Ghostbusters' Leslie Jones

I have some thoughts on the Vault 7 leak, but I want to put those into a longer post here in a few minutes. First up for this evening, I wanted to talk about some silly Twitter drama. I know you all are shocked by that, since I rarely talk about that sort of stuff. But, it concerns Leslie Jones, so maybe that will spark your interest a little bit. Then again, maybe not, since she’s a hack comedian with very little discernible talent. Either way, at least pretend to care for the duration of this take.

Yesterday, Ms. Jones and said she wanted to physically fight Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson.

She also called him a “fuckface.” All this was over him calling slaves who were brought to this country against their will “immigrants.” Now, I will admit that isn’t the best choice of words. However, I did notice that this backlash from the left was nonexistent when former President Obama said pretty much the exact same thing.

It’s funny how that works, huh? Another thing that’s comical is how Leslie Jones was portrayed as a poor damsel in need of protection back when Milo Yiannopoulos was kicked off Twitter for some mild trolling of her. Even then, it was complete bullshit, of course. There’s a ton of her past tweets that were just like the one above, if not worse.

The thing that gets me is the double standard, though. I don’t think she should be kicked off Twitter for saying she wants to fight Secretary Carson. It’s clear she will never get the chance, and I’m sure she will claim it’s a joke. Of course it’s a very unfunny joke, but that’s par for the course when it comes to Leslie’s pathetic comedic career. Still, I don’t take issue with what she said.

What I do take issue with is what would happen to me if I tweeted something like that out about Nancy Pelosi. My account would be flagged by “progressives” within minutes. There’s a great chance I would be kicked off the platform altogether. I would almost certainly have my account locked, at the very least. But when this fucking hack does it, the media laughs along, or worse yet, doesn’t report it at all. This fake-ass crybully gets away with having Milo deleted from Twitter, but months later she’s talking about fighting the highest ranking black member of President Trump’s administration.

On what planet is that a consistent standard?