I had a couple things to write before bed, but I ended up sitting back and watching the fireworks between Bro Team Pill (BTP) and AngryJoe. BTP had asked Joe multiple times about an alleged copyright infringement having to do with their logo being shown in a video Joe put out yesterday. In the vid, BTP is listed on the left side of the frame with multiple other GamerGate supporters. This also seemed to cause some of the consternation.There is also the strong possibility that Bro Team Pill is just trying to fuck with AngryJoe and make him blow his stack. I can’t say for sure either way, but regardless, the video got taken down quicker than Zoe Quinn. So here we are. Take a look at this Twitter recap, starting with BTP:








AngryJoe, for his part, had a far different interpretation of events:

And of course the anti-GamerGate sad-sacks had to get involved as well:

That’s nice, #FullMcIntosh. I’m glad all your videos shitting on the United States military were never in any danger of getting taken down. Because I want the world to know just what a disgusting piece of filth you are.

As for this DMCA episode, I’ll leave it for the reader to decide. I usually add in a little opinion on a topic, but not always. In disputes such as these, I trust you more than myself. I’m not close with either of these people, although I have had a few issues with AngryJoe. I won’t let that color my reporting here, though. You be the judge.


UPDATE: Here’s some more reaction from Twitter, along with updates from the principles. MundaneMatt put out a video criticizing Bro Team Pill, so that’s why he’s now involved: