I had a couple things to write before bed, but I ended up sitting back and watching the fireworks between Bro Team Pill (BTP) and AngryJoe. BTP had asked Joe multiple times about an alleged copyright infringement having to do with their logo being shown in a video Joe put out yesterday. In the vid, BTP is listed on the left side of the frame with multiple other GamerGate supporters. This also seemed to cause some of the consternation.There is also the strong possibility that Bro Team Pill is just trying to fuck with AngryJoe and make him blow his stack. I can’t say for sure either way, but regardless, the video got taken down quicker than Zoe Quinn. So here we are. Take a look at this Twitter recap, starting with BTP:








AngryJoe, for his part, had a far different interpretation of events:

And of course the anti-GamerGate sad-sacks had to get involved as well:

That’s nice, #FullMcIntosh. I’m glad all your videos shitting on the United States military were never in any danger of getting taken down. Because I want the world to know just what a disgusting piece of filth you are.

As for this DMCA episode, I’ll leave it for the reader to decide. I usually add in a little opinion on a topic, but not always. In disputes such as these, I trust you more than myself. I’m not close with either of these people, although I have had a few issues with AngryJoe. I won’t let that color my reporting here, though. You be the judge.


UPDATE: Here’s some more reaction from Twitter, along with updates from the principles. MundaneMatt put out a video criticizing Bro Team Pill, so that’s why he’s now involved:






  1. While what broteam did was a bit of a bitch move…Anyone else bothered by the fact that the usual suspects came in defense of Joe? I dont, personally, buy that Joe is a neutral. Guy bans people for talking about GG on his website.

    1. That was talked about with AJSA moderators. Joe himself had nothing to do with the moderation of topic and banning the conversation about GamerGate. I know it’s a touchy subject but apparently the call was made by moderators after months of GG debate which devolved in just pure harassment eventually.

      1. Why would I buy he had nothing to do with it? I see no reason to think he had nothing to do with it. Beyond that, his response struck me as “thou protest too much”.

        1. There is no reason to think he had nothing to do with it and there is no reason to think he had anything to do with it. You don’t have to buy anything. Do what you want.

          1. There is zero proof that Joe had anything to do with banning GamerGate discussion on AJSA forums. AJSA moderators came out and said he had nothing to do with it. That’s all.

  2. I cannot support bogus DMCA notices, which as far as I can tell this was. Regardless of his opinions, Joe has a right to them and to use content for criticism under the fair use clause of the DMCA.

    1. Law’s actually sketchier than it might seem on the surface of it. Doesn’t make this DMCA claim any less bullshit though. Very poor move on BroTeam’s part for sure.

      1. The law may be sketchy by the rules set forth by said law are pretty clear cut and this claim doesn’t fall under anything that violates it. This video is a by the book definition of fair use as laid out by the dmca

  3. Technically, Bro Team’s logo is protected under trademark laws, so taking it down is a perfectly valid move that he’s well within his rights to make if he so inclines. I don’t think it was the correct PR move to make, however. It makes him come off as being a bit petty.

    Regardless, he seems to be in talks with AngryJoe to have the logo removed from the video now, so hopefully this whole thing’ll blow over within the next day or so.

    1. Trademakr laws don’t work that way dude. Its a false claim ^^. And everyone knows it. First of all its a “news” piece. Second its not the entire logo, its for a short time etc etc.

      1. Okay, so if I made a collage artpiece and it included art that you spent months on, just because your piece was only 1/100 of the total artpiece, it makes it okay to steal your art? NO. I’m making money off of your work without your permission. This is why copyright laws exist.

  4. Its a bogus claim, he would loose in court hands down. Dunno why people are so stupid. False DMCAs is a crime….

  5. So stupid of Brote. Best case scenario: he was trying to point out how damaging it is to be on GG side and be portrayed as a misogynistic terrorist or how flawed the DMCA system is. But still a dick move. What about some of the people on that pic that are decidedly NOT GG like Jesse Cox? This will just hurt Joe and Brote and it serves no point. Disappointed.

    1. Has Jesse Cox even spoken up on GG? Just assumed he was staying silent because of Polaris. Also ShoeonHead is on that image twice because she’s that damn sexy.

