When I sat down to watch Law & Order: SVU earlier tonight, I knew I was in for a bizarre spectacle. This show has been a bad parody of itself for a number of years now, and only hung around this long because the rest of NBC has been so fucking terrible. Still, like Zoe Quinn herself said, I don’t know what I hoped for, but this wasn’t it. Although, come to think of it, given how asshurt some of these SJWs are tonight, maybe it was better than I thought. I know I did get a lot of laughs out of it, even though it definitely was offensive as fuck. 

First off, we’ve never been accused of sexually assaulting some woman at a convention, which is how the show started off. But that was just the beginning, cause shit got a lot wackier later on. An armed group with a leader named Acid Rain took the Anita-like developer hostage, a gang rape was alluded to, and they hacked one of the jumbotrons at Times Square at one point. The dialogue was cringe-inducingly bad on about 1,000 different occasions. This thing was so over the top, that you would think it was written as a parody. Perhaps it was, given some of the reaction on the other side. I know we mostly had fun with it. The only problem is, some idiots might actually believe this garbage about our beloved pastime.

Here’s a few tweets from my viewing session, along with several from the GamerGate community on Twitter:







Basically, the whole thing was a laugh fest. If you still don’t believe me, here are some especially hilarious clips from the episode:


As I said, the other side was mighty pissed. Zoe was whining because the developer (SPOILER) ends up quitting at the end. All that bullshit, and this is what pisses her off? I should have know a deceitful tramp like her would take that away from this farce. I’m tempted to think the writing staff was just trolling everyone. That’s how fucking nuts this thing was. If you want the full episode, you can watch it here, or download it here. I also have a photo gallery below, because, why not? Lol. Don’t stress this shit at all. This is a great thing, and it’s gonna snap a lot of non-GamerGate gamers out of their slumber.

  1. Yeah I bet you’re reaaaal homeless, Zoe. I’m sure $4000+ a month Patreon income you’re getting for doing fuck all is a REAL fucking struggle. I bet you’re just SCRAPPING by.

    The balls on that chick, I swear….

      1. To be fair, I wouldn’t want to be a woman vacationing in Europe right now, whatwith its rapists that don’t get addressed because the cops won’t punch down at Muslims.

          1. Rape being about power aside, all she’d have to do is explain to them who she is, what she’s done and the kind of person she is and all traces of a boner would vanish.

    1. Not to mention that her boy toy LiftzShit is a trust fund baby who can afford to shack up at $1000 a night hotels or at one of his dad’s mansions.

  2. Law & Order – the SVU – edition in particular has been used to shit directly on Conservatives and men. It shohldnt surprise us that they have come for us next – most of us who are liberal.

    It’s amazing to see what these people are willing to do those who don’t agree with their worldview.

  3. It also really pisses me off at just how much SVU seems to be getting off at the abuse their female characters go through these days. They’d probably defend it as “pushing the envelope”, but it’s becoming more and more fetishized and down right creepy how much they leer on the sexual abuse and violence that they keeping pulling. The show just seems to be run by a bunch of dirty old men hiring these young, inexperienced, need-to-make-a-name-for-myself actresses to act out their own sexual fantasies. I can only imagine the director stroking it during the live gangrape scene where she’s getting her shirt ripped off. It really is just fucking gross.

    Beyond the I Read It On Kotaku and darknet and Level Up and redchanit, it’s that aspect of the show that really puts me off and that places this on a whole ‘nother level of shit. They really should be damn ashamed of themselves for being so unbelievably misogynistic like this.

    1. Like that one from a couple weeks ago where the hudson university student (it might have been a rerun?) who made rape porn gets raped and the judge is like mmmmmm im’a void this conviction cause u a hoe and this smacks of professional victimhood. In the end she is surround by a bunch of “gross” (jokes on you SVU, to a gay guy every one of those guys was hot!) men about to run a train on dat ass. It was classless, ham-fisted and honestly made zero sense. I don’t believe for a second that would have happened irl.

      They ARE just trying to be provocative for rating. They need to let go.

  4. I haven’t seen the SVU episode yet but I can already tell it backfired on AGG pretty bad just like the Nightline episode did. This almost makes me want more shows that are so out of touch of the gaming community and relies on the mainstream media alone to do more episodes like this one just to show people how ridiculous the narrative that the media spun is. Hell I heard that even Kotaku was appalled by the episode. It’s a shame 2 because I really like SVU (Though I stop watching it after the actor who played Stabler left)

  5. Just finished watching it. That was the most unbelievably stupid and boring thing I’ve ever watched. I would like those 40 minutes back.

  6. Polygon’s predictable take on the episode…

    “As the show progresses, it takes a turn into predictable cop drama fare.
    This salacious show’s primary focus is on sex crimes, not video games,
    and the script follows a generic pattern, drifting into some really
    unpleasant scenes.

