Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. Sorry that my posts have been a little sparse lately, but I’ve been helping a family member mend from a couple procedures. But, I’ll be here all day and into the night. I’m not going to sleep until a winner is declared, unless we end up with something like the 2000 election. If that happens, I’m saying fuck it and hitting the hay.

The first report for the day, at least from me, concerns a polling station in Brooklyn, New York. A voter with a smartphone caught a poll worker decked out in Black Lives Matter paraphernalia.


This seems like a violation of the spirit, if not the letter, of New York state election law. You’re not supposed to be allowed to wear any sort of political garb inside a polling area. And this wasn’t a regular voter, this guy was a fucking poll worker! Someone dropped the ball here, or more likely, they were allowed to do this by a Democratic election official. Thankfully, Trump’s legal team has been notified. I’ll update this if I end up hearing more.