      1. Few times and was very vocal on the fact he doesn’t support any side and thinks both of them are idiots. He did come in defense of TB lately when that ZeroBiscuit happened. But that’s it.

        1. I think Cox fits the standard response I get from my community.
          They just don’t give a shit what some idiot “journalists” think or do and believe anyone fighting them is wasting time they could be using to play more games.
          So, entirely understandable, and imo likely the VAST majority.
          “both sides are idiots” in this instance, but one side are idiots for their opinions (aGGros) while the other are idiots for caring (us)
          I’d rather be the second kind of idiot than anything else.

          1. Absolutely. I’d love if I could step out of GamerGate but seeing what’s happening I just can’t. I’m too afraid of what could happen if everyone keeps ignoring the situation, it’s gone too far already.
            Like TB said, this could’ve been solved months ago and it’s not GGs fault it hasn’t been done so.

    2. Yeah except… he filed it against a fellow youtuber… that has not problem responding to shit.

      5 HOURS IS BS. All BTP showed is that he is immature as fuck.

      This is frivolous. No fucking doubt.

      Edit: and ralph i think you aren’t being fair, this is wrong and it is obvious

    3. But the SJW terrorists think GamerGate is a hate movement, so if he agrees with them, he should be on their side.

    4. So he didn’t think talking shit about the most prominent feminist in gaming had people thinking he was a part of gamergate? (Small note: I’m not saying you can’t insult feminists, just that a lot of the anti GG guys would jump to that conclusion after BroTeam insulted the aforementioned person)

    1. I did, he was quite reasonable and neutral in calling both sides stupid for exchanging punches and called for focus on primary objective of fighting for ethics.

      1. Basically, screw reason. We tried reason, and we got silenced. We continued to try it and we got slandered by a bunch of cowardly journalists. We continued to try reason even then, and then a bunch of SJW types and profoundly ignorant media sheep decided to pile on the hate.

        I don’t think that it’s unreasonable to expect that if people like Joe are gonna chime in, they consider the nearly six months of prolonged and largely undeserved abuse by folks on the other side of the issues. I’m not saying it makes it right that we punch back, but any asshole possessed of even a single shred of empathy ought to find it quite easily understandable that we do given everything we’ve been made to endure for simply daring to ask for better ethics in journalism.

        So to me, this is just another case of Joe chiming in because he thinks he fucking has to, rather than because he’s got anything of value to add to the discussion. The guy really, really needs to come to grips with the fact that the internet will not actually implode if he decides not to crap out another half-assed rant.

  6. 1. NOT a bogus claim. Check out the trademark copyright laws
    2. BroTeam is NOT GG. He’s NEUTRAL. He just shares similar disdains & similar views with GG (devs, ethics, etc.)
    3. TGWTG helmed by Todd in the Shadows shat all over GG when GG supporters honored JewWario’s suicide

    All in all Brote is likely just having a laugh, poking Joe in the eye for making yet another smear piece (though a limp-wristed one) on GG but using Brote’s logo accidentally, implying a lot of things against him

    1. Its bogus. Verry bogus. Im sorry but the laws for logos do not protect them from what joe did….

      1. They may. They may not. The problem is that they’re so fucking nebulous and so open for interpretation that abuse is made relatively easy to get away with.

        1. He needs to prove it was used in a malicious attempt, to confuse or misrepresent what the brand is/does, sells etc. A logo isnt protected from beeing shown. Its protected from misrepresentation and confusing customers. Theyre not so verry nebulous in this instance.

          1. I just read the law. Some dude linked it on Twitter. It goes over that, and then ends by making it clear that neither Congress nor the courts have developed a simple and clear rule that protects our rights to use the trademarks of others for free speech purposes. So still nebulous, it turns out. Stupidly so, but the law often is.

            That said, I think the whole DMCA claim falls apart based entirely upon whether or not the dude actually trademarked the damn thing. If not, then there’s the claim invalidated.

      2. Angry Joe has done it again. He’s always been doing this. He’s had copyright strikes on damn near every one of his videos. He steals and then tries to yell, bitch, whine, cry to his subscribers that HE is the victim… bullshit.

