I promised you yesterday morning that there would be a lot of content posted here. That proclamation fell flat. Why? Well, after Comcast fixed my internet this morning, I passed out due to exhaustion. Yea, I know. I’m a lazy fuck. Regardless, I’m back at the command center, and I’m ready to roll. Let’s begin with having a laugh at our oldest and dearest friend here at the site, Ms. Leigh Alexander

As it turns out, her Offworld initiative isn’t going so well. In fact, she’s losing to me, even. It’s not just a small loss, by the way. She’s getting her booze-drenched ass handed to her by little ol’ me. How is this possible? I guess taking a huge piss all over gamers wasn’t very good for business. Who would have thought? Then again, she’ll probably keep her little perch for awhile longer. This isn’t about money for sites like BoingBoing, the owner of Offworld. Since Leigh is relying on so much free labor, I doubt they’re losing anything on the venture. It serves a a signal to their more radical readers, as well as opens up the chance for them to grab a piece of that Mary Sue audience…if Alky Alexander could ever do anything worthwhile.

It doesn’t look like that’s ever gonna happen, though:


Damn, getting smoked by TheRalph. This is even more pathetic when you think about how slow my August was, due to me relaxing. What has this wine-o been doing? Oh yea, that’s right. Leigh’s been working with pedophiles like Sarah “Butts” Nyberg. I guess that doesn’t exactly inspire a lot of confidence. I did see that she was playing Metal Gear Solid V, so maybe she’s hasn’t completely lost all  of her bearings yet.

Pour up another round, Leigh, and think about just how far you’ve fallen over the last year. As I pointed out in my short video back on “Gamer are Dead” Day, your influence has dropped precipitously since last August. You took on the gamer bull and received the horns. How low will you be by this time next year? Only time will tell, but I’m sure your drunken antics will at least be entertaining.



Again, sorry for the slow period, but it was Comcast’s fault. Kudos to them for getting it fixed relatively quickly, though. I’ll be back overnight with several posts, so I’ll see you guys in a little bit.

  1. I don’t think alex is going to get phantom pain for free after all I don’t think they ship triple A games to those banished off world… hell they would be better served sending the review copies to ralph.

  2. White cis men giveth, white cis men taketh away. You’d think a class of deluded freaks who had to be given the right to vote wouldn’t go around waking sleeping giants. Frankly, if these insane feminists actually did represent the average woman like they think they do, I’d lobby to take away their right to vote tomorrow.

  3. Ever read through offworld’s official twitter? It’s pure insanity. Who would have guessed that a site whose articles are all written for free by tumblrinas would instantly begin to resemble an open mic night in a mental ward?

    Oh yeah. EVERYBODY. That’s what everybody would have guessed.

    1. So basically whats happening there is, its a free for all where everyone can bring their own slant to everything without any sense of objectivity and simply write whatever makes them feel good….like Samus is trans, get over it.

      Sounds like a virtual oasis on the internet for free thought, on par with Atheism+ boards. You’re free to think as long as you don’t think and you agree with us…

      I say this a lot, and I don’t think people think I’m serious when I say it, but I wouldn’t mind for a second if a meteor hit the Earth and cleaned the universe of the plague that is humankind. I’m not advocating for murder or anything like that, but if by natural interstellar means all life on planet Earth ended, I don’t think that would be a bad thing.

        1. I would say I hate to sound so jaded, but at 42, having seen this same thing play out cyclically over the last 4 decades with them gaining a bit more power each time they infiltrate things, I’m just kinda over it.

          I’m tired of having my realms infiltrated by liars and thieves who want to profit by killing off the people who live within those spaces.

          I grew up an ostracized geek, I was a toy nerd, a comic nerd, a this nerd a that nerd and I was made to feel bad for liking and engaging in the things I loved by people who “know better” and see fit to judge me for the things I did, and I was sick of it back then and I’m fucking sick of it now.

          I was a gamer, both table top and console, decades before most of these fucks were even born and had the opportunity to co-opt the words geek and nerd into a fashion statement in their teens.

          I know I sound like an angry old man, but the fact that I SUFFERED through the early years of being a “gamer”, where I would get into fist fights because some jock dickhead thought he could fucking get over on me, and now I have to deal with these impostors coming into the gaming world and trying to turn it into a fucking safe space, I’m just kinda fucking tired of it.

          I try to stay positive about things, but its really starting to wear on me after all this time. Everything I’ve ever loved, be it punk rock, gaming, comics or whatever, has been infiltrated by these fucking phonies and bastardized and sold off bit by bit, and I’m just kinda tired of it.

          1. i felt the same way and thats why im here reading up. never knew about ralph and this fight until i’d say about a year ago. i thought i was alone on alot of this bullshit. there are good folks out there man. and alot more shitty ones.

