This is a column I did not want to write. Even earlier tonight, I was still defending KingofPol. But, after reading Frederick Brennan’s (owner of 8chan) post on the Denton leak earlier this evening, I felt had to address it. The authenticity of the Facebook posts in question cannot be determined. It may still be true. But, KoP lied about getting the information from Stephen Totilo. That idea sounds fucking ridiculous on the face of it, but Hotwheels originally thought that Milo Yiannopoulos was going to run a companion piece confirming the information. I can understand being taken in by that. However, the Milo/Breitbart article was also a ruse.

KingofPol has sworn to me that the info itself is still legitimate. I have no way of knowing whether that is true or not. It very well could be, as I said. I won’t be retracting the stories, but you must now take them with some grains of salt. The Facebook account being deleted does perhaps give it a little credence. As Brennan himself said on his own stream, it may be real. But we know for a fact that he did not get those screenshots from Stephen Totilo. The article proved it, and he also told me the same thing.

KingofPol has never lied to me directly. He has had me on his show several times. He was kind enough to help me get on Internet Aristocrat‘s show. He’s promoted some of my work, way before I had even talked to him. The guy has always been extremely nice and helpful to me. Writing a negative column like this is not fun, but I felt I had to. The man has done so much for me personally, but his failings caught to him in the end. It can happen to anyone. He got taken in by the hype. The rush was too much to ignore. The drive to bust Gawker and Denton drove him to do things he otherwise might not have.

That’s not to excuse what KingofPol has done. There is no excuse, at least not a good one. I publish stories here sometimes that are not fully confirmed. There is nothing wrong with that whatsoever. But, if you go that route, it needs to be labeled as such. I may have went overboard with the labeling of these Denton stories myself, to be fair. But, I always sourced this information back to KoP. He told us it was 100%, and lied to Mr. Brennan in order to make people believe it even more. This isn’t something I’m happy with. He’s since apologized for his actions, but I can of course understand some bad feelings still existing.

Those feelings may not matter though, because KingofPol has put out word that he’s going to leave GamerGate, and delete his Twitter account. This is consistent with some of the statements he has made to me. I advised him to take a sabbatical and come back refreshed. He feels as if his brand is irrecoverably tarnished, however. I don’t know that I agree, but if he does decide to step away, that would be understandable.

I was taken in by his Denton declarations, and published stories based off them. We cannot say for certain that they were fakes, and I hold out hope that they weren’t. However, we must now admit that the stories are tainted. I am writing this post to address those concerns, and to clear the air about yesterday’s events. This isn’t a column I wanted to write, as I mentioned.

But, my friendship with KingofPol doesn’t allow me to overlook his deception. Even with that I still feel as if he is my brother, in a very real sense. He put everything he had into this fight, just like me. Despite this terrible downfall, KoP did some wonderful things, for both me , and GamerGate. Don’t forget that. He’s a good guy, in my experience. He just made a disastrous error in judgement. His journey with us may be complete, but let’s not dishonor his entire memory.

So, with that in mind, I wanted to post this memorial that an anon sent me. It’s one of the best things I’ve read during GamerGate. This also mentions @CINDIanimation, who seems to be leaving us as well. She is an amazing person, and I wish her nothing but the very best. I’m so happy to have gotten to know her, and I want to thank her publicly for all she’s done to help with my LIVE show. This also has KoP’s first name in it, so I hope no one takes issue. The info is on Encyclopedia Dramatica, anyway (just like mine). So, whatever.

Let us drink to the fallen, and remember all the good times we shared. Perhaps we will meet again down that GamerGate road, Pol. Thank you for all that you’ve done, and I wish you absolutely nothing but the best.


  1. King-sama, we will always look forward to the time when you return to the battlegrounds.

      1. I think that you’ll find that my first comment was made two months ago. That’s an entire month before yours. Neither of is pretending to be the other one. We’re two very unique Ebola viruses that gained sentience and the sooner you realize this, the better.

  2. Mistakes happen, clashes happen, people caught in chaos like this will have issues.
    I for one don’t doubt his dedication to the cause, and this is just sad.

  3. Nice of Jayd3 Fox to shit on everyone in GamerGate on her way out.

    Don’t let the door hit you on the way out sweetheart.

      1. Sorry, but calling everyone lazy cunts and that our laziness is the reason GamerGate isn’t over now, was a really shitty thing to say.

