My original writings on Leigh Alexander are what made me. These propelled me into public visibility more than anything else. Even now, if you Google her I’m right there on the front page above even Breitbart and Milo Yiannopoulos. I still remember those old days well. Back then, the other side would frequently engage us while talking a ton of trash. This was before Hamburger Harper stumbled onto the scene with her “GGautoblocker,” of course. Things were a lot more fun is what I’m getting at. You could even get away with using Twitter the way it was meant to be used. I would tag Liquored Up Leigh in all the time, even after she blocked me. Nowadays, you would get banned quick for such behavior. Of course if you were an SJW, you’d still get away with it, but that’s a different column.

I remember her telling me once that without her, I wouldn’t have a career. I really wanted to show you that screen again, so I spent 15 minutes looking for it just now. Alas, I cannot find it. If you’d like to go search through my 5,000+ pictures on Twitter, it’ll be there. The reason I bring it up again, is because it’s undoubtedly true. Without Leigh’s abhorrent behavior, I wouldn’t have this platform. If she hadn’t threatened to put a bottle through someone’s eye, or publicly gloated about ruining careers, I might not be here with you today. If Alexander had never laughed about a young writer trying to get into the business, or talked about “hood men,” there would be no OK, I’m being dramatic. It would still be here, just without any readers.

So, it feels kinda weird to be writing a column about her quitting gaming journalism. Without a doubt, I can say that I helped start her exit from the business, but I’m also not naive enough to think that this is the last we will ever hear from Ms. Alexander. She’ll be back, although there’s a lot tougher competition when you’re gunning for full talking head status. It’s not as easy to be a mainstream commentator. Gaming journalism is the minor leagues. Leigh wants to break into the majors. I’m not so sure it’s going to go that well for her, but only time will tell. I can talk all the shit I want…and I will. But she is a pretty good writer when she isn’t spewing lies and trashing young upstarts. So, we’ll see what happens. Can she leave the bullshit behind, or not?

Here’s an excerpt from her farewell column, posted on her personal site

Ten years is a long time to be doing the same thing at unrelenting spiritual cost. I think I have finally had enough. And more importantly, I think I’ve said and done everything that I wanted to say and do here. This is not to say I’ll never write about games again – so many of us try to say that and then we keep coming back — but I’d like to have fun playing again, and not have it feel like work. Or like a risk. I would like a new line of work. I would like to learn and grow and to do something different.

Ten years is definitely a long time to do anything, but we’ll always have to wonder if the woman who famously said, “I am games journalism,” would being leaving the field quite so soon if not for GamerGate. I don’t think she would be. We basically chased her out of the business, and it feels good, in mostly. It also feels oddly sad, in a way. I’m not sure how to describe it. Of course I’ve moved into writing about things other than GamerGate myself, but it still feels like the end of a chapter for me personally. Still, Leigh Alexander is done with video games, and we should all be grateful for that. In case you need a stroll down memory lane, here’s some of my all-time favorite posts about her. I think I’ve written more about Leigh than anyone else on the planet except, well, Ms. Alexander herself.

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Thanks, Breitbart. We’re All Laughing at Liquored Up Leigh Alexander Now.

Oh, and to finish it off, here’s the video I made about her last August.

Farewell to The Megaphone. Gamers won’t be missing you at all, Leigh. Have one more round on me.

    1. Let’s hope someone blames GG. She’ll be falling over herself (even more than usual given the empty bottles that litter her rented garage floor) to insist GAMERGATE IS DEAD.

    2. Leigh truly turned out to be one of our biggest assets and the other side’s biggest liabilities simply because of all the people engaged in the same horseshit she was engaged in she was only of the few who stomped around openly admitting to everything she was doing. She was probably the biggest red flag as to what was going on. She truly was a megaphone, a screeching malfunctioning megaphone that woke people the fuck up.

    3. props given though, she knew when to get out.
      Far more than can be said for a number of other abusive personalities slumming it on twitter for the “help me I’m a victim” bucks from idiots who don’t know what research is.

  1. It’s the end of an Era…

    Hopefully this marks the true turning point and SJWs finally back off of gaming completely. They did a lot of damage, it took us 18 months, but we did it…

    Even if we dislike each other at times, we’re still gamers, we suffered through Tipper Gore, Joe Liberman and, of course, Jack Thompson in the 90s, did Megaphone-chan and her SJW cronies think they had as much influence or power as a Lawyer, a senator and the Vice-President’s wife?

    We toughed that out, we showed how stupid they were, and then we had to dig our heels in and show the world how stupid our press was.

    Over-all, I think it’s safe to say that this war against our own news media is going well.

    Not done yet, but we’re winning. It’ll take a few more years to win completely though.

    *Ahem* One last thing to do…

    Nah nah nah nah! Nah nah nah nah! Hey hey hey! Goodbye!
    No mor-ore me-ga-pho-one-cha-han-han! Haw haw!

    1. SJWs will never back off gaming. It is really the last medium left that they haven’t won over in a landslide. Leigh might be gone but there is always someone looking to take that person’s place.

      And Ralph I’m not starting crap for ya just speaking how I feel here. Shit, we have our own SJWs in GG. The hug box part of GG has already created some monsters with tons of white knight backing. Slowly this is how ZQ, Anita, etc gained power and got ballsy. Don’t believe me watch this video. Just a heads up it is BORING. These people have no screen presence, charisma, etc. My last colonoscopy was more enjoyable then watching this interview.