    But it’s clear that the crimes being perpetrated here are motivated by a
    desire to humiliate and subjugate women, pretty much in line with the
    aims of the real hate campaigners.”

    Yup, this has been my entire motivation since GamerGate’s inception. You got me Polygon. I joined this movement not because I know games journalism is filled to the brim with unethical individuals and would like that to change, but because I have a great desire to humiliate and subjugate women. I just can’t help myself. I eat and drink misogyny for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

    1. I find that diet unsatisfying and leaving me still hungry, so I pack a little lunch box full of misogyny and take it to bed so I can snack on it when the hate pangs kick in.

      Sometimes I get up in the middle of the night and just shout random abuse at women on TV to fulfill my burning need to put women down.

    2. Me to. My entire life is devoted to living in basements, growing a neckbeard, harassing women and playing video games using the damsel-in-distress trope.

      I am truly worse than ISIS.

  7. I have to laugh at Quinn’s repeated insistence that she is homeless. If she is ‘homeless’, then it is only because she enjoys mooching off of her friends…

    1. Well, that and she’s a game programmer who’s only product is a Twine choose-your-own-adventure text game that required no programming skills. Since she literally has no provable skills to put on a resume its possible it really is a choice between mooching or burger flipping for her:_)

      1. And I thought that burger flipping and working real hard would pay off… Apparently mooching has a better ROI.

        1. Well you know how it goes, right political connections + willingness to whore yourself in every sense of the word = $$$$

          1. And I just threw up in my mouth thinking about doing anything of the sort. Hard work it is. lol

    2. Her idea of “homeless” is a never-ending trip across Europe with her trustfund-baby boyfriend, Dipschitz. Oh, and dat Patreon $$ don’t hurt, either. 😉

  8. Honestly … what do you think, actually scares women out of gaming?
    It’s stuff like this SVU episode.

    Good job SJWs, Feminists and corrupt media!

    1. this and anita nonsense, the STEM fields are fine for women. They just dont apply and now they WONT.

      Good job wasting all that money intel

      1. Not entirely true. Sure in fields like physics and computers there’s not many women. In things like Biology and Animal Science there’s plenty. Hell 85% or some ridiculously high number of Veterinary School grads are women.

        1. Not many women vets go into the agricultural sector however, there’s a tendency to prefer to be a vet to household pets rather than travel to farms and administer to farm animals. Which is starting to cause problems given the demographics graduating.

          1. Not surprising. Farm critter medicine is a bit rough and ready at times (there’s a good book out there, ‘No Dogs In Heaven?’ that details the trials and tribulations of being a rural vet).

  9. Well this was a sack full of crap that got lit on fire. Too bad the SJWs were the ones putting it out.

    That is, too bad for them. You can sense the salt in the air.

  10. ,,,just watced it on th link above,,,thanks Ralph…
    ,,,I thought it was fantastic! It ends with Ice T headin home for a marathon session of Kill or Be Slaughtered, that hedge fund fiancee’ got triple-cucked, th’ SJW left gaming, and when that hot blonde ladycop drew down on that scrub on th’ roof? WOOF! Mega Hot and Fierce! I ” leveled up” in my underwear!
    …top keks SVU!….
    …Now do one about that time Brian Williams was in Iraq and raped those guys in Abu Ghraib Prison! True story, and timely!…

  11. Thanks for posting the link ^^ couldn’t play bingo last night because the NBC stream site was slow for me.


    This is so riddiculus we should make memes out of this, seriously start making memes.


    Oh god, that was worse than a youtube video parody.

  13. The saddest thing about this fucking abortion is that anti-GG really believes this is how things are. Like, they must have put that dream reader machine from Batman Forever on Brianna Wu’s head and projected this episode into a camera or something.

  14. LOL I feel like not only was this episode “above average” for how poorly constructed, badly written and over the top (because fuck it, according to Michael Bay spectacle = substance, right?), but it just generally spit on everyone. Which honestly might have been the right move. I do like how Zoe Quinn keeps lying to everyone that she is homeless though. That doesn’t get old. Bitch spends an awwwwwful lot of time on Twitter for a homeless person. Granted, I’ve seen what a what being addicted to Riot Games can do to someone…

    1. Yeah. It’s hard to be homeless when you’re fucking your way across several major states. Always got a place to stay when you’re not just willing to give up the ass, but eager to.

      But no, me being a dick aside, doesn’t she make something like three grand a month to sit on Twitter and be a shithead? Her decision to fuck about and not head home really has fuck-all to do with GamerGate.

