I saw this story way earlier in the day, but I got sidetracked with lunch, setting up the stream, and the last post about Louis C.K. Still, this one is so outrageous that I had to come write something on it, even though another outlet just posted on it. Last night, Lauren Southern went to an event in Vancouver where some guy named Augustus Sol Invictus was scheduled to speak. He didn’t make it that far though, as the Canadian border agents told him he wouldn’t be allowed in the country since he was (allegedly) just there to stir up trouble. Still, Ms. Southern decided to hang around the area and debate some idiotic SJWs for awhile, which triggered most of them. While things did get a little testy, people peacefully exchanged their points back and forth…ya know, how it’s supposed to work in a free country.

That’s until some nasty piece of work came up and dumped a bottle full of piss onto Lauren’s head. Yes, piss. She should be happy that she didn’t do it to someone like me, since there’s a better than 50% chance I would have put her in the hospital just off instinct alone. If you’ve yet to see the video, watch it below (I have the incident timestamped)…


Breitbart Tech has a long write-up with screenshots from the SJW hate mob on Twitter reacting just as you would expect them to react, so if you want to see that, head over there. I just wanted to point out how, as detestable and disgusting as the attack was, it’s actually a good thing for Ms. Southern and people on her side of the argument. If you have to resort to pouring urine on someone rather than refuting their points, you have lost the argument completely.



Everyone doesn’t sit online everyday like I do and argue with the losers and freaks. They might not understand some of the finer points of the various debates that rage on daily. You know what they can understand, though? Piss being pouring on a young woman’s head for no reason other than some weirdo didn’t like the words coming out of her mouth. It’s anti-free speech, it’s anti-democratic, and it makes a laughingstock of the tolerance these social justice nuts preach online and elsewhere.


I want to tip my hat to Ms. Southern for once again exposing these punks for the phonies that they truly are. It takes people with a little bit of courage to elucidate the public on the true nature of these thugs. I know she said it wasn’t that big of a deal on Twitter, but what if one of these people had put a knife in her back? I hate to be so grim, but that’s the class of psycho we’re dealing with here.

We all appreciate your work, Lauren. Please keep it up.