  7. Only giving him 5 hours to respond before throwing out a DMCA?

    That’s freaking bullshit.

    I’m no fan of Joe and I thought there were errors in what he said. Why not focus on arguments instead of bullshit DMCA claims?

    Jesus christ this is dumb.

  8. Same. Honestly, Brote’s not the kind of guy to start shit like this and actually be serious. And dear god, the comments on the tweets. People are writing multi-part messages about Copyright law when they can’t even spell it.

  9. I dislike Angry Joe. Think he’s a mostly worthless shit-stack who saw what AVGN was doing, didn’t realize that it was satire, and then embarked on a career devoted to yelling loudly about whatever the fuck it is he thinks his audience wants to hear on any given day.

    That said, this shit seems straight up skeevy. I really hate that trademark law is so nebulous and that the DMCA is so open to abuse. Though to be fair, my perception may have been tainted by the bullshit I had to deal with on my YT channel just last night. Fucking Nintendo…

  10. Joe made a fuck up and this is what happens. Even Boogie is in that picture and he is not even active with the hashtag. Joe needs to been 100% sure of things like this before posting or making videos.

    1. I think the likelihood that you’ll meet Bigfoot is greater than the likelihood that Joe will ever make sure he’s got all his ducks in a row before making a video. The dude’s habit of just sort of shitting out ill-informed crap is why I dislike him so much.

  11. I watched his video before it was taken down and I was a little surprised. Gamergate was of course his number one controversy and he devoted the most time to it. He took a hard neutral stance and pretty much cast aspersions on both pro and anti sides. He ignorance did show in a few places, primarily where he mentioned it being lots of right wingers in GG when we know that’s wrong. He also said that GG is winding down which is also bullshit. In all, I would say it was about as fair a representation we could expect from a neutral.

    1. The part that pissed me off was when he looked at the Twitter feeds of gamergaters and they really hated Anita S and Brian Wu – GEE! I wounder WHY?

  12. Disappointed in bro team pill because of this.

    I get that he doesn’t want to be labelled pro or anti or whatever, but this was not the way to go about it.

  13. Sounds pretty trivial on both sides, but to be fair, it gave us “I was taking a long shit. Apologies.”

  14. I think it was a dick move by Bro Team. But on the plus side, we get to lord this over the antis if/when they pull any DMCA stunts in the future.

  15. Regardless of whether bro team is a gg supporter or not this is low and quite stupid. The use od the artwork falls under fair use so Joe had every right to use it. If there was contention about what side bro team stood on thats a whole other topic and doesn’t fall under the purview of the DMCA or any copyright controls on youtube.

    Lately I’ve felt like angry Joe has become the corporate commander…a shill but thats his choice and its my choice if I want to watch or not. Messing with this guys life by taking down videos is unacceptable. This is joes job. You are messing with his job. Also filing a DMCA takedown is BAD news for a YouTuber. A couple strikes and they ban you. Hopefully bro team gets his ass banned for filing false claims.

    A YouTube video makes almost all its money in the first few days. After that it falls off sharply. Now this video won’t have prime viewer ship time and there is nothing Joe can do but wait for it to return.

  16. I love me some Bro Team. This is the guy who spent months making videos just to piss off crazy muslims and recently posted a video of himself dressed as a giant baby, he screams nonsense about video games everyday, you can;t take him too seriously. If this claim is bogus then it will get sorted out. No reason for the giant shit show in my opinion. Although there is one less Angry Joe video on the internet and that’s a win in my book.

    Seriously though false DMCA’s are lame but can get sorted out. I don’t think Brote was acting maliciously he has a small channel and it seems like he is just protecting what little branding he had created over the years.

  17. don’t drink and protect your intellectual property at the same time. that’s what my wise old grandma told me.

  18. I can’t personally abide this sort of behaviour. While I get that Joe is a complete tit, abuse of DMCA law by Zoe Quinn was among the things that kicked GG off and it’s behaviour that I really can’t abide. I hope BTP has a rethink and drops his DMCA claim, we shouldn’t need to resort to shallow censorship to make a point.