      1. She is peddling 100% bullshit. She has a cult of followers who do nothing but “listen and believe” – these are the same degenerate fucks who would have just as eagerly gathered outside the Duke Lacrosse house where those men lived and demand their heads on a pike. Did any of those fucking losers apologize? No, they’re self righteous assholes who need their teeth kicked in. They’re not worth the effort to cross the street and piss on them if they were on fire.

  15. Guess it was a good thing I skipped watching this and played GTA online. Wait….I’m not supposed to play that. It might make me kill hooked and sell meth and rob a bank…shit….

  16. Even for a show like SVU, it was implausibly bad.

    Conventions have tons of bathrooms on several floors, yet the two boys that assaulted the girl just happened to be waiting in the right bathroom, in the right stall, at the right time? It would have made more sense if they had followed her, but I guess the pair of idiots just stood in a ladies’ stall for hours, occasionally telling any other woman who came that it was occupied.

    Then after the girl is assaulted, she says they “leveled up”? THE HELL? Who talks like that? The dialogue sounds like it was written by someone who just learned about the internet last week, and was told to pound out this script in 2 hours. This is made even more apparent by the “LOL WUT TTYL BRB FBI NCAAP NAMBLA” dialogue complete with “translated for old folks that still use rotary phones” commentary by Ice-T.

    It is laughable that not a single person on either side of GamerGate has been beaten, kidnapped, or raped, yet the show seriously thinks that all the trolls and 3-party shitslingers making threats would actually ever follow up on them. (As far as I know, aside from an attempt to get KoP and Mike C. swatted, no actual swattings have occurred).

    I’m sure that all the Antis that were hoping that this would “destroy GamerGate” were less than pleased with this episode, especially considering that the “Faux-y Quinn/Ain’t-nita S.” was horribly beaten and raped, then gave up on gaming. I’m guessing they expected her to break free, beat up the Evil White Male Gamers ™, and then teach them the errors of their ways, thus saving gaming from Evil White Male Gamers ™ FOREVER!

    1. Having been to conventions, no bathroom is that clean, and especially that empty.

      ESPECIALLY the women’s bathroom. There’d be a line out the door at all times.

  17. Guess it was smart of me to not watch this and have more fun playing GTA5 Online.
    Wait….I shouldn’t play that game. I might have sex with a hooker and kill her after she gets out of my car. I might become a methhead and start gun smuggling. Or I might get my name changed, move to LA, give up my life of crime for a family that I can’t stand half the time.
    It could happen….

    1. I’ve seen this rationale before. Regarding tabletop roleplaying games. Somehow, media can magically brainwash you into someone else.

      I routinely complain that for all the ‘D&D leads kids into witchcraft’, I’ve never gotten any of the spells to work. Maybe my book was a dud…

  18. Laugh Outloud Snoflakes Victimized Unfair!
    I’ve yet to watch, but it sounds like some of old horrid “Real Detective” pulp magazines that were always about brutal rape.
    The fake game actually looked interesting – apparently this was not a patreon freeload Zepression Quest.
    It missed the root of the controversy – mediocre developer sleeps with half the gaming press and gets 5 star reviews until jilted boyfriend blogs about it. Note how any game journalism is absent.

    I said to wait. Turns out, so bad it’s good. It illustrates that poor quality still makes it out. I’d give this episode 3 jumped sharks.

  19. I didn’t watch this last night because I was busy having fun on my Xbox One. But I will watch it later on tonight after working for corrupt federal government agents while secretly planning the heist of the century while fighting off the mexican cartel commanded by a notorious drug lord at the same time. So yeah, after a hard days work I could use a good laugh at a joke of a show misrepresenting gaming culture by lies and fallacies. Good job NBC, I’m sure this won’t drive more neutrals to our cause in any way whatsoever. LOL!

    [DISCLOSURE] The 2nd sentence in my comment is a joke. The 1st, 3rd and 4th sentences are not. Along with the LOL!

  20. All that needs to happen is more exposure, if they see how crazy these SJWs/3rd wave really are the more they will be reviled.

  21. I call bullshit on hacking a Jumb-o-tron in Time’s Square. Suspension of disbelief voided.

    And this whole episode is like one massive trigger warning hahaha. her on the bed in her bra with the battered face and the gun against her head. I think the writers might have a bit of a fetish. I’m sure there were a LOT of hysterical, crying SJWs after this episode (GO TO FUCKING THERAPY), who I’m sure will spin those tears into Patreon dollars (or in the case of white knights, trying to seem like an emo pussy in an attempt to get pity sex… silly white knights, you’re a cuckold, you NEVER get sex).

    1. Remember that South Park made an episode about these stupid crime dramas where they called them out for being exactly what they are, softcore murder, rape and fear porn meant to titillate bored old people. Nothing against pornographers except that when porn presents itself as being not porn and when it’s consumers are self denial about what they’re viewing shit tends to get retarded.

