Early this morning, someone alerted me to a VERY interesting thread over on KotakuInAction. After the cucked mods recently tried to introduce yet another set of rule changes in an attempt to better control discussion (i.e. stamp out most anti-SJW content), many people took a shit all over their forum. I would have been one of them, but I long ago gave up any hope of being treated fairly around there. I think I sent out a couple tweets about the mods being cancer and then moved on. That’s about all I felt like doing. But a funny thing happened during all this. It looks like the people who run the place might have actually bought a clue. I know, it’s hard to believe. But, let me show you what they said so you can make up your own minds (my tweet about the first set of rule changes is shown first).

Here’s the first excerpt (link to full post)…

We were positively surprised at how relatively well our week or two of minimal moderation went. Credit where credit is due, maybe we made the mistake of not having enough faith in the community ourselves. I suppose with tempers as high as they’ve been over the last weeks/months, some distrust had built up on both sides.

Wow, who could have ever guessed that minimal-moderation was the way to go? If only there had been some handsome gentleman from Memphis, Tennessee to tell us this before we had to learn the hard way. Oh wait, there was

Nowhere is this more evident than at KotakuInAction, where I’ve also had my fair share of problems for speaking freely. There’s a lot of great people on the board (hi guys!), but there’s also a dedicated brigade of ultra-progressives who downvote anything that they consider to be bad for “muh GamerGate PR.” Trans activists like Meowsticgoesnya also have an outsize presence on the board, and teams of trolls help people like that disappear post after post. The rules are convoluted as fuck, and nobody with serious obligations has time to learn that long ass list of mandates. All that being said, I still see value in the place, even if it could be soooo much more.

And again, back in October

I still see the use in the place, but the softer they get, the more that feel fades. There needs to be new leadership and there needs to be a lot less censorship. Let people post whatever they want, so long as it’s not doxing and not criminal. I know that will never happen, but it’s my answer for the place. Give me your thoughts down below. I’m about to go eat actual spaghetti rather than report on it, for a change.

So, now the idiots in charge over over there have finally come around to the Ralph point of view. After months of demonizing me and others who agreed with me, they have decided that:

“Gee, you know what, our users aren’t fucking stupid and can police themselves.”

They seem to have given up the ghost when it comes to keeping out non-gaming content. I have to say, if this stands, then I would have to support it 100%. Given the track records of the people running the show at KiA, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them go back on their word, to be honest with you. Still, this is an encouraging development and it’s one that I will be monitoring very closely to see if it holds.

Let me know what you guys think. As I said, I’m being cautiously optimistic. I know others are still saying the place is beyond rehabilitation, and I can respect that view as well. Still, when a forum comes around and does what I’ve been advocating they do for months, I have to at least keep an open mind about the change in approach. So, that’s what I’m going to do. I’ll be back shortly with more, after I go up to Walmart (scary, I know…wish me luck).