We all knew this day was coming. But first, in case you don’t the story: A few weeks ago, over on the GamerGate thread on NeoGAF, Boogie2988 (aka Francis), brought up how he identified with the writings and speeches of feminist thinker, Christina Hoff Sommers. Since she’s reviled by the extremist feminist community, many rabid members of that same community began teeing off on poor Boogie. When someone asked for a description of Sommers, a prolific poster that goes by the name of “Lime” weighed in.

Here’s that illustrious contribution:


Yet, rather than being banned for life immediately, Lime was handed a two week slap on the wrist. GamerGate supporters, in that same thread, have been banned forever for the most miniature infractions. But an SJW puts up extremely racist, and offensive imagery, and is welcomed back with open arms. That’s because Lime sings a song that they love to hear:


At least one poster did try to challenge Lime, and remind people why the ban happened (since mods scrubbed the record):

CHALLENGEThis is just one more example of the hypocritical nature of our opponents. By this point, we know that NeoGAF itself is an unmitigated cesspool. Still, we must publicize their hypocrisy at every turn. If I had posted something like that there, SJWs would be trying to find out my real name and get me fired from my job. We’ve seen it happen before. But when one of their own deals in racism, it’s totally acceptable.

The classic SJW double-standard, hard at work once again.