      1. Informative murder porn. Although I think that was more of those “watch us re-enact this brutal, passion fueled killing” shows. But yeah, now that you mention it this applies too.

  22. 5 minutes in I kind of knew what parameters of ridiculousness to expect.

    I mean really, has any convention bathroom EVER been empty long enough for people to sneak in and assault someone?
    It’s almost like the writers didn’t bother to consult anyone who knew anything about video games. Oh wait…

  23. Did anyone else die laughing when stereotypical indian girl game developer was swatted during the streaming online interview? What an amazing coincidence that Ice-T was checking his phone at that moment. From that point on I knew it was going to be a hilarious ride. I am not surprised in the least that the whole reasoning behind this episode was trying to drive women out of game development. They are still pushing that same tired narrative but at this point it’s really all they have left. What about at the end when the idiot fires a handgun for the first time and is knocked on his ass by the recoil? Same on Ice-T for camping at the end like a pussy. Now since I enjoy being an asshole, here’s a sexy pic of Ben Kuchera!

  24. LMFAO, well at least they went over the top – if this had been a bit more toned down, people’s internal bullshit radar wouldn’t go off – as it is, they did a pretty good job making sure that only the nutjobs will believe this shit possible. SO MUCH LOL.

    1. You seriously need to watch it, especially if you have been active in GG since the beginning. They manage to cram nearly every bullshit lie into a 45 minute episode. Trust me you will laugh more than once.

  25. All the homeless people I know don’t have access to Twitter at all hours of the day. She’s oppressing real homeless people by claiming she’s homeless. You’re not homeless when you stay in hotels or have a friends house to stay at. You’re homeless when you live in a tent under the highway.

  26. Let’s be real: The SJWs are only backing off because they realized the show’s producer gives zero fucks about the issue, and as produced here, even bashed Brianna “you’re only capable of good when you become a woman” Wu’s game. These arrogant Tumblr psycho fucks are pissed because none of them were made famous by lookalike casting.

  27. I keep hearing everyone talking about how the SJWs and their media cucks are freaking out and doing damage control over the episode but I haven’t seen a lick of evidence that anyone aside from ZQ has said anything about it.

    Can anyone lay some knowledge down on my cis-het scum ass?

      1. Yeah, it’s kinda looking like standard GG mega over inflation of an otherwise limited and minor reaction from the opposition. Anything to convince ourselves that the opposition is psychotic.. =

  28. Wow, shitting on gamers and gaming culture, how unsurprising.

    If 2015 manages to be the worst in AAA and indie sales ever there will be only one thing I will tell to Kuchera and his gang of idiots.

  29. The moment that I heard “They leveled up,” being said with straight-faced, deadpan faces, I knew they were going to just go off the rails with this one. And Polygon’s response, from Colin “I gobbled EA’s knob” Campbell : “Sadly, it’s based on horrible things that have actually happened.”

    Yes. I remember the day that a GamerGate hit squad beat up a woman at E3 last year.

    I remember when someone kidnapped Anita Sarkeesian and hacked the jumbo-tron in New york to post that scary video of her being tied up in a van.

    And hey, Ralph, do you remember meeting up in real life with Roguestar to plan that awesome doxxing event? By the way, did you ever get the deets? Just curious.

    But mostly, I remember just how much of a crock of shit-weasels these people really are. Because NONE of what I said ever actually happened.

    This episode, much like the SJW narrative of GamerGate being a hate/terrorist group, is a work of purest fiction – on the same level of George muthafukin Lucas “Star Wars is Real” fiction.

    Because, we all know Star Trek is better.


    1. “This episode, much like the SJW narrative of GamerGate being a hate/terrorist group, is a work of purest fiction”

      I know this is probably giving the show’s writers too much credit, but a part of me wonders if that wasn’t the point just the same. Like…a clear demonstration of just how nuts the anti-gamer narrative sounds to sane people.

      Probably not, but seeing as it’s pissed them off regardless, I suppose it doesn’t really matter what the intention really was. 😀

  30. The studio notes!!! For the love of God!!! Somebody leak the studio notes!!!
    Please Mr. Leight you have nothing to lose, you already look like an idiot but if the notes are leaked on say Redchan.it SOMEBODY ELSE looks like an idiot. Plus it will be funny as fuck. So go ahead, come on you can blame your assistant.

  31. i love how much this backfired on them. they where all gung-ho about promoting this episode and it blew up in their face. just beautiful. no sympathy from me.

    1. Aside from being an epic, non-intentional satire where in their hyperbolic BS was given flesh and thus exposing how out of touch they are with reality, how did this blow up in their face? We’re laughing, but from what I’ve seen, all of three or four of them have said anything about it.

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