Before I knock-off for the night, I wanted to do a short post about Leonard Nimoy, who died today at the age of 83. Like most people, I was a fan of his growing up. I’m wouldn’t really consider myself a huge Trekkie, but I’ve seen many of the old shows, all the old movies, and his appearances in the two new films. So maybe a medium one haha. But as Daddy Warpig said earlier on Twitter, Nimoy always had a knack for lifting whatever material he was given. That’s one of the reasons he was always my favorite part of the ensemble.

There were arguments across the hashtag today about whether it was right to tag news absout his death. Personally, I don’t see a problem with it, as long as you aren’t disrespecting the man’s memory, or making him say something about GamerGate from beyond the grave. Either way, it’s not worth getting worked up over, since you can’t control what someone posts. But it did make me think about something, and that’s Nimoy’s video game legacy.

(Keep in mind that the list below leaves out several titles)


My biggest gaming memory of him, was from the amazingly strange Seaman on the Seaga Dreamcast. I never could get my creature very far without him dying, no matter what the fuck I said or did to him, but the game still fascinated me. Recently, I reacquired the console, so maybe I’ll try picking that up again. The little fucker will still probably die, but we’ll see.

Some other people mentioned his appearances in the Kingdom Hearts series, and he was also in Star Trek Online and several other Star Trek games. So the idea that this guy was just some actor who never had anything to do with our pastime just isn’t true. What’s your favorite Nimoy gaming (or acting, fuck it lol) moment? If you feel like sharing, you know how to do so. I’m about to go enjoy a little break. Expect more posts tomorrow, as usual.

Thanks again for your support.

RIP Mr. Nimoy.