          1. Sorry John you are absolutely right. I shouldn’t lower myself to their standards. There’s been enough slandering of people.

            I feel really bad for socks, jennifer and all the other good people they tried to incite us against. The whole thing was disasterpiece theatre.

        1. I assume you’re familiar with the phrases, don’t be a jerk, don’t be a dick etc. You can be better! 😉

        2. Is that all? Dude calm down, she just sounds annoyed that more people aren’t emailing, hardly her shitting all over Gamergate. It’s perfectly understandable to be annoyed that Gamergate could going stronger.

          You make it sound like it was KingOfPol’s twitlonger that said most people in gamergate were shit people. That was bullshit, even though he clarified that he meant the Skype groups.

          1. I am calming down but to clarify it wasn’t the first time something like this has been said. That we aren’t “doing our jobs”.

            It’s disrespectful to the people who started disrespectful nod, the people investigating or people doing whatever they think it’s making a positive difference. They complain about tone police telling people what to do and then tells everyone what to do.

            Sorry to ramble. It’s all irrelevant now.

        3. I definitely won’t defend her, I had long unfollowed her and got the BoGTD thing by other means but, she is right in one thing.

          Too many people are swallowing the whole “we are better than them” PR argument. The tone policing crap has been happening for a while now, it seeds infighting, and people are playing along nicely.

          This will not end Gamergate, who gives a fuck about e-celeb tantrums?? Nevertheless, either it ups the ante and brings the fire again or, eventually it will stagnate.

        4. This is such a ridiculous concept. Everyone keeps saying “GamerGate would be over weeks ago if…” yeah?

          Will all the shitty game sites be reformed/removed in a matter of weeks? No.

          Will sponsors drop out all in a week? No.

          Will the bad people who think we’re all cis white neckbeards and losers be out of the industry/apologize and never do this again in just a week? Lol no. They’re too proud.

          So why do people keep saying GamerGate will be over so soon? We need to keep vigil so that these sites don’t re-group and regain sponsors and keep trying to silence us.

          Having an environment that’s safe for devs isn’t something that gets accomplished within weeks.

          This needs to keep happening until we know that devs and gamers are not beholden to mediocre journalistic practices.

          1. I agree. Did people really think sites owned by rich media conglomerates would just fold overnight?

            The sponsors especially is a long term game. GamerGate still needs to be around when contracts need renewal or campaigns expire and they need new sponsors. If GamerGate is still around it makes getting advertising more difficult so it weakens their position. As a battle analogy, They’re under siege and we need to keep at it until they start running low on food.

            We might not destroy them but we should at least weaken their influence enough other sites can step in.

            They won’t say sorry, and they won’t even introduce sufficient policies or take any hard action to appease us since any step would look like ‘giving in’ so SJWs would blast them for it. In fact if they give in to any demands the abuse they get from ‘their side’ would be worse.

    1. What did Ms. Ayy Lmao say? I’m curious now. Before she left, the way she was carrying herself started to annoy me.

      1. Well, it wasn’t just what she said, but what she did that got some people on her case. She was on a stream with IA, Sargon, and a few other GG notables, when her and IA got tipsy, and it sounded like she was sucking his dick and IA was fingering her. Even though it wasn’t touted as a GG related stream, it still got some people pissed that it would make GG look bad.

        They’re both adults, and it wasn’t even advertised as having anything with GG, so I honestly don’t see why some people blew it out of proportion. I guess that’s one of the reasons why IA distanced himself GG as well.

        1. I don’t get this either. I mean sure what they were doing might have been inappropriate but the stream had nothing to to with GamerGate and people should know by now that IA likes to do drunk streams. People should be allowed to enjoy themselves in their personal lives.

    2. She left? Oh well. She’s just one person who helped with the boycott organisation and other people have picked that up.

  4. I do appreciate the shows KoP ran, specifically the interviews with Christina Hoff Sommers and several of the dev interviews he did. I will state however, I think KoP has/had well intentions, I think he is a little immature and highly conspiratorial to the point where it became a determent to the greater good of the revolt.

    I don’t know what KoP’s motivations were for jumping into gamergate. I just assume its because we’re all gamers and are tired of our hobbies being blamed for shit. I am not familiar with KoP as a person, I’m probably wrong in my assertion here but, I think he really tried to be someone he’s not. I think the whole Denton thing, I was skeptical from the start but I really think he wanted to be the hero in the end of it all.

