Kurt Eichenwald

I loved Mary Tyler Moore, so when I heard about her passing yesterday, it hit me a bit harder than most celebrity deaths. I vividly remember watching The Dick Van Dyke Show and The Mary Tyler Moore Show on Nick at Nite when I was a kid. I guess I was sort of weird, in that I liked to watch classic television as a child. In fact, I probably watched more old shows than new ones, although I watched plenty of them as well. Anyway, to keep this article from turning into a long diatribe about my viewing habits, I will just reiterate that Mrs. Moore was a longtime favorite of mine.

Kurt Eichenwald is not a longtime favorite of mine. In fact, he’s a nut who I still have a hard time believing is regularly published by mainstream media outlets. Yes, I know the MSM is trash, but this guy is certifiable. Not only that, he’s a huge liar. Oh, and he doesn’t know how to give a proper tribute to the aforementioned Mary Tyler Moore.

Check out this insanity…



A Twitter user had a hope in response to this dumbass tweet…


Of course, TheRalphRetort.com would never suggest such a thing. I’m just passing that along to you. Another user had a suggestion for how Eichenwald could have reworded his asininity…

It would have been a marked improvement on the original.