Since we’ve started writing about Leigh Alexander here, one thing that has struck me, is how everything in her professional life seems like it can be traced back to her childhood. You can see it quite clearly when you look into her record. Her Twitter account has recounted the horrors of the “nerdmen” at 12, and the beating she took from a “hood rat” in the 7th grade. As I’ve dug deeper into Ms. Alexander’s past writings, I have come to discover that the reason for her racism can also be traced back to the perceived tortures of her childhood. She is a very conflicted women, and that becomes apparent when you contrast her public writings with the conduct on her Twitter account (and in real life). But, she has some public writings where she lets her guard down.

If you just go back and look, Leigh will tell you, in her own words, why she has always has problems with racial issues, and racial identity. Alexander herself is 25% black. I’ve had an SJW or two on Twitter tell me that she can’t be a racist because of this (although they had claimed she was half black, but whatever). First off, a black person can certainly be racist against other black people. You’re an idiot if you think otherwise. Also, she used slurred the Irish, as well as African Americans (there is a Black Irish joke in there somewhere). She has roots in Massachusetts. She knew she was denigrating a very specific subset of people with racist stereotypes about them pulling up to the bar for another drink. That’s one of the very definitions of racism.

But what does she have against black people? After all, she’s partially black herself. As you read her writings, you see that she wanted to be with the “in” crowd during her teenage years. She hated her shapely figure, which she decided was because of her black heritage. Perhaps this hatred evolved to include other races and heritages? Maybe that’s why she also targets other marginalized groups, like gamers. I have no way of knowing. But it’s clear that she has not resolved these issues:



The whole essay is purportedly about her getting past her internal conflicts with race, and moving into her new life. It’s about accepting who she is. But, judging by her inappropriate conduct, she hasn’t. Or, if she has, she certainly hasn’t learned how to accept others who are different. Or else why would she continue to lob racist insults, bully people, lead the “death to gamers” campaign, and try to ruin the careers of those who philosophically disagree with her? Someone who has truly evolved wouldn’t conduct themselves in such a manner.

Of course, the essay itself is a strange look into whether or not she is allowed to twerk. Might I make a suggestion, Leigh? Perhaps you should ask yourself about your abusive and offensive behavior, not whether or not you should be allowed to vigorously shake your ass. Self-reflection is in very short supply among the gaming journo crowd, so I don’t expect you’ll actually do it. But you might try it on for size, just this one time.


TOMORROW MORNING: Part 2 of our look at the cancer that is Silverstring Media. We’re going deep into DiGRA, and looking at the ways all of these journos are connected, and how they use those connections in order to push an agenda that is offensive to the vast majority of gamers. 



UPDATE: I’m just sharing this next one cause I made it, and it cracks me up. It might just be that I’m easily amused lol. For those of you who don’t know, that’s Rasputin in the picture.

UPDATE 3: More on the NeoGaf mentality, which I discussed the other day:

UPDATE 3: I couldn’t agree more, Milo:

UPDATE 4: ProudPatriotMom has been pointing out Alexander’s offensive behavior as well. Kudos.