I was getting ready for the Killstream last night, while simultaneously trying to convince a friend of mine to go on camera (she did!). I know that’s a bit hypocritical, since I never do, but I’ll likely change that within the next couple of weeks after I buy a webcam for my desktop computer. It’s too hard to run the stream from my slow laptop, so that’s pretty much my only option. We’ll see how that works out, and if it ends up costing me any viewers due to my face for radio. Hopefully Nora’s striking appearance will help make up for that a little bit. Speaking of balance, or lack thereof, let’s talk about Leigh Alexander’s drunken rantings from yesterday morning. I realize I’m late in getting to them, but hey, it’s our old friend Leigh. We all make exceptions for our firsts.

Let’s lay out her insane rantings, then make fun of her some more in the second half of the post. I think most of you get the drill by now. If you don’t, then I’m sorry for spoiling the show…gfXfw0Z u7qg9AF 9xWpm2L iity4ti

First off, it’s good to see that Ms. Alexander has lost none of her insanely over-inflated ego. She’s just as self-important and obnoxious as she always was. I also like how she acts as if the defense of artistic freedom is somehow frivolous and unimportant to the overall fight for free speech. Actually, it’s one of the most important fronts. Art inspires others to push boundaries, and without creators feeling like they have unlimited freedom to create, you don’t have true free speech, when you really think about it.

Keep in mind, it’s not just about the stuff that get shouted down in public by radical feminists after it’s been published. The real crime is the shit you never see at all due to self-censorship. How many great works have already been killed by the politically correct thought police? Of course useful idiots like Ms. Alexander are the types who lead the charge on this. They have no real abilities themselves, and since they’re wedded to an anti-freedom ideology like radical feminism, hardcore fascism comes easy to them.

They bitch about things like the Planned Parenthood shooting, which is tragic, I agree. But they use it as a bludgeon and say you shouldn’t talk about creative freedom in gaming. No, you can talk about more than one thing, Liquored Up Leigh. Maybe if you weren’t stumbling around so drunk all the time, with your mind on the multitude of failures you’ve experienced over the past year, then you would realize that you sound like an ass. Although, I’m not sure sobriety could save you at this point. You’re so far down the SJW rabbit hole, that it’s most likely too late for you to emerge with a decent amount of sanity and reason. So, just keep blathering on your site, which no one reads. At least it provides us all with a good laugh from time to time.

UPDATE: The hits never stop with Ms. Alexander…

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      Even the SJW white knights running Twitter won’t give Leigh the time of day anymore. Her heyday of snapping her fingers and getting accounts flagged for disagreeing with her are now over. And so it goes with the SJW clique – once you’re no longer useful in getting them attention or pushing the narrative, then you’re essentially persona non grata.

      1. It’s another way they resemble Stalinists, fail to win a battle or seem like too much of a threat to the current leader’s position and your ass is on the next train to Siberia.

    2. Sure does hurt when those rules the SJW’s have been pushing for are applied equally doesn’t it? Fucking retards.

    3. But I’m sure she found the “beat up jack thompson” and “beat up george w. bush” games completely within the realms of good taste.

  1. Always funny when gamers call other gamers basement dwellers, like a nazi calling another nazi racist. They obviously think it’ll hurt but it only causes confusion and your irony meter to go off, not a trip to the burns ward.

    Free speech is EVERYONE’S fight you chronic fucking alco, now go drink yourself to death and leave the adult conversations to the adults.

  2. I don’t play my games in a basement, can I sue her for defamation of character? She’s basically a stupid rent-a-gob who even Twitter won’t recognize, which is grand cause I demand to be recognized if stupid people like her are to be!

  3. Asshole HAD to compliment at the beginning of the article….also, cry me a river Leigh. Jesus, drunk witch.

  4. Creative freedom is crucial. Consider- what is easier to rationalize?

    Censoring total fantasy, or censoring something real, like Nazi propaganda? Which of those can cause more evident harm in the real world?

    If fictional ‘harm’ can be censored, what about real harm? Real political speech? Real wrongthink?

    Creative freedom isn’t the first step on a long, winding stairway to total Orwellian censorship. Creative freedom the dam holding back the floodwaters.