    2. “In games, men’s bodies often represent brute strength. Stealth games are the focal point for an alternative masculinity: sleek, illusory, sensitive, and self-reflective.”

      Set along side with pictures of Raiden from MGS and Adam Jensen from Deus Ex – SMH

      If playing stealth games expresses “queer masculinity”, then I might be one of the gayest fucks to ever walk the earth.

  4. After seeing Maintenance Renegade’s post, I went cruising their Twitter, wanted to see how insane they really are. Needless to say my eyes are bleeding and I’m slightly suicidal.

    By the way, I read the article. ED couldn’t do better if they tried, and I’m pretty sure this person is being genuine while writing this insanity. Here’s the link: https://archive.is/nBWsd

    1. Dammit you made me curious enough to read it too. TL;DR version for those of you who want to retain your sanity is that it seems to be written by a scrawny chick who dresses as a man to try and catfish gay guys in their bars. Who begins by admitting she feels unable to understand masculinity but then goes on to assert she possesses it and how she wants to examine and re-define it.

      As always total fucking insanity.

      1. That’s actually pretty accurate TL;DR. Oh, and in case you missed it, gay orc dating sim. Not even joking, that’s a thing. And most of them are just fat slobs. One of them’s transgender or something. They’re slowly killing my favorite fantasy race.

        Disclaimer: I’d actually prefer a gay orc that’s not a fucking watered-down version of their race, thank you very much, tumblr. You may begin quote mining.

        1. I might be joining a shadowrun game, my character idea is an orc named Jeremy who among other things makes fun of all the identity politics in the world of fifth edition. Seriously I shit you not, one of the things you can buy are virtual intelligence headmates that get implanted in your brain. There is so much tumblr cringe in there.

          “Oh you don’t think I’m a proper orc? Don’t get me started on ‘orc culture’, orc culture is a media affectation that tries too hard. My great grandfather didn’t fight in an army led by a giant flaming eyeball. He was a human being who lived in Poland.”

        2. Slowly eh? They’re more merciful than I, for my blades are quenched in the bile and blood of a dozen uruk commanders and their slack jawed stoogies!

          *Coughs* Been on a Shadows of Mordor binge.. carry on.

          1. For me it was either that or The Witcher 3. I promise I’ll buy the game after I finish with the newest Witcher DLC. Short on money and time, sadly.

            Not to mention that quick death by a blade is a preferred option when compared to dying a slow death in the hands of SJWs. Also we get the chance to dismember your little human limbs in a swing come the war.

          2. Yeah, but then this crazy elf wraith who possessed my corpse after you beat me to a pulp the first time reanimates me again, and the guy you killed comes back from the freaking grave to make with the warring.

          3. It’s okay though, because in my other game of the month, I am epic uplifted McDragonDiplomat who is served by a legion of Hurnas.. I mean Orcish.. winter ranger-archers who are currently braining elves and techno-vikings left and right with titanium great bows.

  5. So basically Leigh’s strategy with Offworld / Boing Boing is to occasionally tweet if anybody would like to donate free content? xD

    1. Yep. And all they cover is gender identity and politics. Not even in games as much as writers tend to speak about themselves. No wonder only a few select tumblrinas adore sifting through that shit, it’s tedious.

      1. YouTuber Louis Le Vau stated it plainly when he said they are ideologues first and gamers second. They are not gamers, gamers recognise that it is fantasy, that there is no connection between developing violent tendencies through games, or sexist tendencies through gamers. Real gamers just want to play games and not impose an ideology on people.

        1. I know that guy. Doesn’t source his stuff nearly as much as he should, but he’s quite on point when it comes to making an argument. I mostly adored his takedown of PBS Idea Channels. I used to love Mike’s videos in the past, back when they were less about Social Justice and other sophistry.

          1. Yeah, ditched the channel some time ago. Think I started disliking him the moment he praised ‘Orange is the New Black’ as the new coming of Christ. Now I understand some people adore the show, and in truth it’s never going to be my cup of tea, but he went a bit overboard. Like ‘religious zealot’ overboard.

  6. Like every strong, independent feminist (read: unemployable, lazy, entitled bitch) poor Leigh has to panhandle online to pay her bills.

    I’m sure it’s the patriarchy’s fault, or something.

  7. I noticed this a long time ago. It’s the sports fan in me, I Google sites next to “alexa”. Much like I use index mundi to compare the inflation rate of Uruguay and Honduras.

    And it isn’t even close. Alas, this is Twitter warring here.

    We know you gonna kick Leigh’s ass Ralph. Just like Nyberg.