  19. Some years ago, I had issues where I needed to file a DMCA against a person for using artwork of mine (without my permission) in a youtube video. In that case, I argued that while I was not making any direct income off the image, that the fact that the user who had taken the artwork WAS making income through advertisement revenue, that either I was owed royalties for the use of my image; or the user was to remove the image from his video. Youtube ultimately decided that since my permission was not sought for the use of the image, that the user in question had no right to utilize it without violating copyright. In fact, the only way they COULD have used it, were if the user had claimed “fair use” and had no advertisements on the video. IE: they made no money off the endeavor.

    Now, why am I saying the above? Well, while Bro’s move may be seen as a “dick move” by people, the fact is that Joe made an obvious mistake. In using Bro’s image graphic without his permission, and having advertisements on the video, he falls in violation of how copyright works for images. Matters not if he had the image visible for one second, or twenty.

    This infographic should explain it. In this case, you will want to follow down the No side, as it hits all notes. In particular “Are you using the image for personal commercial gain?” Followed by “Is the image in public domain, or protected by creative commons agreements.”


    As to being escalated, Joe has a history and a half. Polaris has pretty much given up on defending him, and it’s likely this will be the final nail in the coffin for his channel. If not, expect to see him learn a valuable lesson about seeking permission for image content.

    1. get your shit straight, youtube had return joe’s acc to good standing, hell even YTdepartment had get in touch with joe on weekend for this matter, still waiting for this “final nail” of urs for his channel dude.

      the comment u laydown is soo sore is almost like you jelly of joe.

        1. OH Sry about my english, or you rather i reply in chinese? now with that off can we get back to the topic?

          1. Oh, do they not have copyright laws in China? No wonder you have no idea what you’re talking about.

    2. Exactly. And what a surprise that just like AngryJoe, his fans think that stealing and playing the victim in DMCA claims is the right thing to do.

  20. MundaneMatt tries to interject himself into everything. That’s why he makes eight videos a days. He’s afraid he’s going to fucking miss something.

    What BTP did was kind of dumb. I understand why they did it, but that doesn’t excuse it.

    I unsubbed from AngryJoe a long time ago. What was the video about? Was he actually addressing #GamerGate? Let me guess…he tried to stay neutral. “Both sides are dumb and need to get over it”.

    1. Insisted he was neutral, leaning aGGro (although he called out BOTH sides on harassment and doxxing).

      That’s why I’m more than a little livid with Broteam. God DAMN it. I’ve said it before and it bears repeating: if someone is going to be neutral, LET THEM. The aGGros will push them into our camp because they cannot abide neutrality. It’s their way or fuck you. We can afford to play the long game.

      The rest of the controversies (although some weren’t exactly ‘controversies’) were pretty well handled. Hatred, microtransactions in AAA games, etc. One I’m curious about is the Mt. Dew Game Jam — Joe insisted the director of the Jam kept trying to stir up reality show shit in the production, which caused it to fall apart. I’m tempted to try and contact Markiplier or CaptainSparklez and see if they’d be willing to corroborate. Despite Zoe Quinn’s reputation, not everything is her fault, after all 🙂

      1. From what I’ve read from people talking about it on KIA and 8chan he did call out both sides, but when he talked about pro-GG he conveniently left some things out and misrepresented others. I’m sorry – and this is just my opinion – but it’s been six months…if you don’t have your facts straight by now you are leaning heavily aggro.

        From what I understand he hasn’t talked about GG much at all until now. That was a red flag for me, his website censors all GG talk and when called out on it claims it was the mods doing it (which I don’t buy…I find it hard to believe he didn’t know what was going on on his own site) another red flag, he’s white knighted Sarkeesian…another flag. I may just be being too cynical though.

        His white knights are out in force crying for everybody to leave Joe alone. Which isn’t surprising. They scream if somebody even looks at him funny.

        Personally I think Joe if full aggro. He’s just afraid to say it. People keep praising him for how neutral he was. I think they are saying he was neutral simply because they want him to be.

  21. Okay, this whole thing is shit. Honestly. If you wanna prove how easily the system is fooled, there are plenty of other ways of doing it.

