As most of you know, I’ve had some legal issues as of late. Luckily, I have secured the services of a very good attorney, so I expect all this to be taken care of to the satisfaction of both me and the State of Virginia. However, the costs associated with hiring this guy has forced me to look at new ways to monetize the site. One of those is with the Lockerdrome unit, which you might have seen on the desktop version of this site. I realize ads are annoying, but I had to spend $4000 on this lawyer. In fact, I’m still on the hook for about half of it as we speak.

This isn’t to make anyone feel sorry for me, as if that would even be possible. I got myself into this mess and I will handle getting out of it. But I just wanted to keep you all up-to-date on the current conditions of the site. I’ll keep experimenting with ad configurations in order to bring you TRR content with as little intrusion as I can get away with. Unfortunately, my current circumstances has made it to where I have to slightly increase those intrusions. I hope you all understand.

If you have AdBlock turned on, that’s cool. I use it sometimes myself. Still, there are other ways to help support the site and keep me out of the clink. They are as follows:

Patreon: I’ve been slacking on this front for quite some time, at least as far as rewards go. I promise I will have a list of those up by Friday. We’ll have weekly hangouts and chances for people to join the #Killstream with Janet and I, among other things. I’m still working on it. I have to up my shill game, it seems.

PayPal: If you hate Patreon, or are just more comfortable with making a one-off show of support, I completely understand. PayPal is perfect for people in this category.

Amazon: If you follow the link right before these words and do some shopping through it, I’ll get a small slice of revenue. I’m pretty sure most of you know how this drill works by now.

Share our content on social media: If you don’t have much extra money, I get it…because neither do I. That’s kind of what this read is about. Anyway, one way people like me can contribute is by simply tweeting out articles, posting them on Facebook, showing them to a buddy who might be interested, etc. Anything like that is a major help to me and the site in general.

The things I’m going to be doing? Increasing content, looking for ways to make the site faster, and getting back to a regular podcast schedule. I’m also going to be getting more into ragging on rad fems again, because I realize the election is a drag for some people. Oh, plus I’ll be fully complying with the terms of my bail (lol).

This post is an update on my current circumstances. I want to hear what you guys think. Is the Lockerdome ad too intrusive (I’ve now put it at the bottom of the posts. I might move one of the banner ads below it)? Do you have any ideas beyond what I’ve talked about here? Any feedback is certainly welcome.