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So, Laci Green made a video last night and it’s caused everyone to lose their shit. I wonder what that’s all about…

Yea. Laci didn’t exactly say she was now red pilled, but she did announce that she was going to have some public debates with “anti-feminists” and open her channel up to non-SJW views. I don’t know if this is about a real commitment to open debate or about making money and adding new viewers. To be honest, it really doesn’t matter. She’s an entertainer who gets paid for her online work. To a certain extent, so am I. Although, I don’t get paid nearly as much (unfortunately). I think Laci’s decision was a good one…whether it was for money or to exchange ideas. Hell, it could even be for both.

This isn’t my first rodeo. Almost everyone you see has some kind of agenda. My not-so-hidden motives are to talk shit about people I don’t like, bring you some interesting takes/reports, and hopefully get paid for it.

As you might imagine, some of her former comrades aren’t taking this new video very well.

Glad you cleared up your blatant call for political censorship, Steve!

It might be alarming, but it’s nothing new when it comes to Steve Shives or his ilk. They’re not content with responses or even with smearing folks like me or my readers on their media platforms. These scumbags want to shut us down altogether. The only way they can truly win is through complete control of the media and social media landscape, and they know it. You don’t have to love, or even like, Laci Green to see the value in her taking on this attitude. Whether it’s to cash in or not, it’s a good thing.

More from the tolerant left, as Paul Joseph Watson likes to call them…

Poor Peter Coffin. It’s been awhile since I heard that name.

OK, I admit…I did laugh at the Pepsi line.


That’s why I married a brown one.

Anyway, I think you get the idea. As I said, I don’t know if Laci Green’s new gambit is anything more than a money grab. Maybe she just wants to have more fun. Talking to different people, arguing with people, is fun…at least for me. Of course, some of the new friends she’s made are pretty bitchmade themselves. I wouldn’t exactly call most of these people “anti-SJWs.” Many of them spout SJW-tier garbage on the regular. But they aren’t as crazy as the people I’ve shown you above, no matter my personal distaste for them.

We’ll see what happens. As always, it’s fun to watch the left fight itself. Hopefully she catches even more heat from the progs. It will give me some material and hopefully give you some laughs.

  1. I hope they do attack her. Not because I have anything against her, I don’t even know her. But because this is how converts are made and SJWs lose their shit. See: You’re racist/sexist/misogynist/fjsfkjist if you support Brexit or Trump or…

    1. Agreed. I’ve made this point myself, several times: the left cannot abide neutrality (real or imagined). You will be MADE to care about their view and ONLY their view.

      1. yet again anti feminist is derailed to attack the left.

        This is why anti feminism is a complete failure.

      1. Ian switches sides with the winds from what I hear. If she does that she’ll just get mocked by both sides, but if she permanently switches that would be lulz worthy.

        1. Wouldn’t say 100% switch like jump the fence. From what it looked like, she just sat on the fence, willing to hear from both sides instead of ignoring/shutting off opinion from the right like she was doing before.

  2. I may not like Laci Green but to allow her channel to have dissenting views is something I admit is respectable.

  3. It’s hard to believe that these people are intelligent enough to breath, let alone operate a computer. The sheer amount of self-righteousness in those … ‘people’ is breath-taking

  4. Steve fucking Shives. I got blocked by him back when i got 2 followers just because i followed the amazing atheist on twitter.

    1. I was surprised to find myself blocked by him! Maybe it’s because I’ve sent Ralph a message or two.

  5. Steve: “I’m not talking about banning people because they disagree with me on something.”

    YES YOU LITERALLY ACTUALLY FUCKING ARE, YOU GIANT RETARD. Your mentions of “bigotry”, “racism”, and every “phobia” ever are mere mental gymnastics, as a sort of rationalization for censoring the opinions of people you disagree with.

    If they’re so bigoted, racist, and wrongheaded, fucking debate them. Present a dissenting point of view. Tell them to put up or shut up. If they’re ideas are so toxic and weak, and yours are so righteous and strong, prove it. Step up to the plate and swing a home-run, or go out like a buster trying.

