I’m up late and have a couple things to write about, while I writhe in agony from some kind of fucking stomach flu. At least I hope it’s a stomach flu and not like, cancer or some shit. Anyway, point is, I’m up late (early now), and I wanted to talk about King Cow Peter Coffin. We (meaning @JosueCeja1)found a little bit of info on him earlier that shows him to be a phony when it comes to  supporting women.

But there are also questions swirling about the $16,000 he’s raising for cosmetic surgery on his wife (and there are those that don’t even believe she exists). Ordinarily, this wouldn’t be under such scrutiny, but this man has a history of sockpuppetry, girlfriends that don’t exist, even more women hating, etc. So anything is fair game with this guy. He’s kinda coming off like he’s working a big con, to me.

First, here’s the slur against pop artist Ke$ha:

He even made a fucking video out of this lol, and it’s just as cringe-inducing as you might expect:


The thing is, he originally had no problems posting, and promoting this type of material. But now that he wants to cash in on his $JW victim bucks, he’s trying to hide this old material. Well, I made a public playlist so you’ll now be able to see it in the Google search results. If he takes it down, I’ll upload it as a torrent. Fuck you, Coffin. I’ll probably go to sleep after publishing this, so email me if he does so I’ll see it soon as I get up. Selection_999(786)

But the real questions are with his GoFundMe. First off, even assuming his wife is real, why would anyone pay to fund her cosmetic surgery? Maybe I need to start a Kickstarter to get my teeth whitened? Or an Indiegogo for penile enlargement? Not that I would need that particular procedure. I’m Ron Jeremy-sized, of course. I’m just saying, this is crazy whether he’s scamming or not. There are people dying from lack of medical care and this fucker is funding his supposed wife’s jaw reconstruction? The only other person I’ve heard of doing this was Chyna, and at least she could wrestle.




I can’t say what’s going on, but as you can see from these emails, and his dodgy doctor’s note, that this thing is anything but settled. Some even suspect that they might actually have insurance, and that he’s just doing this so he can keep all this money for himself. I can’t tell you whether that’s true or not, of course. Hell, she might not even exist. So many questions here, and Coffin keeps spinning. I’m sure more will come out on this creep. It always does.

  1. If it’s ink it’s fraud. There is no way an institution like a hospital that prints thousands of documents each week would use ink.

  2. Here’s what I think is really going on: There was that woman in the video that looked like his wife and to be honest, I think it is his wife. BUT he got himself a real doll that looks like her but with certain “improvements”. They might even be having three-ways with that thing and she’s just weird enough to accept that. The money, well, I guess its for a new real doll. A better one then what they already have. We’ve proven just how twisted these SJWs can get so it really wouldn’t surprise me they’d stoop to lying about jaw surgery to get a new hunk of plastic to fuck.

    1. It’s been reported from other sources that he lives with a married couple, and that “Ashleigh” is actually the wife of the dude that owns the house, not Peters’.

  3. I want to focus on the woman hate, because it’s a theme with the SJWs. Up here in Canada we had Jian Ghomeshi railing against the likes of #gamergate and now it look likes he’ll be going to jail for extreme abuse of women.

    I think what we’re seeing from the SJWs is projection gone mad. Instead of carrying on with their lives like normal, a lot of SJWs are hyper focused on things like ethnicity and gender. When people don’t agree with them, they project their own racism and sexism on to their opponents. As a result, they end up being some of the most vocal and hateful people out all while being a pack of wolves in sheeps clothing.

    1. Yes, I had one the other day, a 21 year old straight guy, on the Sydney Morning Herald website. I made a comment on an article about a trans girl landing a modelling contract, saying that as it stood, the newspaper was simply using her status as trans for clickbait. A way of making her a public freakshow. Meanwhile, if they had not disclosed her trans status, everyone would’ve just thought, wow, what a pretty girl, instead of wow, she used to be a guy, let’s see if we can tell!

      This guys response – “You called her a freak”. No dumbass, you called her a freak, I called her a beautiful young girl.

      These SJWs are just absolute crazy. They can’t help themselves to be closed minded bigots. It’s just projection after projection.

