Laci Green

I don’t have to spend a lot of time intro-ing Laci Green. You all know her as a big-breasted feminist YouTuber who caught a lot of heat last year for reaching out to the anti-feminist side of YouTube and making friends with the ‘wrong crowd’. Not only did she get friendly, she also got to know one of these critical personalities in the biblical sense as well. I pointed this out with my trademark subtlety in a headline that read: People Had Suspected, But Now It’s Confirmed. Chris Ray Gun is Giving Laci Green The D.

This American Life dedicated half of their most recent episode to Laci’s story, and I would say it’s worth a listen. I didn’t actually listen myself, though, I just read the transcript. I would say either are worthwhile endeavors. But the reason I’m glad I read instead of listened is that it made it easier to share the quotes where Laci shits all over the current state of online feminist activism. This is pretty good stuff.

I wonder why she’s turned against her former comrades with such gusto? Oh, maybe it’s because SJW-types are literally calling her a Nazi now.

Here’s one of the best slices from the piece…

Interviewer: It kind of feels like you’re the one who paid the price for this.

Laci: Yes. That is definitely true, because none of his followers care. They didn’t turn around and be like, Chris Ray Gun is dating a feminazi, and she’s just like this evil, horrible, man hater, baby killer. That just didn’t happen. They just did not respond in that way, at all.

I feel like the feminist side of things is just much more negative and eager to bring people down. And that was my perceived tribe, so of course it makes sense that I paid the bigger price for it. And that’s one of the things that’s bothered me all along, is this sort of gleeful willingness to just try to destroy people…

Like I said, listen to the whole thing (or read it, as I did) to get a bit more flavor. It’s pretty funny to me how efficient SJWs are at turning their former friends into devout critics and this report goes a long way towards showing you exactly how Laci Green got to that point over the last year.