    A block button does not mean you’ve won the argument, Steve. More often than not, it means you’ve lost, and have no counter-argument. You’ve sheltered yourself to the point that people can’t even have respectful disagreement over a minor point. In doing so, you’re slowly suffocating yourself.

    Continue suffocating yourself, figuratively and literally.

    1. He drank the Kool-Aid and honestly believes that his position is “inherently” correct. In other words he adopted a religious world view based around Feminism and Social Justice. Pro Tip: No position, based on opinion and/or philosophy is ever “inherently” correct – it must be demonstrated to be so an frankly nothing is ever so black and white to begin with.

      1. It still blows my mind that these college educated (I assume anyway) people have no sense of cognitive dissonance… at all.
        I agree with you @disqus_n7ByZpe8Vu:disqus they really do believe in their own diatribe – but even the hippies would debate you. These people scream as though in pain when confronted with an opposing viewpoint.

  6. I honestly didn’t see this one coming. She seemed like an empty SJW homunculus, but apparently she saw that anti-SJWs can be people. Unfortunately for her she’ll now witness how tolerant is her side to different views.

  7. I don’t know if i’m convinced just yet Laci. You have said some pretty nasty things about those you disagree with and about our President, and those comments deserve scrutiny. Where is the apology Laci? Without it it just sounds like you are abandoning a sinking ship. SJW is over and you are getting while the getting is good. Apologize for your misguided agenda and insults and maybe we can get somewhere. Also debate Sargon of Akkad, I really am interested in what you two have to say to one another.

  8. By SJW standards, Laci is rather mild. She did debate with Blaire White a while ago and it was rather civil.

    1. I dare her to go up against Crowder. Or, if she actually does want a substantive discourse, Dave Rubin.

      1. yeah, I’d say she should start with Rubin. If she gets brave enough, Sargon, THEN Crowder. If she embraces a shitposter vibe all of a sudden, immediately take on Milo. Can you imagine both halfheartedly shitposting each other? Would be the kek of the century

  9. I love how Shives tries to drag Sargon’s name through the mud when Shives channel has been shedding subs and Sargon’s has been gaining them. Oh and Sargon has something like 12x the number of subscribers which makes Shives look jealous as hell.

      1. The thought has crossed my mind but I’m more of a ranting pundit than anything else. 😛

  10. That one comment “I don’t fuck with YouTube” – fun fact: Anyone who describes something as “Fucking with” in casual conversation about using or not using something is ghetto trash. “Just sayin”.

  11. I hope this is like Cheong. I’d also like to see you debate her, Ralph.

    That line about marrying a brown woman was fucking hilarious though.

  12. I think Lacy sees the writing on the wall, MTV’s SocJus material is crapping out of the market left and right. It was never cool to begin with outside of certain enclaves and now it’s reached the point where being SJW is about the most uncool image one can have.

    1. I’ve always said that the best thing SJWs and feminists can do right now is to keep a low profile, hold back on the man-hating stuff and pretend to “tolerate” dissenting opinions. It appears that Laci Green has realized that.

      If she takes that route I can see a lot of people and normies being fooled into thinking “hey, maybe these feminists are not that bad after all”.

      Because a reasonable and tolerant SJW-feminist is far more dangerous than a radical SJW-feminist.

      1. The more materially motivated ones are as we can see doing just that, but not the true believers. There’s a ramble I’ve been meaning to write and submit about both that and what all lays on the horizon.

  13. She is getting the right people angry which is a good thing. Also I hate that cucked retard Steve Shives What an intellectually dishonest freakbag. lol

  14. “I’m talking
    about banning people who use the platform to promote bigotry and
    intolerance and perpetuate white supremacy and rape culture.”

    what the fuck did I just read lmao. I love it when these bigoted intolerant fucks start preaching about bigotry and intolerance. The icing on the fricking cake is 9 out of 10 times it’s a bloody white person spewing this shit, especially the terms “white supremacy” and “rape culture”

    and then their get togethers and shit are amazing to look at. All the white peoples. It’s almost as though there is very little people of color that care about the non existent problems they whine about.