    2. It’s so far, far, far FAAAR from over.
      This might at best be the end of the first movie of a long series.
      The sequel is in the making as we speak.
      We basically saw the rebels come together, and the unruly band of freedom fighters managed to push back and form a semi functional resistance, and pushed against the first big wave of the empire.
      But next time they’ll come back with more force and we’re already starting to see the cracks in the little rebel alliance as well.
      They still have complete dominion over most of the media and a lot of control and power.
      One of their evil witches going down is not going to hurt them that much, they got plenty of those, and plenty more ready to ascend to that same spot.
      In fact dare I say, they will never back down from trying to take over gaming because it’s a powerful medium.
      Until they are wiped of society at large, cut off their funding, their groups, their political ties, they will come back.

    3. It will never truly go away, just like it’s never truly gone away for Hollywood. But eventually, like Hollywood, the game industry will learn to ignore them.

      Nothing the SJWs have come close to the enemies we had in the 90s, and the media will likely be our enemies until the day we’re the old people in the media ourselves, but there will likely be enough of a lull for us to build our forces, heal our wounds, and build a viable alternative to the current games press.

    1. Should that happen one of the only things left to regret will be that Vox will have still been left standing.

  2. I wonder if this has anything with her recent fuckup where she falsely accused a guy who posted an article on Offworld of harassing women about a month after she found out he was sympathetic to GamerGate? Last time I checked his Twitter, he mentioned someone thing about lawyers getting involved…

    Regardless of the cause, GamerGate finally felled the drunk giant. I’d pop some champagne to celebrate, but i’m afraid that Leigh would bust down my door to lap up the foam off the floor.

  3. Alexander’s been running the same stupid fucking scam in gaming idiots just like her have been running in sci-fi: that “people of color” and the “marginalized” have been shut out, which is a lie. Gaming and the magazine sales which created sci-fi were driven by sales and ad dollars which catered to a demographic if there was one, or to everyone if it was that kind of a product. The idea movies, toys, gaming, books, etc. have been driven by a white racist group of women-hating homophobes for decades is something only a paranoid fucking moron could believe in. Why did Nancy Drew start solving mysteries for 70 years starting in 1930 in 19 kazillion books; because men hate women? Why not start a site which asks why white people buy more gasoline?

    Good riddance to this feminist fuck. No doubt she’ll continue to fit right in at that lying propaganda rag The Guardian and find some other gigs which pay you for making bullshit up out of your head and then crying about it on behalf of people of color in Uganda and potato farmers in the high Andes.

    One thing this idiot learned is gaming isn’t a commie commune and that money doesn’t rise up out of the ground. Keep shitting on the demographic which actually buys games and appealing to a non-existent demographic which doesn’t and that spells “No Profits.” They’re doing that in sci-fi and they can’t even give their dumbfuck short stories about the “marginalized” in outer space away. That’s because the marginalized by definition don’t have any fucking money and saying “white privilege” to me equals me saying “fuck you.” The sum total of that is zero. The fact she lists her talk about the “inherent value of non-commercial games” as one of the highlights of her year only highlights her own stupidity about how the world actually works. Clue to moron: non-commerical games have no inherent value.

    On the other hand, she might’ve seen some footage of the fun people are having at Carnival in Rio this week and started crying into her embossed My Little Pony shot glass.

  4. Bye and fuck off. But seriously she will be back. This reminds me of the Ben Cuntera shit he pulled awhile back. Besides I want to see her in jail for corruption.

  5. She takes credit for TRR but who the fuck had ever heard of her before Zoe’s sexcapades? Hipster indie devs and some game journos knew who she was, her only audience being other SJW’s, most of which were never gamers to begin with. No fucks were given before GG and none will be now she’s gone.

    Anyways first Anita and now Leigh, the hits just keep on coming! Good luck with The Guardian gig though, I hear they’re profusely bleeding out funds and readership.

      1. That was an interesting and pretty funny read, thanks for the link. Seems he was well aware of the bullshit infesting the gaming space before most of us and Ghazi hates him so he must be doing something right.

        Would be cool to read his take on her quitting.

        1. To be fair, everyone hates Alex “icycalm” kierkegaard, but Ghazi and SJW’s hates him for all the wrong reasons.

  6. As Arnold said, “she’ll be back”. So will Anita, after Tropes Vs Women is over, and so will everyone else. They’re like the prodigal sons… or daughters. They’ll always come back, begging for attention.

  7. leigh must have used all the savings up on booze and has now just sobered up enough to realize she’s broke and destroyed her reputation and career. I guess leigh will be showing up for her new minimum wage job (until she shows up drunk) to pay for her booze

  8. She always seemed like a nice enough person in private conversations. I wonder how she would have turned out without the SJW brainwash.

    Sad to see her go, she was one of the very few in their camp that had any proper potential and skill.

  9. Well shit I guess gamergate’s over.

    how can there be unethical games journalism if games journalism quit?

  10. I agree she is a good writer when she isn’t being an asshole. And she’s attractive when not bloated and sweaty.

  11. “Ten years is a long time to be doing the same thing at unrelenting spiritual cost.”

    If it was an ‘unrelenting spiritual cost,’ then she was in it for the wrong reasons from square one. When you’re truly passionate about something, it’s a source of renewal.

    Yet two years- one year? After losing her throne of mendacious authority at Gamasutra, her heart simply cannot go on.

    Maybe coverage of games will be better left in the hands of people who actually like it.

  12. I’d cheer if I thought for a second she’s not be back within two months.

    Lunatics like her can’t go on without the attention

  13. So, how long until she’s drinking sewer water for minimum wage on Buzzfeed’s Youtube channel? GOD I WANNA SEE IT!

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