I just got back from seeing San Andreas a little while ago. So look for the review of that a little bit later. When I walked in the door after the film and checked Twitter, I saw that my old friend Leigh Alexander had written a strange column today. I hesitated to go through it, after seeing some of the whiny excerpts, but I soldiered on and read the entire thing. Since I suffered through that experience, I figured we might as well talk about it. So let’s do it.

Like I said, this was an extremely boring read. It was a rambling mess, complete with gems like this one:

Every woman I know in games right now is really tired. Careful: That is “every woman I know,” not “every woman.” You must be very careful. It’s the kind of fatigue that isn’t so easily explained by our fist-shaking male colleagues who earnestly empathize across their social media platforms with how “we get harassed a lot.”

They probably get tired of your incessant crying, since every single person on the Internet who has any type of known profile gets shit from all corners. I know I get plenty of it. I would probably get more, if I was a disingenuous asshole like Leigh Alexander. Thankfully, I’m just the regular type of asshole.

She seems to be mad that she’s not making enough money, or getting fat jobs with the establishment publishing houses. Leigh complains that no one wants to hire her shitty Twine pals, as well. No shock there. People don’t want to pay for subpar games. That’s why most of those jabronis have to give their trash away for free.

For my friends, the Twine revolutionaries and the vocal Tweeters and the other writers, a great act of deception has occurred: We’ve been in the New York Times and been invited to conferences and told that we are Important Voices, doing Important Work, we’ve been on the news at night and in magazines. We are awash in social capital. But none of it translates to real capital…

I am still getting emails from people who want to know if I will help with a panel or a documentary or a thesis or whatever about “women in games”, or, heaven forbid, about GamerGate (stop sending me these). My colleagues are still being told that their work on altgames or gender or games as personal expression or on personal writing is Important Work, quintessential, don’t-miss, but that unfortunately there is no job available for them, no speaker’s fee, no professional advancement.

I can understand why you’re sore at GamerGate, Leigh. I know I would be pissed at the consumer group that ruined my career. Maybe you shouldn’t have trashed loyal gamers like you did? I know that’s what set me off on my warpath against you and your clique. In a way, I owe you some thanks. Had you been a reasonable critic, I probably never would have existed in this way. I guess GamerGate also owes you some gratitude. Because without your odious contributions, we would never have come this far. So you might not be cashing out like you had hoped, but comfort yourself with the fact that your name will live on in infamy for quite some time.