I promised you yesterday morning that there would be a lot of content posted here. That proclamation fell flat. Why? Well, after Comcast fixed my internet this morning, I passed out due to exhaustion. Yea, I know. I’m a lazy fuck. Regardless, I’m back at the command center, and I’m ready to roll. Let’s begin with having a laugh at our oldest and dearest friend here at the site, Ms. Leigh Alexander

As it turns out, her Offworld initiative isn’t going so well. In fact, she’s losing to me, even. It’s not just a small loss, by the way. She’s getting her booze-drenched ass handed to her by little ol’ me. How is this possible? I guess taking a huge piss all over gamers wasn’t very good for business. Who would have thought? Then again, she’ll probably keep her little perch for awhile longer. This isn’t about money for sites like BoingBoing, the owner of Offworld. Since Leigh is relying on so much free labor, I doubt they’re losing anything on the venture. It serves a a signal to their more radical readers, as well as opens up the chance for them to grab a piece of that Mary Sue audience…if Alky Alexander could ever do anything worthwhile.

It doesn’t look like that’s ever gonna happen, though:


Damn, getting smoked by TheRalph. This is even more pathetic when you think about how slow my August was, due to me relaxing. What has this wine-o been doing? Oh yea, that’s right. Leigh’s been working with pedophiles like Sarah “Butts” Nyberg. I guess that doesn’t exactly inspire a lot of confidence. I did see that she was playing Metal Gear Solid V, so maybe she’s hasn’t completely lost all  of her bearings yet.

Pour up another round, Leigh, and think about just how far you’ve fallen over the last year. As I pointed out in my short video back on “Gamer are Dead” Day, your influence has dropped precipitously since last August. You took on the gamer bull and received the horns. How low will you be by this time next year? Only time will tell, but I’m sure your drunken antics will at least be entertaining.



Again, sorry for the slow period, but it was Comcast’s fault. Kudos to them for getting it fixed relatively quickly, though. I’ll be back overnight with several posts, so I’ll see you guys in a little bit.