  5. Lol and she’s a gaming journalist. Well just have go on deepfreeze to see how much she has done. Wonder how much money she is getting still? Probably too much.

  6. Ralph, sorry man, but if my ugly ass isn’t scaring people out of GamerGate due to my supporting it then I don’t think seeing you is going to scare away viewers. I’d bet I’m uglier.

  7. You’ll notice feminists are fond of censoring art everyone enjoys but are incapable of creating it. Goebbels once created an art exhibit of badthink art and he had to shut it down in embarrassment because of the crowds who loved it. The Nazis created zilch for art but were experts at death and destruction and undermining freedom.

    Alexander is a clown too stupid to notice she is not being silenced nor that it is those “patriarchal” armies created by despised Western ethnic Europeans which protect her right to free speech. IIRC a working nuclear reactor which led to the creation of the atom bomb was built in the “basement” of the Univ. of Chicago during WW II. That poses the question of what 18th sub-level of stupid below that basement Alexander and her daffy feminists reside in.

    In Europe they have a special Champion’s League for the top club teams which finished high in their divisions in different countries. Third Wave Feminism is like a special Loser’s League of caterwauling nobodies who produce exactly nothing but dirty diapers and crying. When your “allies” are people like Wu and Chu you should understand how fucked you are.

  8. Well, the Socjuses wanted twitter to make stronger rules against harassing tweets and now they got them.

    “Wait, you mean these rules we wanted apply to us too?” -Milo Yiannopoulos

  9. Ethan, man, I’ve seen you. You’re pretty. The stream will be fine when you get the webcam.

  10. God I hate idiots bringing up the shooting at PP as if it was some extremist going after the clinic. The shooting started outside, was by one dude, who had a record, and he probably just ran inside because it was convenient.

    Leigh might as well have said “You can’t get your boob games, but stop whining ’cause banks are robbed at gunpoint”

  11. “Haven’t a clue what it’s like to be abused and silenced”

    Tells someone to get hit by a bus, pens article about how gamers shouldn’t be listened to.

    GG has had zero fair coverage in mainstream media, and has had their concerns widely mocked and ridiculed in the click hungry press. By their own admission, they think GG deserves no platform and they take active steps to ensure GG doesn’t have their concerns aired. GG has been likened to ISIS as well as insulted with dehumanising language

    Sure, GG has no experience with silencing and abuse. /s

    1. On top of that, she’s talking about people who have helped with legal funding for someone who *has* actually (and illegally) been silenced and abused. We actually put our money where our mouth is when it comes to this freedom of speech shit.

  12. Heh. I thinks she’s mad. Probably drinking whilst reminiscing her glory days of being games journalism and contemplating her increasingly dwindling career options.

    1. Probably complaining because she can’t buy the good stuff anymore. She then yells “DAMN YOU PARTY LIQUOR!!” before going back to drink her rotgut. She fears having to sober up because she would have to realize, she isn’t as brilliant as she believes.

  13. Her comment about going “downstairs” is nonsensical. Does she play her video games at an internet cafe while motorcycling around Bali, hiking the Inca Trail or camping on erupting volcanoes? Maybe she lives in a climate-controlled transparent dome on a mountain top where her and other aesthetes have fantastic conversations about art and global politics only they understand. Servants in white gloves glide among them serving iced drinks and at night they watch the sun set from marvelous edge-pools. Afterwards they are rubbed down with scented oils and then tucked into their enormous canopied beds.

    More likely she lives in a rental shared with other down on their luck nobodies with giant egos and cheap running shoes who drink discount wine in a box.

  14. “Just learn to import”
    That’s what we are trying to do you dumb fucking cunt!!
    You are giving a company shit because it is allowing us to import a game we want to play, a game you will never play so who fucking cares about your god damn opinion. Why you even give this waste of space any air time is beyond me Ralph.