    But gamergate is dying fellas. Not the movement itself, but that stage of the movement. It is bigger than games. Who is kidding who, games journalism is always gonna be a blip on the big picture. Games journalism could be peachy keen but real journalism is still gonna stink. They are still gonna run with stories and add their own narrative bullshit on top of unverified “sources” off of Twitter.

    The bigger battle is perhaps finding a smarter left, a left that embraces work yet rejects bureaucracies. A left that believes in broad human rights yet encourages improvement. A left that understands that overly bureaucratic unions stifle the potential of individual members, who have the capacity through their own ingenuity to make all members more money. Nevertheless, a left that defends the dignity of the least of working people. Who defends the right to shelter, survival, and jobs.

    Or a smarter right. A large group in the center who are willing to say that numbers don’t lie. Who understand that working class wages must support a growing economy. Who understand that the least of men must have living wages so that they may have the opportunity to become the best of men.

    These people are the majority. But most are disengaged and uninterested. I can’t really blame them.

    The enemy is SJWs, feminists, and race baiters because they want none of that. They want to blame corruption on shitlord geeks. They want to create the illusion of gender inequality where the totality of evidence only supports the idea that men and women are different. They want to blame white people for racism and poverty because of the color of their skin. They want to divide us based solely on immutable characteristics yet demand special privileges based on mutable characteristics. (E.g. I am a fat genderfluid blue hair female. Because of my choices, I am less privileged than that male coal miner with two kids and deserve a hand out)

    The people who feed off of dissatisfaction and hate breed dissatisfaction and hate. And they increasingly dominate a media dominated by social media.

    It’s laziness in the media. A bunch of snarky and dissatisfied people making things more difficult because they are too lazy to do better.

    This is a big fight in the long run. I comment here because what the fuck. Gamergate actually stood up to a corrupt media and told them to get fucked. No one else had the fucking balls to stand up to the social justice bullies. And they are still bullying, using a very strong term (harassment) to describe exactly the bullshit they do with impunity. How is it alright to call out Bendilin Spurr but not Nick Nyberg? What planet is this reality…shit, it’s Earth.

  8. she’s mouthed off at me when I called her out on piracy, and got me dogpiled. Lol now I’m catching up. Off world team of workers 35k me on lonesome 30k. She destroys careers Ralph when you see her with a tin of special brew (or local equivelent) dont forget ot throw some change for her she’ll need it

  9. Sidenote: I didn’t know about this (or I’d have shown up, con crud be damned), but Totalbiscuit, Genna Bain, Jesse Cox, and Dodger were at Dragoncon for a panel on podcasting. In fact, they ran a ‘Co-Optional Podcast’ from there. The panel’s up on TB’s Youtube channel, if you wanna check it out.

    ‘I am games journalism’ my ass. She’s circling the drain.

    Sheesh, between getting my copy of MHI autographed by Based Correia, and getting an autographed photo of Keir Dullea (Dave Bowman, 2001) for Dad… it really wasn’t a bad weekend, even with the con crud I came down with.

  10. Hmm, I guess the “megaphone” is finally running out of battery power. I’m not a believer in Karma as such but I do believe that people who go out of their way to cause trouble will eventually get their comeuppance, thanks to human nature.

    See you in the obituaries, Leigh. The gaming world doesn’t miss you.

  11. 1) Looks like the disingenuous Leigh Alexander deleted that tweet about free content from “white cis men.”

    2) How is it possible that her traffic is so LOW despite branding and support from Boing Boing, and the fact that she has almost 140k followers? Is it possible that most of her followers are fake, and she purchased them like many other narcissists have done?

    3) If Alexander was anywhere near as successful as she claims, she wouldn’t be living with her parents, and she wouldn’t be begging for donations to get out of debt. (And what kind of debt? If you’re gonna beg for donations, shouldn’t you tell people what you’re using that money for?)

    I’ve mentioned this before, but it bears repeating: Game journalism is a niche, and these wannabe “celebrity” or “srs big deal” game journalists — like Alexander, Kuchera, Geis, Jim “Moar Sammiches” Sterling — probably make $35k a year, tops. The rest of them make even less. This shows that, despite their bluster than their constant ego-tweeting about how influential and beloved they are (delusional narcissism, again), they’re really working bottom-rung jobs that are more akin to retail industry jobs than actual careers. And hey, at least retail servicepeople actually earn their money — game “journalists” just push words around, writing high-school-level opinion “pieces” (lol) instead of doing any actual journalism involving researching, reporting and delivering new information to their readers.

    No wonder this bitch drowns her sorrows in alcohol and constantly posts about how important she thinks she is, she’s self-medicating to combat depression from being in a dead-end job.

    1. Is it possible that most of her followers are fake, and she purchased them like many other narcissists have done?

      According to Twitter Audit they’re 46% genuine as of a month ago.

      Twitter Audit has some issues but it’s still genuinely accurate.

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