Laurie Penny’s recent op-ed about Melania Trump is one of the most condescending things I have ever read in my life. Not only is it anti-woman and unfeminist (by radfem’s own standards), it’s deeply unfair to an accomplished woman like Melania. Nora and I break it all down in this episode of TheRalphRetort Rundown.


Ms. Penny’s article:



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  1. Because somehow, watching Dr David Starkey, (one of Britain’s most respected historians and beloved son of The North…a man who worked his way to the top from humble roots), kick a jumped up champagne socialist public school toffee nosed Trustafarian twat in the teeth repeatedly never gets old….

  2. I’ve said it before. I guarantee she was one of those socially awkward kids growing up that locked herself away in her bedroom and did nothing but read books. She’s frail, she’s spoiled and you can tell she’s never had anyone attack her ideas until she put them out in public.

  3. On tonight’s episode of Batman, the role of The Penguin will be played by Laurie Penny……

    God, I wouldn’t even go interracial with her, and my standards for non-black chicks ain’t high! You literally just need a pulse half the time, gee whiz!

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