    This is not one of them.

  22. *facepalm*

    You know, I can’t think of a single thing that Broteam could’ve done to piss Joe off more. He’s had a bad case of the rage against DMCA and Content ID ever since Youtube rolled out that shit last year and it fucked up about three quarters of his uploads.

    Way to go, Broteam. Just push him into the aGGro camp. Thanks for nothing.

    1. Yeah. Can’t wait to see someone actually Joe to court. Dude thinks that as long as he whines and moan to his subscribers, he can get away with anything. Either that or he actually has a mental condition where he thinks he is always right. It’s not the first time – definitely not the last either – that he’s done this. He can always bitch about his “seven dollars!” when he’s trying to earn a living off other people’s work.

  23. Filing false DMCAs is always a loss. Even if broteam felt they were being misrepresented or slandered that is not the function of the DMCA. YTber are very sensitive to false DMCAs as you can rob them of revenue this way. Perhaps in the future people will pay to other groups to game the system and destroy channels they don’t like.

  24. Ralph thanks for the fair recap I was trying to piece it together on twitter instead of just coming here… My mistake.

    I like BTP a lot and think people are being hasty

  25. Well first AngryJoe is a little off on what he thinks constitutes copyright infringement, it’s
    not as simple as that. 2nd, it’s funny how McIntosh and other Anti-ggers are siding with AngryJoe, considering Zoe did the same thing to MundaneMatt (which is probably why he is siding with AngryJoe on this as well) and the anti-ggers were perfectly ok when Zoe did it.

    Anyways I do believe the DMCA was too premature and should not have been used in this case. Even if AngryJoe didn’t reply, I think the best thing to do would have been a video reply of their own as well as giving AngryJoe more time.

  26. like I said many times, the likes of Matt and Sargon think that by sucking Joe’s dick they will get on his good side.

    1. Yeah, false DMCA-ing the fuck out of everyone is far better way to spread the word of how much we care about ethics…

  27. It seems I was able to see this video shortly before it had been taken down. Joe had a lot of points in it and talked about both sides having negatives. He was actually pretty fair in my opinion. I made a long ass comment mentioning a couple other points in the video, but mainly focused on the rad-fems and SJWs he brought up (he didn’t seem to understand why people dislike them so much) so I provided a few examples, stating that these people survive on outrage and constantly circulate false news and the typical bullshit you see on Tumblr and how much damage that kind of “with us or against us” mentality has on innocent people.

    Maybe not everyone will agree with what he said, but it’s definitely worth a watch imo. It’s always good to have a neutral shine a light on both sides, especially your own so you can see where we’ve made a mistake and can potentially correct it.

  28. I was defending BroTeamPill until I read this; pretty lame excuse for a DCMA report. Someone’s got GamerGatePhobia

  29. At the end of the day, an individual has the right to not be misrepresented online. I might not agree totally with his use of DMCA, but I do in a way understand it.
    In this day and age, it’s important for people who create media, and even those who read it and comment on it, to remember that you can be sued for slander, even from another country.
    The upshot being, unless you’re confident that you’re not breaking any laws, either in the country that you live, or the country that your target lives, watch your step.

  30. Totally OT but errmmmm… McIntosh is an Advisory Board member for NMR, a position he appears to have *cough* ‘earned’ *cough* 6 months give or take after he used them way back when to solve his spat with YT. Nepotism at it’s finest.

  31. Interesting. I’m surprised no one put up Quinn’s DMCA of Mundant Matt and how false as fuck that was. For people who might be wondering – she can’t get the same kind of victim money as Wu because she’s SO shady as fuck that if she goes on national television people will start exposing the fuck out of her because crazy bitch = $$$. That’s why she’s going the way of the brand/charity/con-artist with CON (lol) like Anita with her shit.

  32. “Let’s please stick to emails. The image as a whole isn’t my concern.”

    Tweets the guy who posted about this on Twitter to start with.

    1. If he hadn’t made it public, AJ would have found something to BS us with, like he’s trying to do now. And if it wasn’t DMCA’d, AJ would have never responded either.