    The thing is, I think he got caught up in the moment regarding the Denton post. This should always be a lesson to everyone, we have to all becareful when or if we come across some kinda nuclear evidence. I think he needs to take a step back, self-reflect and learn from his mistakes to grow as a person.

  5. King of Pol was our Kamina. He did something incredibly reckless to try and help the cause but ultimately died because of his recklessness.

  6. And when it is all said and done we had a day of “shill” hunting that really accomplished nothing. Confirming this thing would have been a good thing to do. Even if confirmed it may have been a good thing to have sat on. It was a distraction either way. It’s the message that we have to protect. Anti-censorship, no Thompson/Sarkeesian/McIntosh board (to replace Hollywood’s Hay’s Office) for gaming. No blacklisting. No collusion to accomplish censorship by journalists.

  7. These secret groups behind closed doors needs to cease. Remember, we are in a movement that hunting secrecy and corruption. Public streams with multiple people, even if they are often the same people is fine. Closed-door skype groups or whatever have you saying that “we MUST get people to go in this direction” is grounds for skepticism. Suggestions are one thing, subtly injecting propaganda to suit what you feel needs to happen is not.

    I do not claim to know what happened in these groups because to be honest we will probably never really know nor do I care. What I do know is this does absolutely NOTHING but DERAIL the objective of GamerGate. Eliminate alienation between producers (game devs) and consumers (gamers). That. Is. It. If there is anyone attempting to use this for their own personal gain and/or reputation – fuck off. You are just as much of a problem as these fucking “journalists.”

    E-mail advertisers and developers to remove sponsors of these websites and let developers know we appreciate them and you shouldn’t accept the media bullying them anymore than we have. I just want to back to doing what I think we all really want to do – play kick ass games with kick ass friends and having a kick ass time in doing so.


  8. I’ll restate, the anti-censorship message has the best legs. At the end of the day, that’s what is being pushed by the journo’s. McIntosh is a censor. Content control in the hands of a few people other than the artists themselves IS censorship. Censorship is corruption, especially when it is done through blacklisting, secret meetings and threats against devs and gamers.

    1. Yeah and on that note we need to respect freedom of speech in our own forums. Yes Fredrick Brennan, that means you. 8chan is already compromised: the prominent boards (pol, gg, v) are ruled by shitty mods who censor like assholes.

      1. 8chan is free form. Mods are those that make the boards right? Are you suggesting that Brennan should remove them as mods because some people dislike them? How does that fair with “free speech”? Also, if you find this to be a problem, just create another board for GG that you mod.

  9. The part that upsets me the most is that he did it for free. Oh well. This hot pocket’s for you King, may your future endeavors be fruitful and monetarily compensated.

  10. I’m so disappointed about KoPs farewell letter, in which he displayed utter lack of class, and lowered himself to use our oppositions’ language against this community. There are tens of thousands of anonymous gamers fueling this revolt in a civil manner, people who don’t even follow this kind of shit, and yet after 3 months of this dehumanizing campaign he dares to insult them even more?

    “MAJORITY OF #GamerGate ARE VERY NASTY PEOPLE but do have their minds in the right place, but does not justify the means of which to handle things”

    I’m all for second chances and honestly wish you all the best KoP, but your individual actions this week have brought nothing but distrust, contempt and paranoia on people who were otherwise getting along just fine.

    1. I agree that was a shitty move.
      I think it a clear case of feeling persecuted and lashing out.
      I think it all boils down to guilt, and Ralph put it well by suggesting it was ardor in the cause that pushed him over the edge.
      Considering the majority of #gamergate don’t speak out much/at all it’s also silly.

      I did notice a lot of people angry with the whole hashtag were essentially doing what the detractors do.
      It keeps happening, and I empathise with it.
      If you “get attacked” by a few dozen tweets, that’s a big deal. It feels like a massive assault.
      But it’s still just a few people within a group of 10’s of thousands.

      It’s why people will STILL fall for the agenda we’re all monsters because one woman recieved a dozen tweets from an account with zero association with the hashtag.
      It’s even why the letter writing campaigns have power.

      I hope they simply wake up to the fact they fooled themselves into the persecution complexes of the LWs and feel a little sheepish.