  4. That letter is fraudulent. It was made using a letterhead from a PDF document from a real dentist surgery website. Someone has already contacted the surgery. They said it was a fake letter and are chasing it up.
    Seems Petey owes a shed load of cash to loan companies and has defaulted on the debts. He is also moving house again in the near future. So its likely the money from his GoFuckMe scam is to pay off the bad debts, move house, and possibly chip in to his brothers new company to get a foot in the door. Thing is /cow/boys have already been contacting the loan companies he owes money to about his sudden cash influx.
    He is a fucking disgusting shyster, but the way he has milked the $JW VictimBux off dumbasses is just pure magic. The salt will be added when he fucks up, gets caught, and gets nicked for fraud. In the meantime watching him chimp out on Twatter and dance like the pathetic lolcow he is provides us with mucho mucho lulz.

    But he was, is, and always will be the Cow God
    ChrisChan, King Cow, is gone. Long live Peter Coffin, Cow God!


    1. Links? I wanna see this shit.

      If what you’re saying is true that’s awesome because it means yet another of these fucks is probably headed toward prison or at least some serious fines and penalties. Coffin is gonna be done soon.

      1. 8chan and the /cow/ board – https://8ch.net/cow/catalog.html

        Peter Coffin – A Saga of Scams, Sockpuppets and Sex Dolls
        In descending rough order (recent pages)
        https://8ch.net/cow/res/78791.html (most recent)

        Also check /pi/

        /cow/ is the Temple of Coffin the Cow God

  5. Wow Ralph, you weren’t kidding about that music video of King Cow Peter Coffin being absolutely cringe-worthy.

  6. …th’ only, ONLY time i can think of when either rape or Peter Coffin would be funny, would be when Coffin ends up in prison for fraud and a gang of lifer inmates make him dress up like th’ video above and pass him around like fat joint….and also making him run errands, massage their feet ( including th’ chewing off of corns), and general prison bitchery…all th’ while every day dressed up and mascara’d as above,,,,Peter Coffin, tossed salad master chef in waiting…

  7. My guess is fraudulent crowdsource campaigns are going to start getting slammed by the feds pretty often over the next few years and there are going to start being lawsuits aimed at the sites themselves at some point for letting this shit happen. Then the government is going to step in and regulate the shit out of who can use these things, how these things can be used and for what purposes etc. The whole process is probably going to take about five years but I think it’s an inevitable one now.

    I get it I understand why everyone was excited for crowd sourcing but a few years in and we’ve had far more frauds and charlatans than anything else. The whole free money from the internet with no obligations to the “investors” concept brought the carpet baggers out in legions.

  8. ,,,,and,,,,and izzit just me or does that other guy in th’ bathtub resemble FullMcIntosh?,,,,ughh,,,great,,,now i gots th’ horrible stomach pains,,,,heal up Mr. TheRalph,,,

  9. “Well, I made a public playlist so you’ll now be able to see it in the Google search results. If he takes it down, I’ll upload it as a torrent. Fuck you, Coffin.”

    Ralph, you glorious mother fucker.

  10. I’ve noticed that the SJW sickness didn’t become a full-blown epidemic until KickStarter and Patreon became mainstream. Now any idiot can e-beg for money and not have to make or do anything in return, other than breathe air and occasionally whine about how “oppressed” they are.


    Even worse, the companies behind these scams aren’t going to do jack shit, since they get a nice cut of the action. For example, if they shut down an account because some has-been promised a game in exchange for 3.3 million and only delivered half the content, then they’re not going to get a sweet slice of that 3.3 mil. The only time they’ll get off their asses is when the SJW herd moos loud enough and threatens to take their hipster welfare elsewhere – such as was the case with Hotwheels. Funny how he was kicked off for “violating” certain rules, yet anyone in the SJW clique that violated the same rules got nothing more than a slap on the wrist and a very sternly written email.

    It’s so sad to see Coffin work so hard to lie and fabricate bullshit in hopes of getting accepted into the Kewl Kids Klub and reap that sweet hipster welfare, but even the SJWs know he’s a poser that’s only in it for the money.

  11. If his wife existed, although her name is not mentioned, wouldn’t this be violating HIPAA unless she’s given her explicit consent? Yes even if she’s his wife, she still needs to give consent to release this type of information I believe.

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