OK, the title is a little fun, because by now, the dummies over at GamerGhazi know we have people in their chat. But they still speak like we don’t, so I thank them for that. Early this morning, I was handed a chat log by @jackal40961. I can’t independently verify the contents, but it would take a lot of work to pull off fakery of this magnitude, and it appears to be a full transcript. After I mine it for news, I will put out the full log. I also have another full log from the last Ghazi leak story, so I will release that along with it.

Before we get into the main course, let me list the tweets from the last couple hours, where I already leaked some of the chat:

Now, onto the meat of this article. First-off, Blocklist Blockhead Randi Harper has been talking about her contacts at Twitter. I haven’t been following her activities closely enough recently to say whether or not she has revealed any of those, but she does here in the Ghazi chat. Apparently she’s tight with the “head of safety,” and recently met with them. The person who matches that description the closest is Del Harvey, Head of Twitter Trust and Safety. You may know her from To Catch a Predator. Yes, that’s right. She was the one acting like a little girl/boy for Chris Hansen during many of his busts. Here’s a couple tweets about what I discovered with her. Selection_999(117)

Before I get to more leaks, I want to warn you, many of these excerpts contain discussion of a suicide attempt by one of our more prominent members. I didn’t see any Ghazi people wishing her dead (thankfully), but her predicament did not stop at least one member from trashing her repeatedly. Some will likely criticize me for releasing this, but I think it needs to be seen. One user even mentions Randi Harper having doxed the Facebook group that person started, and how she had a “meltdown” after that. They never put two and two together and think about Harper having possibly contributed to this tragedy, but allow me. While it’s unfair to blame her directly, I know they would not cut us any slack under similar circumstances. So it’s completely fair to point out all the hell Randi has put her through, whether it had anything to do with this, or not.



Oh, and here’s Randi laughing about IGDA Puerto Rico getting shutdown….Selection_999(114)

More possible news? The same guy who was featured in the first leak story, says Zoe Quinn wrote some of the code for Fez. I have no way of knowing if that’s true, or not. I haven’t heard it before myself, but I may have missed it somehow. It could be out there already, but it seems like I would have remembered that lol…


That’s all the news I’ve gathered out of the log so far. I’ll look through it again tonight, and see if I find anything else. Either way, I will put both logs up in a pastebin sometime this week and let people examine their contents. Again, these logs can’t be confirmed 100%. Few chat logs can. But I’m very comfortable with printing them. They come across as completely legitimate, and I have little doubt about their veracity.


UPDATE: Follow up comment on this article HERE.

  1. ZQ writing code for FEZ and letting it go uncredited? ZQ can actually code? Sounds kind of fishy to me, pun most definitely intended. Not entirely sure we should care about these titbits yet, but I guess they bear watching.

        1. Object oriented programming? Wouldn’t surprise me a bit. After all, they wrote Skyrim’s UI in flash and scaleform….yeah. That’s considered programming, I consider it lego.

          1. Twine is some text shit she used to create depression quest with :p, it was more of a joke.

            Or maybe she an if statement

          2. I know what Twine is, but some people consider fill in the boxes to be programming.

            Someone who uses RPGMaker would be even considered a programmer, or anyone who makes a mod for skyrim(outside of mesh/etc things), since both require an understanding of actual scripting languages.

          3. I don’t know enough about twine or rpg maker to tell if you’re programming when making it

          4. Well here’s the difference between the two. If you can plug words into a comment section, you can do anything in twine. It helps to have a bit of HTML understanding though. It’s pretty much fill in the blanks.

            RPGMaker(and it’s cousins like *VX/ACE/etc) require an understanding of scripting, and non-object oriented programming. That means if you want event C to happen after action A, you need to know how to tell the engine that it’s happened. This becomes more complex as you add more events and so on. A good example in RPGmaker games and how complex they can be is by looking at the games that are made on it, especially in the h-game market.

            NSFW: See Maidensnoweve(RJ115762) or Dungeons and Prisoners(RJ113419). Just google those.

            *VX/ACE are more advanced versions of the original Rpgmaker engine.