      1. KoP is somebody who styles himself as an internet asshole who takes other people to task regularly. A “few dozen tweets” is not justification for breaking down and acting like a spoiled little brat. It just shows everyone you can’t take what you dish out. Nobody likes a hypocrite. Just saying.

  11. Good article, and while it’s a shame to see our own using falling into using the same shady tactics that we decry the opposition for, it’s good to see that we’re able to admit to the mistakes made and make an attempt to put them right. Don’t “Listen and Believe”, Trust but Verify! In the spirit of disclosure though, while I understand why you don’t want to pull the previous articles, perhaps you should consider putting a disclaimer at the beginning of each, and a link to this article? If we want to maintain a moral high ground over Gawker et. al then we need to show that we are capable of doing what they refuse to – admit our mistakes, clarify omissions, keep our information as close to the truth as possible.

    Keep fighting the good fight, Ralph.

  12. The nail that sticks out the most is the one that will be hammered first — chinese proverb

    While immaturity can be seen as the cause of the fall of prominent GGers, it is a super difficult position to be in. KoP was way too youngish from the moment he stepping into the fray and it was predictable that he would stumble. But even IA stumbled.
    I like how Ralph concludes by refraining from throwing stones at KoP. KoP did way more good than harm in the overall fight. Young, immature but sincere and well intended.
    Good fight, KoP!


  13. OK, Pol didn’t pan out but we can hope Oliver Campbell’s info does. Two doxxings were fake and even if it’s just one LW then shit is gonna blow.

  14. This was a horrorshow..
    KoP gets the info, and i do believe he didnt manufacture it himself, and he insta-believes it, which is a big no-no for us..

    He lies to Hotwheels and spergs the info into the Twitter universe, causing a big divide in people either listening and believing or questioning the validity of it.. The latter of which he immediately blocks in anger.

    Then, he comes yet again with “super amazing news – get hype gais” – (which later turned out to be super amazingly fake and obvious)

    He quits in a huff, calling the majority of GGers nasty people.
    Returns in less than a day to out the secret cabal, which basically boiled down to people being legit worried about RougeStars VoxP.. This showed us again that KoP lacks reading comprehension and is.. Legit retarded.

    Fights with Matt and comes off as a ranting lunatic “THE FAX ARE THE FAX AND YOU CANT DENY THE FAX SO WHATEVER MAN” – *ragequit*

    And now this. All in a matter of a few days.. He needs to get himself unfucked. If thats even possible.

    1. I want to address your statement that people who didn’t think it was false was a “listen and believe” situation.

      Even though I thought KoP would not lie about this, his word on it’s own is not enough, no matter how much he angrily insisted it was true. But keep in mind that there were several elements in the situation that pointed to it being real at the time. Mike Cernovich talked about receiving very similar information from a Gawker source. Hotwheels essentially staked his own trustworthiness on KoP telling the truth. Very shortly afterward, Nick Denton deleted his Facebook account.

      I will not deny I believed KoP to be telling the truth on this manner until Hotwheels blew the whistle. This was a situation in which several people who I trusted passed on information that was impossible for me to personally verify. I feel like I’ve been played like a fool, but I stand by my statement that *at the time* it seemed very credible to me. It did not seem like a “crazy conspiracy theory” as some have called it.

      That’s why I don’t appreciate people insulting those who did believe it. There are certain people who I strongly suspect knew about KoP’s deception for at least a few days before it was made public. Those same people decided to say nothing and instead threw #GamerGate under the bus on Twitter when everything came to light. I’m extremely disappointed in those people to say the least.

      I don’t blame people who didn’t believe it. In retrospect I should have been one of them. But I hope people can understand the reasons why some people did.

      1. Trust but verify.

        Note that it could still be true. But whether the actual image is true or not, we’ll probably never know.

  15. I don’t know if I can overlook what KoP did. I can get over the lying and I can completely understand hitting a breaking point I can understand his feelings behind both of those actions, what I have an issue is the way he quit. By shitting all over Gamergate and people in it in his post. That is something I can’t let go as easily. That was unnecessary to say the least that’s what bothers me the most. I am unsure if I will be able to overlook it with time.

    1. That’s because he felt he was bigger than the movement. The fact is everyone gave him the benefit of the doubt for weeks. It’s not like everyone decided to shit on him all at once. We said he needed to take a break months ago but he sent his goons on us and even TheRalphRetort called us traitors and either people left GG or they’ve been distracted or lost focus.