    1. All a ploy to get more audience and views from the anti-SJW side to make more money.

      Not to mention that it also allows her to build a bridge with the anti-SJW side to further infest her feminist ideology. It also makes her appear “reasonable” which lessens the criticism.

      I’ve always said that the best thing SJWs and feminists can do right now is to keep a low profile, hold back on the man-hating stuff and pretend to “tolerate” dissenting opinions. It appears that Laci Green has realized that.

      A bit like what Liana Kerzner is doing with her Lady Bits project. Basically a polite version of Anita Sarkeesian.

      1. Yeah, when Patreon donations start slipping you either cry and whine about it like Zoe Quinn, or try a brand new scam like Laci Green.

      2. I always took the stance that Liana K is basically low rent Anita sarkeesian if she had a small bust size she would be saying the same things…

  15. Laci Green has spent years spewing non-stop man-hating misandrist garbage, both directly and indirectly. You know, because it’s uber cool, funny and hilarious to hate on boys and men by lying about, slandering, and tarring every man with the same brush as a default misogynist rapist.

    All whilst maintaining the lie that girls and women can only ever be victims and never the perpetrators of any type of crime, and how women never be sexist towards men.

    SJWs will be SJWs and feminists will be feminists. In other words, biased obnoxious c**ts.

    She should shove both her pills back up her rectum. People like her are the reason why young people, especially girls/women, are becoming SJWs and feminists.

    1. I prefer not to trust her too much, but also to not be overly uncharitable.

      We’ll see where she takes this. Overthinking her motives is just going to net us speculation. We don’t really know for sure what shes thinking. She might be genuine. Hell, even if she isn’t, the backlash may actually cause her to think over whether the worldview these people push is actually based in anything valid.

      If her message shifts and she really does follow the evidence going forward, then i’ll be inclined to believe her more. It all depends on the path she takes, and the message she pushes.

      1. Now this is a much beter take on the matter. Just keep in mind that she shouldn’t be expected to change all her views, completely and instantly. Some may be softened, some may be changed considerably, but what i wouldn’t trust is a Road to Damascus conversion.

        If the Right wishes to call itself the bastion of freedom of speech, then we’d best practice what we preach. If she goes scampering back to the Left with tales of how the Right wouldn’t allow her to talk, either, well…

  16. Nobody is buying it, Laci. You see a growing audience in the “redpill” crowd and are chasing shekels.

    Throw this bitch in a fire.

    1. How’s this concept different from the “shame and shun” censorship of the Left? Futher, if the Right refuses to talk to her, unless and until she changes all her views to conservative, the only difference between Left and Right is the sort of drone-speak one uses.

      It’s this sort of “logic” that allows the DemPublicans to keep the voters divided, and their party monkeys in office, representing the Party, rather than the people in their district.

      1. I like the divisions, I hope they widen and relations completely breakdown. I have nothing in common with that whore or the people she represents…they can all fuck off and die. We are where we are as a nation/civilization because we chose to listen to these degenerates and concede ground decades ago. They contribute nothing to society and only degrade it.

  17. Whether she had a genuine change of heart or this is a scam of some sort is completely irrelevant. SJW culture maintains and expands its totalitarian grasp by keeping an aura of inevitability. That if one opposes it or even is lukewarm one will be buried by your HR department or endlessly harassed off of the internet by a prog lynchmob.

    Having such a high profile SJW advocate break ranks with a central tenant of social justice of no platforming people that disagree with you is a huge body blow to what gives the hivemind power.

    And yeah, I imagine she’s about to be overwhelmed with a tsunami of hatred. Normally the human impulse would be to hurriedly apologize to your former comrades and try to rejoin the herd but I’m thinking that being willing to even entertain the idea of debating nazifascistracistmisogynisthomophobes will be a bridge too far for any of them to forgive her for.

  18. It’s very simple. Murderous leftist talking vaginas have reached complete market saturation. There is no longer enough pie for everyone, now they either have to switch sides or eat each other. Or both.

  19. Her new enemies are the same people that assault people that hold signs that say “we must have the freedom to discuss all viewpoints.”

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