          5. I can’t categorize twine as programming then, I don’t really see html as programming since you don’t really use any kind of programming logic

    1. It’s not that Phil didn’t code the whole game, its that he didn’t code ANY of it. Jesus fuck these people are dense. Since he didn’t code any of it, and he stole the idea… that basically makes him an artist and project lead. And he’s a giant douche.

  2. C’mon Ralph….pinch of salt there chief

    The ZQ throwaway comment stinks like a big fat week old red herring to me mate, esp as they know you are watching them.

    Beware the Jabberwock my son……

    1. Could be, for sure. I know that I’ve never heard of it. It’s just one comment in the overall piece though, and as I say below, it does look like it’s either a ruse or just a knucklehead.

      1. *puts thin foil hat on* chances are, is lie in efforts for us to report it, then they can call out the lie and in the process claim the source is bogus and destroying all other claims in the process.

        1. I mean it’s just one comment …it doesn’t seem to be a comedic riff, at least that’s how I read it at first. Regardless, I didn’t report it as fact, so I’m not too worried about it. It’s a chat log. It is what it is. I said that from the start.

          Btw, I edited this comment after I checked the dates, cause it does seem highly unlikely now.

          1. ZQ is prone to making bogus & wild claims. She’s done so numerous times in the past. Doing it again fits her profile.

          2. Idk if you guys are clear or not, but this isn’t Zoe saying that. Now, she could have made this wild claim to this dude and then he repeated it. That’s very possible. Plus, after I checked the dates, it seems highly unlikely that she could have worked on it.

          3. Now, she could have made this wild claim to this dude and then he repeated it.

            That would be my guess.

          4. Could just be speculation. At the very least the logs possibly explain why Big Randi’s account was restored so fast…

    2. Agreed – Quinn had her chance at coding, and it ended up being “not at all, use twine instead”

      I think that is definitely a red herring.

  3. Ghazi is shooting bad info IMO. Don’t take the bait Ralph, this could end with them making a fool out of you

    On a side note, ZQ couldn’t write a “hello world” in ruby to save her own life. She was just trying to make jokes using the latest controversy.

    1. Does Anita and her pseudoscience, JM, Wu, Randi and SJW?

      on topic:

      Not much info but it does link a few people and explains why Randi came back so fast.

    2. Clickbait involves an intentionally misleading title geared towards procuring clicks. This wasn’t misleading…it was pretty straight forward.

  4. “I cannot see a single Trans person supporting gamergate at this point”. Oh #notyourshield where arrrrrrre you? Also, there aren’t a lot of trans people around, period, so I’m not sure that even matters. -_-

      1. I think we should ignore single-vantage observation with thr demographics. I’ve personally seen only about a dozen people or so use the #GamerGate tag, but the analysis shows hundreds of thousands of monthly tweets. It’s good you were abke to see four trans supporters of GG and NYS because you’ll never have to doubt they are there.

        But unless someone starts charting demos via survey, we’ll never know the actual numbers.

    1. “Also, there aren’t a lot of trans people around, period”

      Seriously. As much as SJWs would like to have us believe otherwise, I don’t think it would be a stretch to say that the grand majority of the population is content with the gender that they were born with. Even if they weren’t, I don’t think that many people have the conviction to go through an expensive surgery just to modify their junk (which, IMO, is actually kinda pointless since it only modifies their appearance on a surface level, whereas biological sex is determined by far more complex factors expanding all the way down to a genetic level). In spite of that, I do know at least a couple of transgendered people who are indeed on our side. Here’s one I follow.

      And then there’s this person I’m not sure about.
      I forget exactly if this is a transgendered person (likely female-to-male), a lesbian, or a cis guy taking on the name “princess” to denote his love towards female characters. There seems to be a couple mentions of “girl cock” on this person’s Retrospring, but I can’t get anything just looking at the most recent tweets, aside from the fact that this person definitely loves the pussy.

  5. @MissIscariot is Sterling’s wife who used to work for Perverted Justice. So there is the connection.
    I wish I knew what happened to Mr. and Mrs. Sterling. They used to be cool.

  6. It’s strange. These people seem to legitimately believe that GG is out to “exterminate trans people” – like that’s not just something they throw out there as a talking point, they even say it when amongst themselves like the legitimately believe it. Talk about your paranoid delusions.

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