La Raza Racist Destroys White Student's Project, Proceeds to Laugh On Twitter (Until TRR Located Her School)

La Raza Racist Destroys White Student’s Project, Proceeds to Laugh On Twitter (Until TRR Located Her School)

Earlier today, a young member of La Raza posted some tweets that got a lot of attention. Basically, she broke the project of her white classmate because it happened to have the Confederate flag on it.

Now, I have no special affinity for the Rebel flag, even though I’m from the South. I don’t hate it, either. I’m just saying, my room isn’t decked out like the General Lee from The Dukes of Hazzard. And while I can understand where a minority is coming from when they say they hate the flag and what it supposedly represents, I draw the line at destroying someone else’s private property. Not only that, this behavior could end up negatively affecting her classmate’s grade.

So, my team and I went on a digging mission and discovered this girl’s high school. I messaged her and asked if there’s anything she would like to say for this post and that I was going to contact said high school.


At first, she denied the school I named was the correct one…

My thoughts after that denial?

Then, she immediately went back and deleted the tweet where she both confirmed her high school and said that half of her fellow student body looked like school shooters. Since I’m always here to help, I sent her this in response…

She was very appreciative, so I know I did the right thing.

The funny part is, she has a really big thing about calling other people racist.

But on Instagram, she has this photo…

Her Instagram handle is publicly available on Twitter, for the record.

It looks to be some sort of subversive call for revolution (“Chicano resistance”), complete with the hashtags #notmypresident and #VivaLaRaza. In case you don’t know about La Raza, here’s a primer

 To close, I will simply quote José Angel Gutiérrez, one of the founding members of La Raza. You may draw your own conclusions on what La Raza is from there.

“We have an aging white America. They are not making babies. They are dying. The explosion is in our population … I love it. They are shitting in their pants with fear. I love it.”

“We have got to eliminate the gringo, and what I mean by that is if the worst comes to the worst, we have got to kill him.”

Sounds like another tolerant leftist, as Paul Joseph Watson likes to say. Oh, by the way, I did reach out to the principal of her school. As of publication time, I have yet to hear back.

That’s right, I forgot one of the tweets I mentioned in the email.

“Brigitte’s” tone also changed after I spoke with her. She’s no longer disputing the whole school thing.

And an MTV writer supports her destruction of property. I would expect an MTV goon to embolden this sort of behavior, so there’s no shock on my end.

We’ll see what happens. Hopefully for “Brigitte,” her principal is a forgiving woman.

Ethan Ralph

Founder, Owner, & Editor-in-Chief of Political fiend, gamer, & anti-bullshit.

  • Typical

    I doubt anything will happen. Only whites are racists after all, all other oppressed peoples are immune to rules and such.

    • JasonC5

      I bet if the principal finds out that the project contained an “evil” flag they would instead suspend the student that made it and the teacher that allowed it to happen. This is what the current climate is after all. Also, I guess this little anchor baby skipped out on US history and government classes to know about that flag and what flags the confederacy actually used.

      • Typical

        Yep, pretty much.

  • Religion is Cancer

    It’s impossible for minorities to be racist and for women to act violently.

  • Flowey

    You should post an update for this when it comes. I’ll be looking forward to that.

  • StephaneDumas

    I guess the MTW writer might change his/her tune if something he/she owns is destroyed.

  • ExiledV2

    You went after a high schooler?

    • Sure.

      • ExiledV2


        I have no other way to state this, so I’ll just say it like I think it. A man doesn’t go after high schoolers. Trailer trash does that. That was a trailer trash move you did, especially when there are better adult targets for you to actually go against.

        Well, bless your heart.

        • That’s fine. You shouldn’t read things that bother you so much, though. Bad for your blood pressure.

        • It is reasoning like yours, ExiledV2, that leads to those little twits thinking they can get away with things like false rape allegations. A man does not take crap from sociopathic teenage vandals.

          • ExiledV2

            It’s not reasoning, it’s not “virtue signalling”, it’s not excuses. It’s called standards. Going after a high schooler is a trash move. SJWs are trash; if Ralph is going to do the same move that an SJW would do, what makes him any different from an SJW? He might as well change his name to Randi Harper.