      1. you’re not wrong. . . it’s just -_- getting attention is exactly what these little shits want and doing article after article about them being little shits is doing exactly nothing to hurt them because as the old saying goes there’s no such thing as bad press. Hell it would not surprise me if the little bitch does this shit just to get clicks. . . .click baiting the click baiters. . . .clickbaitception??
        For people like Quinn and Sarkesian hell even this drunkard, it results in a Xanatos Gambit. . no matter how much they seem to lose they in the end win. Every time Anita goes Full McIntosh, she knows people will go after her for it and thus she get’s more ammo to “prove” she’s a victim and gets speaking engagements and goes on TV. I mean hell just look at her revenue, she’s had to put in less and less effort over the past two years to make exponentially more money. Pointing out that Alexander is drunk, or that Anita has no idea what a game actually is does nothing unless we back it up with our wallets. Hit the publishers where it hurts. I have no idea how many people talked a big game two weeks ago about how pissed off they where at EA for the shit it was pulling with Battlefront. People debating if they should give up their hard earned money for what amounts to a tossed together multiplayer game with no story mode and gratuitous amounts of DLC, but you know what else I saw, those same people a week later playing Battlefront. If we just keep “calling them out” it amounts to spiting in the wind.

  15. First tweet, “I am being silenced!”.

    I am beyond tired of hearing this bullshit. No one is silencing you Leigh, or any feminists or SJWs for that matter. When someone mocks what you say and points out why your reasoning (or lack there of) is incorrect, you are completely free to continue being a dumbass and repeating the same indefensible positions. You just look like a fool for doing so.

    Their perception of free speech appears to be that no one’s beliefs should be questioned or objectively evaluated for validity and to point out why someone’s beliefs are incorrect is to silence that person. So they are the real warriors for free speech because they never objectively evaluate opposing viewpoints and therefore never silence anyone. Now of course we know this is only because they are too stupid to objectively evaluate anything and the opposing viewpoint to their viewpoint is generally the correct one so they can’t dismantle it.

    It’s all so warped and completely inverted but I think this line of reasoning is somewhat on the right track to explaining how they are able to overcome the cognitive dissonance that results from claiming to support free speech while at the same time advocating for hate speech laws and actively attempting to censor opposing views.

    I can’t even laugh at this garbage anymore. These people are fucking disgusting and they will be the downfall of western civilization if this shit goes on for much longer.

    1. Have you ever noticed for a bunch of people who claim to be silenced and/or oppressed they sure get the loudest microphone and tallest soapboxes?

  16. Privatized free speech is so good, here’s the hypocrisy in action:

    “As an open platform, freedom of expression is important to us. However, there are certain types of content that have no place on SoundCloud. In order to protect the community and maintain positivity, please don’t post: Hate speech: You are welcome to share your opinions and beliefs on SoundCloud, even if they might be controversial, or challenge the status-quo. HOWEVER, we will not tolerate content that promotes or encourages hatred, discrimination or violence against others based on things like race, cultural identity or ethnic background, religious beliefs, disability, gender identity, or sexual orientation.

    When an account is removed for violating these Terms, your account, tracks, followers and stats are removed from our platform and you are permanently banned from returning to SoundCloud.”

    Did you notice it? The part where the essential nature of this scam happens? I highlighted it: “You are welcome to share your opinions…even if they might be controversial…HOWEVER,”

    And there it is. “You can be controversial” means you can call white people racists who should be genocided via immigration, you can call religious people bigots, you can celebrate deviant sexuality, you can defend child rape, you can talk about the need to silence conservative people, you can endorse murder on behalf of Israel, BUT YOU CANNOT CRITICIZE THOSE THINGS. The TOS says so and you agreed to it because they won’t let you talk until you do.

    First they strip communities of the ability to publicly espouse their own beliefs, then they outsource their speech policing to private organizations who just all happen to hew to an extremist SJW agenda (it’s a huge coincidence). They want to spread deviance and they want to punish criticism of deviance. It’s all right there in the doubletalk TOS.

    Soundcloud did the most predictable thing in the world: it claimed to approve of open debate, then decided that one party to the debate shouldn’t be allowed to speak. You are of course welcome to say things that the other party in this debate approves of. Enjoy your free speech!

    1. You’ve hit it right on the head. The oddball thing about these Third Wave Feminists is they have taken up a cause of a black and lesbian supremacist ideology even though those voices are a minority element within that movement. The reason for that is SJWs don’t understand the origins and fake oppression narratives of their own movement. They seem to really believe they’re fighting a white, male, heterosexual supremacist ideology oppressing those identities. In other words they think they are in a war of principle vs. identity, and they are; it’s just that they have it backwards.