      It took this line in the sand for now Ralph to say go take a break but let’s be honest its a little to late for that and it’s a little too late for GamerGate.

      1. I agree with most of what you said. I however do not see any end to GG because GG aren’t a few e-celebs and twitter personalities.

        1. I can’t wait till we are able to go back to discuss GamerGate without these people trying to hijack the movement

    2. Don’t overlook what he did, but don’t let it overshadow everything he has done or will do in the future.

  16. I guess it’s possible KOP might have said he got the information from Totilo because he got sick of people accusing him of faking it. I can understand people treating the information with a little bit of caution, but regardless of what you think of KOP’s actions, it does still fit in with Denton’s personality, and the way the Gawker network does business. That said, I understand your desire to remain fair, we don’t want to be seen to be openly supporting liars.

    The whole business is sad really. KOP should realise that when you get a movement as large and diverse as GG it’s inevitable that you’re going to get people in it that don’t like you, especially when you’re one of the largest players. He needs to just take a step back and calm himself down. Ultimately, even when we find people in GG we don’t like we shouldn’t start railing against them, we need to remember they still share our end goals.

    1. Yeah he let his ego get the better of him. It was more important to him than the movement was. He should have verified it first instead of post it. And after he posted it, he should have had Milo or William Usher verify it, instead of manipulating Hotwheels with the Totilo story.

      You can see the way he’s been acting lately with his tweets. Instead of ignoring and blocking the trolls on Twitter he keeps responding to them and arguing with them. He’s starting to look like a LW with his BS drama.

  17. Oh look, this is what ethical journalism looks like. Reporting on shit you don’t want to, even when it makes someone you like look bad and puts egg on your face. This is what having the balls to own up to fact and admit mistakes looks like. <3

    1. This. It’s good to see what an actual retraction and apology looks like every once in a while, just to help you see what the fake ones are lacking.

      1. There’s no point sticking to your guns if you’ve been duped or misunderstood something. I for the life of me can’t understand why people’s ego’s matter more to than than the truth.

        1. “I for the life of me can’t understand why people’s ego’s matter more to than than the truth”
          Especially on the internet.It seems people like to be right all the time on the internet more than in real life… which seemed impossible..

          1. I think it’s just that online, people are inhibited because there’s no real consequences. However, I believe these are the people that would resort to violence if confronted in real life.

  18. I have nothing bad to say about KoP because I think he harmed himself more then anyone else. I enjoyed some streams with him and his guests and he was a cool guy most of the time. The only thing I feel is completely inappropriate is to mess with Hotwheelz because he is one of the coolest guys outthere and he deserves nothing but respect imo. Well, thats all i have to say about KoP. It was his decission alone and now it´s his responsibility to stand by his own actions. Thats what a man should do!
    Because when he now throws shit at gamergate like the media assholes he is the same kind of person once confronted with the “truth”. Maybe its the best if he stays under the radar for some time.

  19. I’m tired of these volatile twitter personalities that talk shit on their way out the door.

    Just yesterday, KoP was absolutely raging at MundaneMatt about unethical behavior. And, all the while, he was deliberately lying to the community. Are you fucking kidding me? KoP, never come back.

    1. Matt may be a sissy and backs out when shit hits the fan but at least he hasn’t lied to GamerGate and divided the community this badly. I don’t want anyone who cares about their e-fame over the consumer movement back.

  20. Thanks for this column. I’m disappointed in KoP, I don’t harbor any ill will to him and hope he will return after a break. I think he has a valuable voice and I think he’s pretty funny.

    That said, his punishment is the damage he’s done to his own credibility.

    I hope others will forgive him and remember we were all taken in. We wanted to believe it so we did.

    We have to all remember to trust, but verify.

  21. We all fuck up, each and every one of us. KOP is a great guy ive listened to tons of his streams and he is one of us, a gamer , a gamer concerned that the industry he loves is being hijacked and sabotaged.

    I can understand and while i don’t know the details surrounding this incident i can say from the little i know of him im sure KOP didn’t have malicious intent.

    The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. and unfortunately KOP’s actions have damaged the very cause we all fight for. In that regard it’s hard to forgive, everyone knows that we are under a horrific attack and our enemies will grasp at anything that can damage us. In a fight where what is true and what is not is constantly scrutinized a fallacy of any size is potentially crippling.

    this was, this damaged Gamergate almost beyond anything a SJW can do. this is what KOP has to live with, that his actions sabotaged the very revolt he participated in.

    stepping away was for the best, not that we don’t want KOP here, but because his reputation in this regard is damaged.