      1. Point being, he made it public then whined about Angry Joe keeping it public and not taking it to private emails.

  33. You know, I would give a limb to be able to go on a major news network and deconstruct the professional victims of anti-gaming. Especially calling out Anita on her bullshit. All it would take is one person to do that (preferably a woman, I guess), and these people would go into a nose dive.

  34. I spent some time thinking about this today, and I want to comment further.

    First, I’m still irritated with Broteam. The DMCA notice was clumsy and foolish. As people have noted, DMCA hits piss off Youtubers as a whole and we don’t need to do that. It’s sloppy work, and you can never have too many allies in this kind of fight.

    However, I put my finger on what bugged me about Joe’s video, something that people have criticized him for in prior posts and comments. Joe is sloppy too. Very sloppy. He couldn’t be arsed to find out who Milo is? Really? He couldn’t be arsed to do basic research beyond ‘a plague on both your houses’? Honestly, with that level of bad spadework it calls into question all of his prior work on games and hardware, to boot.

    Maybe we’re better off without him as an ally. If he can’t be bothered to investigate, to collect any data that might challenge his preconceptions, then maybe it’s for the best he’s not ‘down with GG’.

  35. Just nuke the clown’s account for issuing a fake DMCA and destroy his adsense by fraud clicking his ads. End of story.

  36. I have zero patience or love left for Joe or anyone in the TGwtG circlejerk or the greater Channel Awesome cesspool but I’m going to have to take his side on this one. It’s a bogus claim and it could set off a giant retarded DMCA false flagging shit flinging contest.

    I do get it though, Joe is a stupid lolcow and it could obviously be fun to troll him if you were so inclined. Yet that’s really the biggest reason he’s still essentially on the other side is that he’s butthurt as fuck about endlessly being made a fool during this saga. KoP was already fucking with him in the first few weeks to no real benefit and that’s sort have been the pattern of his relationship with GG ever since.

    He’s been mishandled from day one, Joe isn’t the kind of shit movieblob is. He may have been made to see reason eventually but now he’ll just start bitterly playing the victim card and it’s counter productive.

  37. I’m fully in support of Joe here.

    DMCA is the nuclear option, even if legitimate (and it was flimsy)
    Broteam has *every right* to protect his brand, ask for corrections etc, but if there’s one thing gamergate is against as a whole it is even the *appearance* of censorship or abusing legal mechanisms/ethical guidelines/TOS.

    Joe is 6 months late, sort of ill informed and declaring himself “neutral” and both sides “guilty” while only actually agreeing with gamergate at all.
    At least he tried to be fair, so credit him that and hopefully this will work out for the best.

    Thankfully it’s resolved.

  38. Wow BTP the logo was hardly there and not was on there for long and he DMCA’ed it.

    I wanted to see a mass thumb down like the ABC video had. We all know Joe doesn’t know much about Gamergate, but censoring him over this is BS. Joe is an cuckold SJW, but DMCA is DMCA.

  39. Joe got a lot of things wrong about GG in that video, but BTP fucked up by picking a fight with a neutral that has a lot of clout, much like how the aGGros kept poking Total Biscuit with a stick and pushed him to the GG side. Joe is already a neutral leaning towards the anti side, and this could be thing to convince him to go full aGGro, even though BTP isn’t on GG’s side.

  40. Brote just did it to cover his ass. According to his Tumblr post he made afterwards he didn’t even know it’d get taken down straight away, he thought there’d be a review period and a chance for Joe to dispute the claim, but obviously that didn’t happen. If my image (no matter how obscured) was in a collage of prime targets for abuse, death threats, SWATting & more, I’d probably do the same thing.

  41. As malicious as BroTeam acted, I can see why he acted the way he did. Clearly he didn’t want to pick a side in the whole Gamergate mess and saw the video as implying he was on one side of the argument.

    All you need is someone saying “BroTeam is pro-gamergate” and half his audience suddenly hate him and AngryJoe was sort of implying BroTeam was a part of GG. Both of them jumped the gun when the situation could have been easily fixed. AngryJoe should have put up a disclaimer to begin with and BroTeam comes off like he’s using his “character” as an excuse to be an asshole.

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