainment for the masses and all it costs us is the occasional meme and a few dozen keystokes. Keep the tag, mine the salt and keep bumping into new cool interesting people.

The progressive media MUST stop the conversations that GamerGate is causing!

Why? Well you need to understand the difference between a Progressive and a Liberal. A progressive is at least a semi-Marxist (5) if not a Marxist in denial while the Liberal rejects outright Marxist and instead goes by what feels right or makes sense at the time rather than having a strict set of core beliefs. Hell just by using the terms “progressive” and “reactionary” you’re already caving to the Marxist version of history. (6) When you hear the term “Progressive” ask yourself “progress towards what?” (7)

Let’s go back to the quote I opened this article with and to the very concept of Cultural Marxism. Marxist ideas don’t do very well in the real world and cannot stand up to intense examination or counter-arguments. So in order for these ideas to survive outside of academia they must be careful protected and competing ideas must never be allowed to reach a sizable audience. Hence we have gatekeeping, censorship and the cold hard fact that the progressive media will follow #GamerGate around if we attempt to switch hashtags. Why? Because we are fucking up their program.

So back to the main topic. How actually is killing the hashtag supposed to work anyway? Is some magic super skype cabal of ecelebs supposed to all get together and declare #GamerGate is over? Why I’m sure that will work just as well as every time the mainstream media has done it.

Also how are you going to get every eceleb on the same page at the same time? Ecelebs have massive egos (8) that how they become ecelebs in the first place and those egos are going to clash and wreak the whole thing before they can close the circle and seal the deal.

Even assuming the grand conspiracy came to fruition. How narcissistic and deluded do people have to be to think that all of GamerGate is going to agree to something? Seriously what drug is that and where can I get some? The leaderless format for GamerGate was chosen for a reason. While that format was starting to occur naturally there was serious debate early about whether to choose a leader. In the end and at least partially as result of the experiences of some veterans of Occupy Wall Street the format was chosen because SJWs are very good at co-oping things. OG GamerGate was carefully designed to be a formless, leaderless cloud that couldn’t be co-opted because there was nothing to co-opt. It was the perfect weapon to crush the SJW menace.

Back to my earlier point about GamerGate being made up of thousands of individualists. Did your favourite Eceleb say something stupid? What are you going to do? Oh that’s right you’re going to fucking ignore them and move on with your life because you’re an individualist who thinks for yourself and has your own beliefs, core values and interests. You’re not some wishy washy hipster faggot who only follows cool trends and the dankest memes. GamerGate is made up of THOUSANDS of people like this. Which is another reason for the mainstream media to hate us. We see through their bullshit.

So why are people so afraid of Ecelebs? Fear and doubt about others, mostly. After all there’s plenty of idiots in the world and while you can be sure that you’re not an idiot yourself you can’t always  be certain about the person beside you or the next person to watch a youtube video. I mean just look at these comments. Why everybody on the internet is a mouth breathing retard!!!

This is just lack of faith in your follow human being. It’s normal, natural and to be expected. I’ve said earlier than the average GamerGate supporter or observers should not be afraid that the hashtag would be abandoned and I stand by that but before we go let’s examine the worst case scenario.

The GamerGate Respawn Effect:

Scenario: It’s been a year since the #GamerGate hashtag has been abandoned and anyone who objected hounded off the internet by The Knights of Whiteness riding their magical unicorns. Still the progressive media is lazy and continues to use #GamerGate as an example of evil internet trolls who wage endless campaigns of harassment against completely innocent women. So what happens?

Well logically a handful of actual trolls start to use the hashtag to attack SJWs. Why wouldn’t they? SJWs are hypersensitive crybabies, the perfect health food for young growing trolls. Naturally the progressive media jumps on this trolling and bites full force. The trolls of course laugh their asses off and troll harder. Slowly more and more trolls join in and in a panic there is an attempt to censor the troll activity. The Streisand effect kicks in spreading word to the entire internet. Then a very curious thing happens. You see trolls by their very nature are strong believers in free speech. It’s vital to the survival of trollkind and even if their motives in protecting free speech are purely selfish defend it they will. So the battle between the trolls and the media too stupid or hungry for clicks to stop feeding them grows and begins to morph into a anti-censorship campaign.

Finally somewhere on the internet a single sperg hears of the renewed activity on #GamerGate. He is a wily sperg who escaped the great purge by faking his own death and disappearing into the shadowy realm of the Darknet. He alone remembers the true meaning of #GamerGate. He remembers that he loves video games and that SJWs and leftwing academics are fucking with the thing he loves. He can take no more, it is time for action. In a burst of rage our hero sets aside his beloved cartoon pony porn and begins tweeting truthbombs from behind eight proxies (seven wasn’t enough last time.)

Soon from out of nowhere a second mysterious tweeter appears. Did he too survive the purge? Or is this someone new who also likes videogames and hates bullshit? Before long #GamerGate is back and filled with people talking about videogames and artistic freedom and censorship and how games journalists are a bunch of useless incompetent fuckwits. How? How did this happen? Well you see videogames haven’t changed, SJW’s haven’t gone away and none of the issues or social forces that created GamerGate in the first place had actually gone away during the year without the hashtag. So what happens? #GamerGate2: Ethics for You!

Gamers don’t die they respawn.

Did you really think you could stop the tide?

End Notes:

(1): Source of Paul A. Cantor quote.

Yeah it’s an hour and a half lecture but it does put a lot of things in perspective.

(2): If Twitter censorship continues we can expect GamerGate to migrate to other platforms.

(3): I feel dirty just using the term Ethicscuck. It’s badly overused and no longer funny but you know actually the sort of people of talking about.

(4): Many people have left #GamerGate and moved on with their lives but sadly sometimes people get angry (usually at Ralph, Sargon or RogueStar) and leave #GamerGate when they have no life to go back to. These unfortunate souls are transformed into a undead creature known as an Ex-GGer and will then proceed to tragically haunt a Twitter hashtag for months and months in a futile effort to prove that they’re not an autistic faggot.

This is similar to what happens when a person dies tragically and their soul is unable to find peace thus becoming a ghost.

(5): I love the term Semi-Marxist. It just describes so many people. I believe I picked it up from a Rothbard lecture.

(6): This is why the calling yourself a Neo-Reactionary is probably a counter-productive thing.

(7): Okay that got a little more political than I intended.

(8): I’m only getting this article written because I’m in the middle of a delusion of grandeur. I don’t pretend to have any sort of special insight or to be the one true #GamerGater.