    I wish you well KOP, see you on the other side.–JS16uSV8

  22. I’m curious about what he meant with these alleged “round table” creation Hotwheels mentioned in their group screaming session.

  23. When everyone still had cool heads last month about what KingofPol was doing you called us traitor for daring to say he should take a break and leave for a while.

    Now he caused a major shit storm and people are pissed and you want him to take a break and come back. Really? He and you have pretty much turned the movement in on itself and now you want a break for his holiness. He had his chance and decided to think about his ecelebrity before he did that.

    What’s even worse now kingofpol militant supporters that would attack anyone who’d question him are leaderless and now there is a power vacuum it looks like ROGUE who is more militant is taking over and trying to gather other militants to attack anyone who questions an ecelebrity.

    You all have effectively destroyed GamerGate!

    Great job!

    1. It’s not destroyed, but hopefully the gullible and naive people in the movement have received a reality check for blindly accepting rumor and conjecture from an unstable individual.

  24. KoP let his ego get the best of him. I don’t think he’s a bad person. I just think he couldn’t handle the pressure and cracked. He couldn’t handle that people were questioning the source of the Facebook leaks being a troll. Most people trusted him, just not the source. He got really upset about that. He should have verified the source through a journalist before publishing it.

    I’ve listened to quite a few of his streams. He gets a lot of cool guests on.

    Some of his weaknesses are he doesn’t absorb information well imo. Many times he would go over some article or something in the stream and 10-30 minutes later, he would repeat the same info to someone new in the stream and get things wrong or exaggerate the story when repeating the information. He also sometimes reads words wrong in articles he’s going over and gets the meaning completely wrong or again exaggerates it.

    Not to mention the whole conspiracy theory/political crap he gets into. I thought he could separate those interests from GamerGate, but he couldn’t. It’s why he went off the rails with this conspiracy stuff inside GamerGate.

    1. Just the thought that Totilo was the one that leaked the Facebook posts sounds ridiculous to me. After listening to his discussion with total biscuit and hearing the same bullshit about how he felt his reporters did nothing wrong it’s obvious these people do not want to change and will never take responsibility for their actions. We just need to put this behind us and concentrate on burning Gawker to the ground.

  25. If you take up a prominent role, you should act like you would if you were at your job.
    He bounced back and forth, threw us under the bus, and continues to post livejournal-esque pity posts looking for people to pump his ego back up.

    You brought it on yourself, KoP. The ridiculous schizo gangstalking theory you *tried* to present but could not explain in the stream yesterday was proof positive that you are incapable of controlling yourself or thinking critically about your impulses. This reflects poorly on all of us, who come from all walks of life, and don’t enjoy you dividing the anon userbases with absurd theories and psychobabble.

    Get your life together. And fuck your “brand”, you co-opted a board that is known for being far more coherent than you have ever been. Maybe start over with a new outlook on life, make a name for yourself and stop riding coattails. I personally will never listen to anything “KoP” says again.

    1. “If you take up a prominent role, you should act like you would if you were at your job”

      That sounds like good advice.

      1. Unless you have a habit of being drunk at work. About KoP; if he thinks about it for a bit he actually has a chance to come out of this all the better for it. All he has to do is write an apology article and admit all his faults. GG is mostly about Journalist ethics… posting lies and unconfirmed rumors are one of the things we want journalists to stop doing… So if KoP actually learns his lessons then GG has actually won a major battle.

  26. I’ve never even listened to the guy’s stream one time. I listened to the Sargon stream last night and was honestly embarrassed to be even slightly, tangentially associated with a juvenile meltdown of this magnitude – as a listener.

    “Being stressed” isn’t a great excuse. Like seriously, you have no deadlines. Just turn off the computer, for like … a month. And if the guy suddenly doesn’t care about extreme feminism taking over gaming media, then goodbye I guess. It should have never been about “people” but about issues.

    That stream was just odd as fuck. I had never heard of practically any of those people. Some girl was apparently an asshole because she laughed and made a joke. The whole thing felt like a super bizarre in group. I get that coordination and discussion on some level is useful, but don’t turn into a bastardized version of the weird indie developer/journalist groups we criticize.