          • Dave The Sandman

            The silly little cow needs teaching a lesson – that her behavior is unacceptable and has consequences. Act like a thug, get treated like one.
            If the school has failed to note her behavior then a little time under the spotlight may force them to deal with her.
            Or do you condone racist kids bullying others and getting away with it?

            As for your accusation that Ralph is no better than Hamburgler Harper….utter fucking bollocks.

            Harper hounds people for nothing…..just slights and fake outrage. Ralph here is doing what any adult would do when they see a bully picking on another kid. Stepping up and sorting out.

          • Probably nothing will happen to this little La Raza chick anyway. Maybe some detention, if that. I have no idea why Exiled feels the need to virtue signal about it, but whatever. To each their own.

          • Don’t put your vandalism out on Twitter (with 15,000 retweets, might I add) and expect no one to take notice. That’s not how it works.

        • Toro

          my, aren’t you a sensitive little bitch

        • Gouchybear

          If these punks are not stood up to now and held accountable just imagine what they will be like 5 years, or ten years, down the road. And while I don’t condone hitting women (which is not the case here, obviously), or “going after, kids, however, when a line of behaviour is crossed, as in this instance, then action must be taken lest said behaviour worsen.
          Most of us learned as small children that we did not touch something that did not belong to us, unless we first asked permission. And if we did not first ask permission and we broke that item, then we paid for it, either with our own money, or we replaced it, and there was usually a form of punishment meted out by our parents to further reinforce the concept of keep your hands off things that do not belong to you. Most of us learned that lesson well. This little be-yatch not so much.

  • Danny Harrell

    What I don’t understand here is why is she in particular is upset. She’s a Latina, the Confederate Flag has little to no meaning to her racial heritage. Her people were never slaves in Colonial American nor were the forced to work on Plantations, So somebody explain this one to me.

    • Just looking for a reason to start some “muh racism” bullshit.

    • That’s what SJW indoctrination in academia does.

    • White Mothership

      She’s probably been taught to react negatively to any assertion of white identity.

  • Yuno Gasai

    I love how she’s playing the “I’m so cool and above the rules” act, especially since this is now on the internet and is going to follow her for the rest of her life. The moral of the story is don’t do stupid shit then post about on the internet.

  • Grust

    Ahh MTV, the music channel that doesn’t play music.

    • milk bone

      I thought the original concept for MTV was a triumph of corporate cynicism. Music videos are essentially commercials for the bands. These were punctuated by other commercials, frequently for clothing with band or corporate logos on them. So what you had were commercials sandwiched between commercials which advised you on how to turn your body into a billboard. Disgusting, but you gotta admire the chutzpah.

  • BEGreen777

    Wonder what’s going to happen when LaRaza meets MS-13?

    • Lost Question

      the la raza folks are either going to join them or get killed (and that’s where their life will take a turn for the worse)

      • JasonC5

        meanwhile in Long Island, NY MS-13 is killing teens that cross their paths in brutal fashion. The news only made mention of MS-13 once and now are trying to refrain from saying it for what I bet is an effort to not call attention to violence. committed by certain minorities

  • Dindu McNothin

    I will not be shocked when the racist hispanic faces no consequences and the school punishes the white girl making the confederate box.

  • James Morgan

    Here is what is going to happen. The administration will do nothing about @BrigitteYasamin, but will force the White student to apologize for her hate-pottery. Media will claim the ‘alt-right’ is targeting poor Mexican student. @BrigitteYasamin will concoct a hoax-crime in which she is the ‘victim’. A GoFundMe account will be set up for @BrigitteYasamin, and moronic libtards will donate $250,000 to buy her family a new house. These are the times we unfortunately live in. For now……

  • Toastrider

    Ah yes, La Raza. When someone says ‘only white people can be racist’ I love to trot these fuckers out.

    Kevin Baker of the Smallest Minority did an excellent dissection of this group a while back. Linkage:

    That was almost ten years ago. God only knows how much worse things have gotten.

  • D-Bone

    LOL this is amazing!! Well played.

  • Mr0303

    As expected from MTV – they encourage this type of behaviour, which creates racist twats like this.

    I can feel the polite glee radiating from Ralph in that email. Good job.

  • Steve Baldwin

    She has very nice tits

  • Grampy_Bone

    THAT’s a highschool girl? I went to the wrong school.