Bro Team Pill is scum (which I talk about in this video). Out of all the people I’ve come into contact with online, he stands out as one of the most disingenuous and dishonest. That being said, his anti-GamerGate leaks have always been pretty spot on, and today seems like no exception to that rule. Plus, it’s not about my distaste for him, it’s about the hypocrisy of the anti-GamerGate crowd. I scrolled though most of the leaks, but of course the part that immediately stood out to me was Randi Harper trying to get me suspended from Twitter for partially doxing myself.

I would get my account locked many months later for fully doxing myself, so this was a real attempt. You can even read one of the other shitheads lament that they weren’t able to get me suspended for a supposed dox in the past because I deleted the tweet. You got to move pretty fast to catch the Ralphster, that’s all I’ll say.

Here’s the relevant section…

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Yea, I guess anger can be hard to manage. You’re in a group with people who are collecting dox and trying to get people banned from social media, while simultaneously acting like anti-harassment angels. Notice “Tesseract” mention how all the info she/he had on me was provided by me? That’s dox collecting and it’s one example of how pretty much everyone is full of shit on this issue.

Oh and here’s the graphic I posted, by the way…

B3LDfW0CIAAZGDUEdgy, I know.

There’s a lot more in these logs, including Zoe Quinn and Alex Lifschitz (who got dumped lol) directing the harassment campaign against gamers and GamerGate-supporting devs like Brad Wardell so they could keep their own hands clean…

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999CqqTe8wXEAET3T6 999999999CqqT0x8WAAA2e1zThey were who we thought they were: the biggest hypocritical bunch of motherfuckers on Planet Earth.


UPDATE: Apparently they wanted to sue your intrepid editor…


FOLLOW UP: Read about how Alex Lifschitz, Sarah Butts, & Dina Karam REALLY REALLY wanted to sue me…

  1. The Zoe drama doesn’t stop there. Vice Gaming (run by one of her friends in the SJW gaming circle jerk, Patrick Klepkek) just put up a video of her talking about her upcoming “game” made with Chuckle Tingle, the dude who writes novels about guys getting pounded in the butt by dinosaurs, inanimate objects and even their own butts (I have no idea how that would work, and I don’t want to know). It’s basically her cuck Alex Lifshitz in a unicorn mask, playing with dildos. Seriously.

    The comments are disabled (who didn’t see that coming), but the ratings are currently at 6000 downvotes to 1000 upvotes, which Chelsea somehow believes to indicate that people are “mad”, and aren’t just showing how much they think her “game” is going to suck.

    1. Is it me or does anyone else think that she looks creepy in this video?

      She looks so pale and nothing like the header photo that’s normally used in entries about her and if I did not know it was her I would have thought it was a different person

    2. It can’t be any worse than Depression Quest….right? I’m still traumatized by how shitty that game was.

  2. I’m listening to the stream, and I cannot stop being amazed at the massive amount of SJW retardation. Some highlights:

    Peter Coffin acting like he can get writer John Green and Patreon founder Jack Conte to do favors for him.

    Veerender Jubbal constantly whining and getting buttmad at white men, while chatting with a room full of white men, and working at job surround by white men, and cashing checks written and paid for by white men.

    Zoe and Margaret Pless all but admitting that they were trying to SWAT Mike Cernovich.

    Dan Olsen confessing that he downloaded child porn to frame 8chan.

    I have no idea why these idiots thought it was a good idea to get together in one place and spill the beans on the underhanded shit they pulled.

      1. It was mentioned in the stream by Brote. I’m waiting for BroTeam to screenshot that segment and post it online.

  3. My quarterly questioning if the OAPI or whatever thing Harpy and Zoequinn created is doing anything useful, evil, or is just a Clinton Foundation.

  4. isn’t it awesome being positioned as an anti-harassment person in the eyes of the mainstream?

    seems like pretty much a license to harass, you get to do it all you want and who is going to stop you when all the people whom that would fall into have your back?

    scratch that, it’s awesome being positioned as “the good one” in general, it’s a recurring theme with these people

    the worst things they accuse others of doing, to which they latter position themselves as the one and only solution, are the ones they constantly try to do, it’s like they have done such a great job projecting they actually weaponized it

      1. It’s just baffling why there are still GG ‘Moderates’ that want to reason with and accept SJW’s ideas. All SJW “ideas” result in heavy censorship and restriction of free speech and artistic expression.

        Starting to associate Moderates with SJW-Lites more and more these days

  5. Incidentally, Zoe’s patreon goals have shifted down to perhaps make them seem more reasonable to a wider audience. She’s now asking for $3500 as opposed to the original ruthless $5000.

  6. It’s beautiful,all hypocrites, every one of them.
    But as vox always said, sjw’s always project….they are guilty of everything they claimed of GamerGate

  7. It’s always nice to have your beliefs vindicated in such a spectacular manner. No wonder Ian left this cult of hypocritical assholes. Let’s celebrate with one of Chelsea’s better pictures.

  8. Never in my life have I seen such a collection of disgusting human beings get so much love and attention for supposedly being “great progressive people that are trying to make the world a nicer place” You’ve got to be kidding me
    I would never give any of these women the time of day and I probably wouldn’t even notice them other than being weird looking colored hair feminist with metal sticking out of weird places on their face.

  9. So another day, and another case of these two utter sacks of shit getting away with it because the mainstream media, white knights, manginas and cucks enable them too.

    When the tides turn, people like these two will get their comeuppance. And no=one will feel a microbe of sympathy for them.

    They are the fucking embodiment of today’s modern SJW-feminism.

  10. And once again, Anti-GamerGate is shown to be projecting all their own sins and inadequacies onto us. This is probably the most damning indictment of them.

    Between this and the MomBot doxxing plans, I think we’ve established a pattern of behavior. Anyone affected by this cabal should sue the lot of them, because we have clear evidence of conspiracy.

  11. No wonder Ian Miles Cheong wanted to escape that madness. Talking with sociopaths all the time can’t be easy.

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