    1. The fact is that some people do not know how to handle celebrity, even the F list celebrity status of someone who is a minor youtube personality taking the role as a minor figurehead in a consumer revolt. Some people also do not know how to handle criticism. Trust is something that needs to be earned and after that shameful display he should never come back.

    2. People making excuses for him should ask themselves how they would feel if they owned a business and employed KoP. How would they feel about KoP destroying the name of their business because KoP was “stressed”?

      How would you feel if a major project in a University course hinged on something he didn’t deliver on? Would you forget that he didn’t bother owning up? Would you forgive him for ruining the work you put into the project?

      KoP is addicted to attention and wants more than anything to be the center of it. The moment he feels threatened in any way, he lashes out in all directions. He really, desperately needs to grow up but I don’t know if there is any force in his day to day life that could hold him to such a standard, to make him strive to better himself.

      1. I know nothing about the guy personally. My only point is, people are giving some of the issues we raise the benefit of the doubt. Advertisers, David Pakman, Huff Post Live, Christina Hoff Sommers, even Liana K on TYT spoke about things we are all legitimately upset about.

        That takes time and effort from all of them. Pakman usually says that he has had to research this stuff for weeks to prep for his interviews. This is taking time and effort from people, and doesn’t come for free.

        My only point is that if people don’t at a minimum act with the kind of minimal restraint and fact-checking that you might act like if you were at your job, then no one is going to take anything we bring up seriously. Why? Because it’s a waste of their time. So everyone involved should just remember to put in that extra step to look over things, and to ask critical questions, and to not have massively public meltdowns. Because it makes us all look absurd.

        1. Nobody made me look absurd just because i support gamergate. If this is your oppinion then you failed to understand what gamergate is sorry. There can be the worst kinds of maniacs now jumping into the gamergate hashtag it wouldnt make the ideal for what everyone is fighting for less legit. That is gamergate!
          I would say 50 % of the anti GG media crowd is either on pills or need a good punsh in their face to come back into reality. Compared to a Mcintosh or Leigh A. KoP is still a very sane guy!
          And yes i´m pro-violence if it helps people to come back to reality and stops them from defaming others like these assholes do every day. And im dead serious about that!

  27. I rode into gamergate under the Internet Aristocrat’s banner so Pol’s meltdown hits me pretty hard, I don’t think Pol meant to do anything wrong I think he might have fucked up and then he panicked and lashed out when he realized he might have fucked up. Guy was under alot of stress.

    If you’re reading this King of Pol you’re not an unperson but yeah if you do intend to just bench yourself for the rest of the game that’s probably for the best and for what it’s worth I’ve never trusted Mundane Matt either but if you’re going to throw accusations at him you need better evidence than what you have. You did alot of good work especially in those first few weeks and nothing is going to change that.

    1. Hotwheels was particularly crude to him. Jumping to conclusions and even implying he might be bought out.

      The paranoia never ends.

  28. This was a cluster fuck all around. The so called Denton post sounded like it was written by a Bond villain, but Denton has pretty much been acting like one, so it was at least somewhat plausible. However, KOP should have kept quiet about it until he could have had Hotwheels, Milo, or some other reputable GGer check to see if the post and the source were 100% solid before blabbing about it. Now we’ll never know if it was real, since if it was, Denton already freaked out and took down anything related to the post and deleted his FB page.

    Then instead of admitting that he fucked up and jumped the gun, KOP had to lie more and claim that STEPHEN MOTHERFUCKING TOTILLO was the source. Why the hell would Stephen do that? He’s been on GG’s ass since day one, and his job would be on the line if his leak was found out, much less if GG won and Kotaku bit the dust.

    The diarrhea icing on the shit cake was when KOP went on hitbox and did an hour long rant calling a bunch of GGers shills and throwing a hissyfit. He flushed all his work and cred down the toilet. So sad.

  29. “I publish stories here sometimes that are not fully confirmed. There is nothing wrong with that whatsoever”

    There is a lot of wrong with exploitative/sensationalist click-bait. Let’s not kid ourselves just because you’re pro-gamergate. I feel like I’ve walked into some gawker site that’s pro-GG. This place is full of character assassination.

    As for KingofPol, I guess he’s just gonna have to be a pleb like us now and work like all of us non e-celebs.

    EDIT: To be clear, I don’t think Ralph is a bad person. Nor do I think all his articles are character assassination (that would be factually impossible). But fair is fair.

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