Ghostbusters' Leslie Jones

I have some thoughts on the Vault 7 leak, but I want to put those into a longer post here in a few minutes. First up for this evening, I wanted to talk about some silly Twitter drama. I know you all are shocked by that, since I rarely talk about that sort of stuff. But, it concerns Leslie Jones, so maybe that will spark your interest a little bit. Then again, maybe not, since she’s a hack comedian with very little discernible talent. Either way, at least pretend to care for the duration of this take.

Yesterday, Ms. Jones and said she wanted to physically fight Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson.

She also called him a “fuckface.” All this was over him calling slaves who were brought to this country against their will “immigrants.” Now, I will admit that isn’t the best choice of words. However, I did notice that this backlash from the left was nonexistent when former President Obama said pretty much the exact same thing.

It’s funny how that works, huh? Another thing that’s comical is how Leslie Jones was portrayed as a poor damsel in need of protection back when Milo Yiannopoulos was kicked off Twitter for some mild trolling of her. Even then, it was complete bullshit, of course. There’s a ton of her past tweets that were just like the one above, if not worse.

The thing that gets me is the double standard, though. I don’t think she should be kicked off Twitter for saying she wants to fight Secretary Carson. It’s clear she will never get the chance, and I’m sure she will claim it’s a joke. Of course it’s a very unfunny joke, but that’s par for the course when it comes to Leslie’s pathetic comedic career. Still, I don’t take issue with what she said.

What I do take issue with is what would happen to me if I tweeted something like that out about Nancy Pelosi. My account would be flagged by “progressives” within minutes. There’s a great chance I would be kicked off the platform altogether. I would almost certainly have my account locked, at the very least. But when this fucking hack does it, the media laughs along, or worse yet, doesn’t report it at all. This fake-ass crybully gets away with having Milo deleted from Twitter, but months later she’s talking about fighting the highest ranking black member of President Trump’s administration.

On what planet is that a consistent standard?

  1. I think hypocrisy is like taking a dump, we all do it eventually even when we don’t want to. My problem with the left is that they do it fucking constantly without even think like adult sized babies.

  2. Anyone crying about muh American chattle slavery in this day and age is an absolute cunt because anyone who has to reach that far back to find a grievance to bitch about is clearly going to invent a grievance to bitch about period. Harambe here is even worse than that though considering she’s a painfully unfunny diversity hire with a face like a horse’s ass who gets paid millions of dollars specifically because of that confluence of birth factors, one who’s going off on a man who actually had the brains and discipline to become a neurosurgeon.

    By the way here’s the definition of immigrant from Webster’s dictionary, notice how the word voluntary doesn’t appear anywhere in it:

    : one that immigrates: such as
    a : a person who comes to a country to take up permanent residence
    b : a plant or animal that becomes established in an area where it was previously unknown

  3. This is when the term ‘loathsome cunt’ shines supreme. I’m talking about Twitter, of course, not Bigfoot.

  4. Leslie Jones is great – she’ll be the death of Twitter. Since the Milo thing she is untouchable and won’t ever be banned no matter what she says. With that people are able to point the lack of enforcement of the TOS and further undermine the company.

  5. Did you report her? I definitely would. And I would make sure there was a record that I reported it.

  6. Of course, I respect Ben Carson simply because he’s a neurosurgeon — how many people ever COULD make it to that? — and now he’s in the top leadership of the most powerful country in the world. That is one mind boggling combination of accomplishments for any human being. The fact that his skin happens to be black I consider wholly irrelevant to him as a person and a fellow citizen except for noting that both of those accomplishments were likely a harder walk in that case, which is even more props to him.

    Typically, the left which keeps blacks in victim-indoctrination mode, either ignores or attacks those who are successful for something that actually requires brains. Bill Cosby was the hero until he got political and was a conservative, then he was totally attacked, and then later when a woman made a claim against him, it was an inferno. And I’m all for saying hey if he’s guilty (seems like it, he didn’t get a trial) it’s worth the heat, but I think it exploded in media right off (and it was that which led to all the other claims, the publicity of it) because he had “crossed” the left and become the enemy.

    Thomas Sowell, who is so respected and so far without anything the left can find to destroy him on, is so untouchable they just won’t mention him at all. God forbid any black people should be as influenced by him as white people are, including some of the most well educated and successful white people who respect him.

    But if you’re black and you act crassly, or like an angry idiot, or you sing about stuff that would get people imprisoned if followed, or you publicly join or promote/support terrorist groups, or agendas that are utterly destructive to blacks, or to women, or to democracy, or to the country — let alone all of the above — you’re going to be made into a hero. A willing fool for the Leftist’s cause.

    And meanwhile every possible statistic on blacks in our culture (except the one for ‘going to college’ now that inflated test scores and guaranteed money makes it easier for many of them than anyone) shows that everything has gotten substantially worse for them in the last 60 years, literally they are sliding backward as a demographic, the Leftist politics are the worst possible thing that could have happened to the group, and the worse it gets, gosh the more the “you’re a victim” PR works both to disempower and destroy development, and to serve yet more democrat votes so they can be protected and supported (being, as it were, they’re getting less and less capable of doing this for themselves). If ever there was a revolution needed it’s the blacks against the Leftist “leaders” and media/politics that is destroying them.

    And this is just another example of the same thing we’ve seen for many decades now. Truly successful blacks are either ignored or destroyed if possible, unless they are in the academic field and not very public and to the greatest degree not conservative.

    Dr. Carson should not even have to deign to talk to anybody who behaves like that, her skin color does not qualify her for anything, and she clearly has zero political understanding and even less class ability to behave like an intelligent, respectable adult.

    But the left LIKES that. They like that she’s a batshit wombat they can turn loose on a successful black who has “betrayed his own” in their view by not being pathetic.

  7. A more apt comparison would be if Jones sent an army of fat, self-loathing neckbeards to harass Carson on twitter for weeks. But nobody ever expects the dimwitted racists around these parts to have any nuance in their analysis so fair play, right?
    The upside to the idiots coming out of the woodwork (or more specifically the overweight, intellectually challenged nerds who can’t do anything in public but rage out from their dirty couches and parents’ basements) is that there is no way to claim that you aren’t full blown racists. Of course none of you have the physical strength or balls to approach people like me in person so you snipe from twitter like the TRUE cucks that you all are.We aren’t laughing with you, we’re laughing at you.

  8. Apparently SNL was desperate to have a black woman in their cast and Leslie Jones was the best they could get.

    Just let that sink in for a moment.

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