      A society based on principle could never abide a thing like slavery or any kind of unequal rights. A society based on identity will make legal second class citizens out of anyone who doesn’t fit in with the right identity. Societies based on identity tend to create theories which demonize and blame groups for that society’s problems. A society based on principles blames itself.

      That’s where the shell game comes in with SJWs; who is it who is really discriminating and obsessed with demonization theories which attack a group based on their biological characteristcs? It is TWFs who exaggerate rape statistics by 100 times. It is TWFs who push the idea heterosexuality is as fake and oppressive as Jim Crow. It is TWFs who assert colonialism and slavery have been whites-only projects in history, which is a lie.

      There is no other side to that argument. The Ronda Rousey-Holly Holm fight just broke records. Why would a misogynist patriarchy behave like that? In a white supremacy, why are Lebron James and Michael Jordan the 1-2 most popular male athletes according to ESPN instead of Peyton Manning or Tom Brady, with Serena Williams being the No. 1 woman at the time of the poll? Why is a society of “compulsory heterosexuality” bending over backwards to protect gay rights vis hate crime laws?

      Hate speech is most dangerous precisely when it cloaks itself in anti-oppression arguments which have a surface plausibility like “rape culture,” “white privilege” and “compulsory heterosexuality.” In fact those 3 things are meant to demonize straight white males. creating a free-fire zone where racial and sexual “harassment” becomes a one-way street because non-whites, women and gays can never be racist, sexist or heterophobic.

  17. If she genuinely cared about Planned Parenthood / women’s healthcare… she has plenty of time to talk about those issues instead of her own ~*online abuse*~.

    It is my favorite thing about modern-day Feminism. Folks get online to scream about MAH HARASSMENT!!! while people in government find ways to restrict rights women won thirty years ago. But that’s irrelevant because “it’s not a race.”

  18. LMAO all Leigh Alexander seems to know how to do is “appropriate” other people’s legitimate grievances ala ‘free speech’ (like a typical SJW/RadFem) and make appeals to worse outcomes (the women’s health remark… you know, men are impacted by abortion as much as women… it’s usually a cause for celebration). Someone needs to explain to that cunt that being held accountable for what you say and do =/= silencing.

  19. I wish somebody would fuck the bullshit out of this girl already so she can drop her attitude problem. Shit’s getting real tiresome.

  20. I love how gamasutra doesn’t even have her writing for them anymore losing your boss money because of your drunken outbursts cost you your job…and now you’re like 90’s boy bands nobody remembers you till you guest star on this is the end

  21. “…don’t have a clue what it’s like to be abused and silenced for your views.” Oh, the way, you know, gamers are “wailing hyper-consumers” and “terrorists” for objecting to feminazis turning our entertainment into radfem propaganda and journos banging indie devs for positive coverage of shitty avant-garde socjus “games”? The way people who make fun of or so much as lightly criticize Saint Anita and the Holy Five-Guys-Burgers-n-Fries are “violent abusers” and should be censored by the FUCKING UN? No, fuck you, Leigh. You’re the one doing the abusing and silencing, maybe not you personally as much any more, but certainly people you agree with. “Don’t have a clue?” Really, Leigh?

  22. Poor Leigh…This is what happened when you bite the hand that feeds you. Take note game jounros, those that are continuing this anyway, This can and will be you if you don’t clean up your act and do serious reparations.

  23. Leigh still hasn’t figured out why she’s irrelevant? She STILL hasn’t figured out that her third wave nonsense is what ruined her life, not gamers?

    Fact is, Leigh’s is the fate of 95% of the whining liberal arts majors at most universities. Drunk in an alley, with nothing of worth but the contempt of normal, rational society. Only a select few can make Polygon victim bux – the rest have nothing to fall back on. God’s in his heaven, all’s right with the world, and the SJWs are quickly falling down the hole that took the religious right down.

  24. “No, you can talk about more than one thing, Liquored Up Leigh.”
    It’s funny how that argument is okay when they use it to justify whining about “manspreading” when called on seemingly not being outraged by the bigger issues women in the world face.

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